really had enough :-(

slept most of today, havent slept properly at night for ages, so depressed, cant do anything anymore, fed up asking others to do things i want to do!! my back is killing me (seperate prob to fibro) cant hardly walk around my house its agony! kids keep playing up....especially my 5 year old daughter!! stuck in day after day, same routine same everything. taking my 2 kids to butlins in 5 weeks on my own for a week, im dreading it but looking forward to it if that makes sense? friends seem to drift away now, think their patience with fibro has ran out!! weight is gaining fast..looking like a hippo :-( is this it? single lonely parent? is this it?

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  • i was a single parent and it is so hard my heart goes out to you x I used to sleep in the afternoon so i could cope with the kids comming home ... hopefully you can find some rest at buttlins being away from the norm can help however i would go pester your gp as you are not getting the help or medication that can be offered .. have you thought of gingerbread they are a single parent organisation but please dont think i am being cheeky yours with gentle dyslexic hugs

  • lol im the chairperson for norfolks gingerbread!! nice to see someone recommending us xxx

  • hi nadine sorry to hear your feeling so bad its hard enough

    bringing up kids but when your not very well it makes it so much harder i agree with lexie about going to your gp thats what my daughter has done she has to children and she is suffering from post natal depression she gets help from a charity called home start they r brilliant hope this is of some help xx

  • ive just given up being a volunteer for hometart!! they only help if you have a child under 5, thanks though hun xx

  • will go back to docs........please no one else freak me out like the above two did (in a nice way i add) lol i.e gingerbread and homestart!!! xxxx

  • you need a night out girl, grab a babysitter have a bottle or two and enjoy thats what i am gonna do in a couple of weeks...gonna take my hippo body and try.....yes i say try and strut my stuff on the dance floor, fed up of being indoors day after day, night after night, and i am so looking forward to it big hugs chin up xxx

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