I love the elderly

I love the elderly

last little gem from my stay in the hospital..when moved to a new ward i was intrigued to note the very elderly lady across from always demanded a sandwich with every meal..i asked the nurse in charge of our ward why the sandwich was so important to the old sweety.she smiled and said watch what she does with it.sure enuff ater the meal had been cleared the old dear brought out the sandwich opened it up and placed her tablets in sideit. then happily muched away until it was finished.

i asked the nurse why she did this and was informed she wastold to take them with food....... i kid you not... petal

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  • lol how funny , :) needed that xxxx bless her xx

  • That is such a sweet story and I can so picture the scene!!

    Hugs Sue x x x

  • must remember that when in hos the food is rank but the sandwiches ok

    bless her xxx

    moved again ! who do you keep upsetting lol

    time for bed sweetie remember don't bite the bed bugs xxx

    soft hugs


  • Awww fblossom me toooo i have quite a few elderly customers and ohhh the words of wisdom, the life experiences, their independance and strength, they never give up without a fight and they appreciate things and never take for granted.

    I take mine shopping and help what i can . They had a different world to ypunger generation.

    Everytime i go and my girls do their houses . I think

    How can i moan because you have the rest of the wk(s) until i here again with no suport around. I love them tooo blosdom they are my reason to get up and go to work xxxxx hugs xx

  • i must admit at sixty one i kinda am elderly toooooo lol

  • Nooo way your not lol!! My mum is 63 and fitter than me and so is my dad lol my next door neighbour is 66 and like a mum to me and she carries my shopping and helps me at times cxx your a spring chicken !!! Xxxxxx

  • lol guess i should iron out my skin a little and re dye my hair etc huggies petal

  • Just love that story! lol Older people take things so literally!

    Reminds be of one of my cousins who was a nurse on an old folks ward. She brought some suppositories to the bedside & whilst she was pulling the curtains round the bed for privacy the old lady swallowed them!!!! ARGGGGGGH YEUK xx

  • Lol

  • just a thought possuble cause of verbal dhihorrea yuk yuk yuk [rtal

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