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Feeling proud but confused

I've was diagnosed with fibro in January since then I've struggled but have continued to work, I was signed off sick this week after having a massive flare up, my boss called me yesterday and offered me a promotion which i accepted, I don't want to let anyone down so I need to really try and get this illness under control as much as poss, I take naproxen, amitriptyline and tramadol at night but still in pain my gp is useless so can u guys give me some advice on some other meds I could try that won't zonk me out during the day big will ease pain!

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Morning Sarah

Firstly congratulations on the promotion. Will it mean more walking about the same or no different?

You have a good combination of drugs at the moment. It is always hard to add others or even subtract some first before taking on a new one.

I am not a medic in any way and so my advice is to get an appointment with your Doctor and take a list of questions with you go and see what he thinks in the circumstances.

When do you start? Is it soon any way best of Luck I hope it makes all the difference to you



I work in a school kitchen so it is very physical, I will be now cooking for 100 kids!!! But it's only 5 extra hours a week really I just don't want to let anyone down !


will you be supervising sounds like a great challenge . It is a hectic working environment quite draining I suspect so take care

They obviously have great confidence in you that is so rewarding to know

Good luck with your decision



I will be supervising yes, so atleast i can delegate the more physical chores and just concerntrate on the cooking xx


Hi Sarah,

I agree with everything gins has written, but I wonder if your GP could refer you to a pain management team who could help more with your pain control. As gins says, you are on a good combination, but the extra coping mechanisms that a pain clinic may be able to offer you might just do some good - I do hope so !

Sending positive vibes to you and good luck in your new job :-)

Foggy x


Hi Sarahs23

Congratulations on your promotion, please feel very proud of yourself, you deserve it. I also think that your GP is probably the place to go! Explain your situation fully to your GP and hopefully they may be able to offer you something?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Congratulations on your promotion that is very exciting. I hope you have slept a little better. Have you been under pain management ? That had been my biggest help. To help with some of the pain I have been sleeping on 3 double duvets folded up on my side of the bed it might be worth trying 1 duvet just for extra support and comfort ? I know the feeling with a useless GP. Do you do any gentle exercise like swimming ? This may help a little also even if it's a couple of lengths. Hope your better soon gentle hugs be positive :) xx


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