Trying to help my wife

Hello everyone, my name is Ricardo and i'm on behalf of my wife, my wife suffers every sintomes of a fibromyalgia patient, the problem is the everytime we search help from a doutor, he keep diagnosing arthritis, even when we try to explanar that most of the sintomes are more closer to fibromyalgia that arthritis. We are not see king any Kind of benefit, or allowence, we just want the right medicines to help her with the pain daily.

Sorry about the english, i'm Portuguese, but I did try my best

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  • Hi there Ricardo, let me wish you a warm welcome to the group. Please don't worry about your English it sounds just fine.

    I am sorry your wife is suffering. Are you in the UK ? As your wife been diagnosed with arthritis or is that just what the doctor thinks she as?


  • Hello thanks for reply, we are living in uk for almost a year, since we move were trying to have a better life, it get worse, I believe that was because of the huge diference of the weather. The doutor ask for x Ray on the back and the knees, and blood tests, after the results came out, he diagnosed arthritis, prescibe paracetamol that in the end, wouldn't made any diference.

  • Hello kidracer and a warm welcome to our friendly fibro forum. Here you will find advice, support, understanding and help.

    Have you looked at our Mother Site ? Here you will find a lot of useful information, including links and guides.

    You haven't said if you are in the UK, but I will assume that is so as I have no knowledge of the Portugese Healthcare System.

    I am sorry your wife is suffering with her health this way and can understand how frustrating that may be.

    If you feel your doctor is not listening to you, you can see another doctor within your local doctor's surgery. You do not have to sign up with him, just make an appointment with another doctor.

    If you have seen other doctors at the Practice, and still not getting a good result, then change the Practice to another one locally.

    This is easy to do, but there might be a delay in moving the notes over to the new Practice.

    When you see a doctor who you have confidence in, ask for some special blood tests like for inflammation markers that may be able to rule out other conditions. Also ask that her Vitamin D levels are checked, as living this far north you have less natural sunlight than if you were in Portugal. Low levels of this can cause bone pain but it is easily remedied by taking Vit D supplements.

    Ask that your wife has a referral to a rheumatologist, this is a specialist who knows all about rheumatic diseases like lupus, Sjogren, etc. He can diagnose fibromyalgia too.

    Fibro can only be diagnosed properly when all the other illnesses are eliminated. It could of course be that your wife has fibro AND arthritis.

    Please do come back to us, and tell us of your progress, we may be able to help you further.

    Good luck


  • Hi Kay, yes we live in uk, we are living in wednesbury

  • The vitamin D leves were very low, and he also prescibe supplements

  • Hello and welcome kidracer! I am sorry to hear your wife is suffering it is so hard for her and yourself when you feel you are not being listened to. You have had the best advice re. changing doctor etc. But you definitely need to get a referral from your doctor to see a Rheumatologist as he is the one who can diagnose for definite....after lots of other tests to rule out other things. I wish you well and hope we hear from you again.....

  • To know the next steps is very important, tomorrow I will book an appoitment with the GP to get the referral to a rheumatologist

  • Hi kidracer

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so truly sorry to read this and I would personally go and see a different doctor at your GP surgery and explain the situation that your wife is in. Many doctors react differently to the mention of Fibro and you may find a more sympathetic and helpful doctor doing this. I want to sincerely wish you and your wife all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


    Bem-vindo ao fórum e é maravilhoso para fazer o seu conhecimento. Eu realmente sinto muito por ler isso e eu pessoalmente ir e ver um médico diferente em sua cirurgia GP e explicar a situação que sua esposa está dentro Muitos médicos reagem de forma diferente à menção de Fibro e você pode encontrar um mais simpático e útil Médico fazendo isso. Quero sinceramente desejar a você e sua esposa toda a melhor sorte.

    Todas as minhas esperanças e sonhos para você


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  • Welcome, kidracer, I am from South Carolina, USA. Just wanted to welcome you to group.. Wonderful people. You will be given good advice. I have learned many useful, helpful things from the group. Best of luck to you and your wife in this journey. We ALL understand - as we have been there. Keep in touch.

  • Hello, thank you all for the warm welcome messages, already book an appoitment with the GP, 3rd of February. We are going to start from there

  • Good luck my friend :)

  • It's so lovely that a partner/husband of a person has posted. You must be an exceptional, supportive and caring person. Good luck.



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