GIns GIns GINS!!!! Rembember your diet

GIns GIns GINS!!!! Rembember your diet

And stop looking at me like that..... You are scaring me... And if you want to use that knife and fork you need to check with sandra99b aka Mrs Beaton if you are licenced to Carry a knife and fork ..., I am only allowed an egg whisk, or a pastry brush..... If you want your neck back you need only to ask.. You don't have to surgically remove it from my body....


VG x

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  • I ama not licensed for any implements hun least of all a knife and fork. My neck would be yousfull my head is flopping around all over the place.................My spine is out of control would you like a full swap? xgins

  • After discovering I have arthritis in my neck yesterday I would rather keep yours.... But if you insist,,,,,, hands Gins her neck back sulkily .... Yours is longer than mine I enjoyed being An inch taller.... Guess I am going to have to borrow Libby's silver platform boots again.... At least I can get my insoles in them so they are comfy.... Shuffles off singing a selection of 70s Abba songs

    VG x

  • V G you are wrong hun I fractured my neck many years ago and have spondulitis in it that is arthritis and it gives me gip I have lost two inches in my height which is awful do you think libs silver platforms would stretch to an 8. Ah abba my husband adored them used to drive around with a radio at full blast in back of his sports car I am gently bopping as I type. xgins

  • Looks at gins evilly.... You and me tonight ......I,ll take Sandra's neck you take Libby's...they will never know we have even been... As long as we hold our necks still long enough so they don't creak as we creep in.... Abba you got to love them. My OH has the morning off work I woke him up yodelling Waterloo as that's what popped into my mind when I thought Of Libby's platform silver boots... Hands gins a pair of boot stretchers and wonders how to remove Sandra neck with only an egg whisk and a pastry brush

    VG x

  • How about a coffee grinder very Sinister things going in Mrs Beatons Kitchen

  • That's exactly what my neck sounds like,,,, well described.... :) Not sure if mrs b has such an item in her kitchen, though she does have a nice collection of jelly moulds. She's not here till later I expect she's spends all day collecting eggs from her hens as most of her recipes start with take 18 eggs and a quart of cream


  • makes things rise all those egs how about maual Mincer um!!

    makes a good pie stuff put through the mincer

  • we were all born with fingers, so who needs cutlery, teehee!

  • lol! :D

    but how do you manage soup?

  • Hold on there 006.5! I'd gladly swap if you ask nicely as I've got fused bones. Like gins, I also lost height just over 2". will I be taller? I hope so.

    You are licensed for ALL kitchen implements but not on sandras, but maybe go easy with the nutcrackers!

  • I'm not 2" tall! I lost it in height. lol :D

  • Love the thought of a 2" tall person. Tom Thumb mark 2?

  • OH MY so the secret life of mrs Beaton is you are really Mr Beaton .... Is that why nutcrackers are not wonder you didn't want lobsters anywhere near your bustle..... Don't worry I won't tell a soul

    VG x

  • I meant on other people! last time I checked I'm all woman - that sounds rude somehow,

    you can't use your weapons on sandras it's part of your license or I'll report you to the top secret big boss LZ!

  • Rofl oh my am now imagining Libby walking gangsta Style through the forum replying in rap.....


  • oh no! have I given it away?

    or [ready for the pun] is it a red herring? evil chuckles ;)

  • why do you have to pedal your piano? isn't it difficult to get through the front door?

    stick to going out on your scooter, at least you can see where you're going!

  • Busking my dear Mrs B I have my piano a tambourine strapped to my thigh and a mouth organ I am the female equivelant of dick van dyke in Mary Poppins


  • supercala...ocious!


  • Rofl just read you were two inches tall and was about to swap with gins and take Libby's neck but now I read your explanation all becomes clear.... I need Libby's height then I am only 5ft 2 I can't afford to be any shorter..... On a good day I play my beloved piano the piano and stool were made together but my feet don't touch the floor which makes pedalling tricky that's why I was hoping for Libby's platform boots....she's very quiet she is obviously hiding her neck and her shoes

    VG x

  • Good things come in small packages though VG! ;) xxxx

  • Sorry VG,had to devote a lot of time today for one of my dogs, he's been really poorly. No need for platform boots here, I can see over the top of most people's heads when I'm wearing low heels lol! ;) xxxx

  • hope your dog will soon be better, my boy budgie has been poorly for a few weeks now, he's still eating and keeping clean so I'm hoping he'll improve soon.

    they're such good company aren't they?

    It's good to have a chuckle on here.



  • Fingers crossed for both pets LIbs and Sandra..... As a mark of respect tomorrows thread I, ll pick on moffy

    Just no one tell her

    VG x

  • 005.25 VG IS OUT TO GET YOU!

  • I,m going to have to defrost her first as you sprayed her with your super spray snow gun while she was doing a handstand in the snow

    Am dragging her behind my mobility scooter on my way to yours to let her drip on your carpet overnight

    VG :D

  • I've got a slanket and a halogen heater and a new onesie, who's bringing the hot chocolate and bacon butties?

  • Evil mrs b I am dieting and you mention two of my favourite things ... Though I I have to admit you are kind to moffy.... I was going to get out the blow torch , one false move and I might have melted her gold plated knickers


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