Pick & Mix of Medications!

I have had the worse 3 weeks ever, I have never felt pain like it since I've had fibro. It's that bad that my mum has had to dress me and help me with washing etc. - it's been horrible.

I've been to the doctors 6 times in the 3 weeks! I've increased my amitriptyline, been taken off dihydrocodeine and put on cocodomol (30/500 mg), they were rubbish so the next doctor put me on morphine (10mg) which has had zero effect, I had no relief at all.

Fortunately my nurse at the pain clinic phoned today and I had the chance to tell her that I've had the worst time ever so she is changing my meds AGAIN! I've now to try tramadol and keep going with the amitriptyline with the view of changing to another anti depressant but I can't remember the name!

On the bright side, I've been referred to social work and occupational therapy to try and get the house adapted to help me out!

I just need some relief and willing to try anything :(

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  • So sorry this is happening its unfortunate but part of the process of finding out what helps and what doesn't... And what suits one fibromite doesn't another so frustrating.. Just keep hanging on in there and one day they will find the right meds.. Took me 2 years to get to an even keel of bearable pain but I think I,m a lot older than you so to be in this much pain when you are young and feel you should be having the time of your life is doubly hard...I know it's not much comfort but at least you can come on here as much as you want and let out your pain and frustration

    VG x

  • Yeah, I'm trying to be positive! I have now been prescribed Tramadol to try, I just need some relief .. I love coming on here and letting it all go, just what I need!

    Hope your having a good week :)

    C x

  • Hi there sorry to hear you have been feeling so unwell,fingers crossed that the Tramadol works for you,i have been taking it for a wee while now after a very painful flare,it has been a lifeline for me i find it a very effective pain killer,i also take Gabapentin,hope you feel better real soon,Take care and gentle hugs sent your way Love Della xxx

  • Hey Della!

    Oh this is promising! I just got my prescription today so I will take it tonight and over the weekend to see how it affects me! I'm also on Gabapentin too and take 1800mg a day .. Hoping tramadol helps!

    C xxx

  • hi am so sorry your having such a bad time right now. i too have had bad couple of weeks . i think its the change in the weather. i only just been diagnosed this yr and so far tried so many that havent helped or been allergic to. am taking gabapentin 3x300mls a day. helped to start with but not lately. i tried the tramadol and they only helped alongside zapain but not for long. ask to try them x

  • Hey, thank you for your message! I think the weather has something to do with it as well, it's definitely worse at this time of year, just dreading winter now! I got Tramadol prescribed today and I'm still on 1800mg of Gabapentin and 70mg of Amitriptyline .. Hoping for some relief over the weekend!

    C xx

  • hello hope you feel better soon and good news bout your house being adapted for you take care love beth xx

  • Thank you! Can't wait to get some help around the house, hoping it will really help :)

    C xx

  • Hope you get your meds right soon and start to feel a little better

  • Thank you!

    C x

  • I can only keep a virtual pair of fingers crossed as they cramp if I try for real, I hope the new meds work for you. It does seem that a hotch potch of meds and pot luck is what most of us fibromites find helps, along with this 'place' of course.

    Great that you have been referred, I truely hope the OT can get your homemore comfy for you, won't cure the pain I know, but will help in other ways. Hugs to you (((())))

  • Thank you! I now have tramadol to try so hoping to get some relief over the weekend :) & just waiting to hear back from OT.

    C xx

  • Good luck with your meds hope you get them sorted soon big gentle hugs. Sithy

  • Thank you!

    C xx

  • Just a thought, but was wondering if they have checked your sed rate...possible Polymyalgia Rheumatica? Is it in you arms...(cant lift the)...legs (inner thigh groin area)? Its just when you said you had to have help getting dressed..that is where I was 3 years ago. Mine was PMR. 20 mg of prednisone is the only thing that will give relief. If you get instant relief in 24 hrs, then that maybe what it is.. just suggesting, :) Tramadol, Tramacet, morphine, or any pain killer wont work on PMR. May take the edge off though.

    I m on facebook Polymyalgia rheumatica. I'd like to know how you make out.

  • Hello!

    I don't think they have ever tested me for that, I've had so many tests etc. I have no idea! My pain is in my whole back, mostly my spine, both shoulders and neck, however, it is spreading down my arms which is affecting a lot of things. I have been prescribed tramadol today and I am also taking 1800mg of Gabapentin and 70mg of Amitriptyline as well.

    C xx

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