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Aqua aerobics flare up

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Hi everyone

I thought I would ease myself back into exercise, I haven't done Aqua for a year. I took so many precautions.

Cut back on any big movements

Didn't raise my arms

Stopped for water

Did about a third of the class speed.

A third of the way through the class, I started to get cold, the chlorine was causing my eyes to burn and started my head throbbing, my jaw started to spams & my legs felt stiff. I made it out of the pool to the changing room, luckily my husband saw me & helped me back in the car.

I am now wrapped up in blankets and heat packs, spasoming away. I live near Ludlow in Shropshire, I can't find any warm water exercise classes. I need to lose weight ( one point into diabetes diagnosis, tested again in a couple of months) I have tried the steps, I go into spasming pain if I push to 10,000 a day, only making 5000 at the moment.

At a loss about building my exercise capacity. My fibro seems to have got worse especially if I get cold. My diet has improved thanks to slimming world but I'm in a bit of a catch 22, as far as exercise is concerned.

11 Replies

I am considering trying this aqua aerobics, I will ask my physio today if its a good idea or not.

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Aw bless you. You have overdone haven't you? Really hard getting back into exercise. I love swimming but the bit you describe is familiar. The shivering, eyes hurting, bit like getting flu after. Is it toxic overload from the chlorine or unaccustomed exercise, or inability to keep warm?

I want to start again but I don't like the whole suffering bit. Need a warm low chlorine pool. Getting chilled is a real issue for me.

Hope you are perking up now.

Not interferring and I don't know about it but your post is not locked. They say folks tend to swerve the unlocked ones.

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Louby- in reply to Al10

Know that feeling, fleece on as cold, fleece off as hot so on and so forth, feel chilled now, going to have nice Epsom salt bath and put pj's raynaudes has been really troublesome and painful, feel a bit silly having to wear gloves, far to early for them!


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Al10 in reply to Louby-

Never too early for pretty pink gloves surely? Mm cosy.

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Al10 in reply to Louby-

Never too early for pretty pink gloves surely? Mm cosy.

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Hi Eme65

Increasing exercise tolerance with Fibro and it's fatigue can be really challenging, it can work once you know your limits but the frustrating thing is it does seem to change it's goal post all the time!

I am so sorry you are experiencing a flare and feeling really awful but the positive thing is you tried and you are continuing to fight the fibro monster 😈 no matter what it throws at you. You are one of the many true fibro warriors ..... 🎗

Don't be afraid to try again sometime - maybe look at doing less in the class or access what you did before the class and even during that day ....

I sincerely wish that the pain and fatigue eases soon ... :)

Sending warm hugs


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Al10 in reply to Mdaisy

Suspect be more sensible to try a 10-15 min dip. No real exertion, take floats? Then out and dressed cosy and warm. If you can manage that without flaring then see what else you can do. No messing about leaving with wet hair or no coat because, the car is just a few metres away. Go when it's quiet to the avoid chilly wait for your nice warm shower after. If just doing that is a struggle then maybe pick another exercise.

My last go I did my 15 mins and then the whole pool decided to head for the showers and changing room. I got the pool to myself and no way was I going to fight all the fit ladies for my place in the queue. I puttered up and down the pool marvelling at how fit I was once loosened up. Oopsie! (We don't do the swearing here do we? No.) I overdid it again!

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Sorry you are suffering. I'm doing the steps route but found just to have my target of 5000 but do ten mins of walking where heart is elevated. So walking just a bit faster so you feel warm. However only for ten mins and sticking that into my goal. Does that make sense?? It sounds ok in my head!!! 😀

That way as your steps increase you can increase length of time for walking. I started in Feb on 4000 steps a day and now I'm doing 10,000- 12,000 a day. I have learnt the hard way of going crazy over upping my steps to soon and to fast!!!!

Hope you feel better soon.

Jo x

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Oh boy not surprised you are flaring up. You need to build up before being able to do a whole class. I go to hydrotherapy pool which I admit I am so lucky to have found. Most are really tiny. Was looking for years and found it by accident. The one I go to is about the 1/3 size of a normal pool and I do my own swimming strokes, as I can't fully rotate my arms anymore. Also has hydro jets that come on every half an hour which helps to get rid of lactic acid. Whoops gotta go now to hydro, it's disabld session.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Too much trouble to get in and out of suit..and no warm water?! Ack. Couldn't do it. Tried over 10 years ago....nope. It made my back hurt when it's supposed to be gentle exercise. Good luck finding something. Hugs, M.A

Good morning. It maybe worth asking around about a local hydrotherapy pool. They are a lot warmer than ordinary pools and you can devise a excersise routine that your body can tolerate. Good luck 🙂

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