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read this article today answer to my problems?

I know this is not a fibro thing btu I read this article originally on facebook.I can associate with most of what it says .

Oc is known as the silent killer because symptoms are often so subtle.they just seem like routine or common annoyances the difference is they occur every day and don't go away.

(1)abdominal pain

pain in pelvic area or belly that feels very different from normal indigestion is indicative of OC. most people complain of abdo pain that has persisted for longer than 2 weeks and wasn't associated with diarrheoa.etc

(2)persistent gas nausea or other gastro intestinal issues like heartburn are common and persistent .

(3)causes abrupt loss of appetite that is normally out of character for the person affected.

(4)frequent bloating or gas in belly and pelvis that doesn't go away is another sign.if your abdo bloat is so much that your clothes don't fit around your waist suddenly and without food or activity changes .

(5) urinary problems-being overwhelmed by sudden urge to urinate as well as going more often than usual is a sign.-include bouts of incontinence which worsen over time.

(6)feeling full quickly-in more advanced stages the cancer can sit itself on the surface of the stomach-on the omentum or on intestines.causing a patient to full very quickly when eating.

(7)changes in bowel habits.occur when an O tumour swells and puts pressure on stomach bowel and bladder.

(8)lower back pain.persistent achy dull pain in lower back is a common sign.

(9)losing weight without trying.

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Hi what is OC ??

If this is meaning Ovarian cancer?

Then a lot of the above, i do have but i have no Ovarian.

Yes ok people do need to check things out.

The only thing i do not have is the losing weight.

I have not got number 6,7, and 9,but i do have the rest?


Hi Sharron.yes it is.since 2011 my symptoms have not been gp has assumed its IBS when I have bore no symptoms of it.the first time IBS was mentioned was in a letter and if I did have it why was I not prescribed meds to help also bearing in mind I have never complained of any bowel problems but have of losing weight elsewhere-sudden loss of appetite and increase in size and weight of stomach.(im talking 2.5-3 stone here).

because he considers it to be IBS whenever I have seen a different GP they (and him)always put everything down to IBS.i recently saw another gp cos was choking and not able to swallow ( a problem I have had for about a year)and she at first said she would refer me to ENT and the second time prescribed Buscopan .I then googled Buscopan to see what it was and its a med for IBS.thought how is giving me that help me with swallowing.then after a severe choking fit a couple of sundays ago the gp said he'd refer me to speech and language ?er why?surely I need to see ENT.

have you ever had CA125 test for ovarian cancer?i have and mine has always been above range tho not excessively high.

my gp says ive had numerous scans which appear to be normal but they never detected my gallstones so whose to say that my scans are normal?

what does your gp say about your symptoms?



Hi would they do an CA125 test if you have no Ovarian??

I had emdomertail cancer back in 2011 so i have no room in the inn. they took my Ovarian etc away back in 2011.

I do have an hiatus hernia.

Back in 2008 i was in a lot of pain, when i eat/drunk etc i would get the pain. about 6 months later they sent me for a scan to see if i had Gallstones, but it was clear.

Though i still suffer now and again , with this pain but they say it is not Gallstone, but really it is all the syptoms of having Gallstones.

My stomach swells up and i have put on a lot of weight and my stomach is getting bigger, i dont know what to do .

I do have fibro, cfs, Osteoarthritis, but i can not see what is coursing my problems

Had blood test for lots of stuff plus thyroid , but no answer, so still not knowing whats going on etc


Hi Sharron originally the CA125 was done to rule out OC and as it was raised they carried on doing so to monitor levels,I'm tge same atvwits end and don't know where else to go,turn to.a bit more support from family and gp(?)wouldn't go gallstones were only discovered when"went private" and I never had any pain in the area of gallbladder. Years ago GPS would do every investigation possible to find a cause for symptoms now its "bloods are fine so there s nothing wrong".I've had my gallbladder removed so its not gallstones causing my probs but as stomach more swollen since it could be related to having no gallbladder?


hi sharron what has been your diagnosis?if you don't mind me asking.


Hi Ambuma

I suffer from a condition called emdometrosis. Last yr I had a 13cm endometromia - a blood filled cyst removed in a major operation. The cyst was clearly visible on a scan. If you have had numerous scans and the have been clear I would say it is likely you do not have ovarian cancer or or a cyst. You really don't want anything like these conditions I'm sure. The only thing that you may want to to do is to discuss these issues with a gynaecologist if you haven't already done so. Obviously I'm not a doctor but any large mass would show up on a scan. I have had lots of scans and am currently have another cyst. Endo is diagnosed by an operation called a laprascopy. Pm me if would Like more info. Xxx


Also CA125 is not a test that proves you have cancer. It is raised in many other conditions like endometrosis. Xx

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hi Aurorasparkle. i like your username. you're right I don't want to have anything like OC but I do need an answer fro my problems.altho they ruled out OC the fact that my CA125 was above range they never considered anything else.I did see a gynae back in january-referred from A&E btu the only response I got was it must be a bowel condition.(and it is said that OC is mistaken for a bowel condition).I had a laparascopy last august to remove gallbladder after gallstones were discovered following a scan carried out by private gynae-not detected by my own has considered the effects of having gallbladder removed may be one cause of swelling to my stomach which got worse immediately after the op.that was in august last one has ever mentioned endo to me.

more recently I have gained another 1/2-1 stone on my abdomen and pelvic area ands its so heavy now I can barely walk .


Hi Aurora.had a quick glance when googled endometriosis and it mentioned it a condition related to periods? Mine stopped 6 years ago.



Yes it is. The whole condition is linked with having periods. If you are no longer having periods then you most probably not have endo.


what the hell is OC. Sorry if I'm not smart enough to guess what the initials are, but can someone tell me the whole word PLEASE.



hi Jan it is ovarian cancer


Hi Anbuma, aurora has given good comment.You have had all the scans to rule out ovarian cancer and many other conditions,this you acknowledge yourself.And being rational for a moment, if indeed you were cursed with untreated cancer,with symptoms, since 2011- you probably wouldn't be here now to tell the tale. When all relevant major checks have been done for many conditions and come up negative,sometimes hard as it is,we just have to accept and be thankful that none exist.Many changes occur with us getting on a bit in years, bits begin to wear out and give us jibs and niggles and very often downright pain and aches.Body shape and facial features alter beyond out belief sometimes due to loss of tissue collagen and natural condition of youthfulness,which hard as it is to accept,have gone. Ovarian cancer would not be the answer to your problems,quite the opposite,it would be the start of your nightmare. Try to put all this behind you and begin to embrace the fact that you are free of serious illnesses and enjoy life again,many do not have that privilege.


I know of someone who had ovarian cancer and she was told it was IBS or a bowel condition before actually being diagnosed and after being told last year she had two years to live she passed away just before Christmas.


hi cupi.heed what you say.i only said i could relate to the symptoms is still a fact that some people are sero negative when it comes to bloods and my scans never picked up gallstones so they could be missing something .if as aurora says endometriosis is only detected by a laparascopy then that cant be ruled out.

the point is in the last 3 years they have not accepted what I have told ENT saying its not sinuses when I never a sinus problem -but nasal sores bleeding and bone growth.rheumatologist and gp telling me weight gain is to do with diet when I don't eat cakes biscuits snacks etc and only have one small meal a day and not accepting it is all in one reason for all over swelling -taht is not an age thing.and as far as difficulty swallowing goes that has been acknowledged but put down to a bowel condition by one gp.not one has considered it may be a thyroid or goitre.

you have to acknowledge that my recently diagnosed hiatus hernia diverticulitis gastritis and duodenitis would have been discovered two years ago if my gp had acknowledged and investigated my symptoms.


Hi a endometromia blood filled cyst can be picked up ultrasound which you have had. You have also had a laparoscopy which is the only test to pick up endo. You're scan you had by the private gynae didn't pick any cysts etc.

It sounds like you have all relevant tests, you could ask your GP for a copy of the scans and the laprascopy operation and the findings. If endo is mentioned then I would ask for a ref back to a gynae. If not then I can only suggest that you try and put the upsetting thought of cancer to the back of your mind. Ask the GP about your raised CA125 and about what levels are normal . I'm sure they would have ref if your results were outside the normal range. Mine were abnormal but coupled with my blood filled cyst last year leading to an urgent op which you do not want!! Good luck


Hello aurorasparkle

My laparoscopy was august 2013(got my years mixed up earlier).I never had a follow up appointment after it and learnt from the forum that having gallbladder removed can cause other problems ie abdominal swelling cos bile and enzymes have nowhere to go.from experience once I've had scan even if a while ago they don't consider that a condition could occur since scan was done as proven by my hiatus hernia etc being discovered cos they kept referring back to old scans despite new symptoms.



If no endo was mentioned/found then it sounds as if your problem is unrelated to anything gynae.

I suggest you discuss your symptoms of bloating etc with your GP again. It sounds like you had a successful operation in regards to your gallbladder, it may be worth looking into your diet and asking if there is anti acid meds and anti ibs meds you could take when you hope to the doctor. I'm afraid I haven't got anymore advice but I wish you good luck a good health. X


Hi know ca125 levels are 35 and below are considered normal and mine has never been below 37 coming down from 152 which I know is not excessive but still above range and no other reason considered.

also some of you have commented you have some of these symptoms and im interested as to what diagnoses your gps have given.


Thanks Aurorasparkle.I'm seeing my gp on wed.I have done all the diet thing.cut out wheat and dairy r made no difference.stomach still increasing as gained another half stone+ in abdo and pelvic area.(swelling).I am on omeprazole and have been for a long time therefore surprised that my hiatus hernia was causing so much pain.etc.I was prescribed buscopan recently by gp when I saw her re difficulty swallowing but fail to see how tabs for IBS can help that? Yet my own gp thinks its IBS even tho my bowels have always been normal and i have never complained of bowel probs but I only found that out in a letter he wrote to DWP and he never actually said you have IBS or prescribed meds.therefore on occasions I have seen other gp s they put everything down to it regardless.I do avoid white bread as that has caused bloating feeling and only time I have bread is rare slice of toast.


Not probably related to fibro and maybe I should post this on another community,I have swelling from my neck down- neck chest area(fatty lumps more than swelling-thamus gland area)wrists(cts.?) fingers knees calves and shins ankles and feet.and more recently pelvis area.sore bone growth in browbone,nasal bone pelvic bone and feet.I have been given no diagnosis for any of this.leg swelling could be down to Bakers cysts as I've read they could leak into veins.?may have got veins wrong but cysts can leak.nasal bone growth couldbe lupus or acromegaly which I had never heard of until mentioned on here.


have listed the symptoms from this list and adapted it to show my gp (removing all suggestions of OC )and as the majority of these apply to me over the last 3 years (but appetite loss since 2005?)to ask him to agree that I have had these symptoms over time .then hopefully I can get a referral to someone who can get me a diagnosis.


Seeing the other gp today hopefully he will listen to me.I will say to him that my stomach has got more swollen and gained another 1/2 to 1 stone in weight and of course pelvic pain.not caused by diet or IBS ,age .feeling horrible can't eat.dogs are very "down" cos they sense I am not well.wondering if I should not go will it be a waste of time.know tears will be shed again.