Why am I hot even in this cold weather?

Hi Everyone,

For the past several years I have had problems with sensitivity to the cold, before my Fibro days I was very cold tolerant.

I now find myself spending my days feeling far too hot, its awful, I am walking around in summer clothes, strappy vests etc and still feeling uncomfortably hot.

I am post menopausal (no periods for a couple of years) my menopause past unnoticed.

Although I feel hot my body feels stone cold to touch, I sleep with my bed clothes slung aside, window wide open and still wake feeling hot but stone cold to the touch...I dont appear to perspire either... its as if my body is saying its hot when in fact it is cold.

I have never come across this before, I know that Fibro sufferers are usually intolerant of the cold....Whats happening, any ideas anyone???....

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  • Hi Bethy1962

    I tend to be the opposite and can't stand the cold but today I was so warm I went and defrosted my car on a tee shirt. People must have thought I was crazy. I think you will find there are a lot of people who are intolerant of the hot too and are fibro suffers. I am sure it does something to our thermostats :-)

    Are you sure you are through the menopause? It could still be to do with that.

    It would probably be best to have a word with your doctor as there maybe an under lying problem you are not aware of.

    In the mean time can you sit in front of the fridge with the door open ;-) sorry just kidding.

    Piggy hugs xxx

  • I seem to completely register temperatures wrong and have t ask other people if its hot or cold so I can dress accordingly..........I have read somewhere that Fibro messes up our thermostats.........

  • Sorry for my late reply, been a bit off (more than usual) these last few days.

    The dressing accordingly question has come to my mind often since this feeling too hot thing started....If my body is giving out 'hot signals' is it dangerous to 'under' dress? I sit/stand outside dressed for summer in the winter, my bedroom window is open even when temps registering way below zero, I drive my partner and kids barmy, they feel the cold and all I do is turn off heating, take off layers etc...its madness.

    Will look into body thermostat thing.

    Take care, gentle hugs,


  • hi i seem to spend most evenings trying to keep my legs warm and then when i got to bed BANG i spend the night trying to cool them down... tops of my legs burn like i have been out in the sun all day but yet the rest of me is cold... WEIRD!!!!

  • Sorry for my late thank you for your reply, been a bit off the last few days.

    I love to have cold hands at night, the cold seems to feel good on them, I shove my hands between my partners pillows, which are always cold because I have the windows open...he has to have his side of the electric blanket on, he wears a woolen hat and has extra blankets while I lie half out half under duvet next to open window!!!

    Fibro a funny thing, so unpredictable and without reason.

    Gentle hugs,


  • As Piggie says so rightly, when having Fibromyalgia we can be intolerant and sensitive to temperatures whether hot or cold, smell, light, sound, touch. All our senses can feel heightened having Fibromyalgia, so the symptoms you are feeling aren't unusual at all.

    Here is some info on sensitivities and intolerances taken from our main site at FibroAction which you may find helpful -


    I can understand how you feel with temperature, I have been walking around in a vest top feeling hot and yet I know it's cold, I've had to turn the heating right down. It's all very odd sometimes isn't it, but quite normal when having Fibromyalgia. We are all different though so not everyone feels the same.

    If you have any concerns about this, please see your GP who hopefully will reassure you and might check that it isn't actually anything else causing this temperature reaction.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Thank you for your reply Libs, have had a look at page...A concern is that my body feels stone cold to the touch, could that be indicating that Fibro sufferers should wrap up even if they are feeling hot or visa/versa if they are feeling cold in warm weather for fear of either overheating or hypothermia? Is it that the bodies thermostat is giving us the wrong message, it could put someone at risk?

    Will have a natter with the GP, although so far not one Doctor at my surgery seems to understand Fybromyalgia.

    Gentle hugs and a big thank you,


  • I was thinking of asking my gp about this . I sleep with a small fan running most of the night when the sweats are worse .. Also have a small fan in my kitchen so i can stand in front of it done during the day ... Drives my oh mad .. he has to tell me what type of clothes to wear as i am always hot ..

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I cant say that I sweat, my body is cold to the touch, very strange. I drive my family mad, they are all freezing and I insist on having windows open. This really cold snap is giving me some relief, feeling almost comfortable and normal.

    Gentle hugs,


  • Hi Bethy,

    I'm exactly the same - if it weren't for snow I'd probably still be walking around in flip flops!! Have recently spoke to doctor about this (and some other stuff) am having to have blood test to make sure it's not early menopause - am only 31. But she did mention that the anti-depressants (Sertraline) can cause the hot flushes, perhaps sonething you could ask your GP :)

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I'm still walking around in my crocs, I put proper foot wear on if Im lucky enough to get out of the house, otherwise I would get some strange looks..

    Will be having natter with my GP when I next see her, hope your GP can help you.

    Gentle hugs,


  • well im a guy and i only 19 so really as i can relate... i dont believe your reasons are just female related... on days its minus 40 and i can wear nothing but shorts and still sweat like a pig in my house... (note: my house is 67 farienhight at at night and i sleep in the bacement) so its extremely uncomfortable yet durring the day i find it incredably cold at 2 degrees.... not so sure why

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