escapee fluffies :-o

escapee fluffies :-o

Okay folks!

for those of you who aren't aware someone infiltrated the fluffies' lair last night and several of them escaped out into the wilderness :(

Under the control of Foggy's evil cats they become rogue and I'd like some help to catch them please :D

They will do anything for candy floss so please if you happen to spot one please coax it in with a stick of it :)

Much hopefulness and regards


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  • Oh my midnight raiders :O I am so confused do I get the cats or find the fluffiness what beat foggys cats with the sticks and feed the fluffies with candy floss got it ummm or have I oh midnight raiders LOL

    running AROUND NOW LOL

  • With candy floss at the ready and the promise of a cat free haven, I should hopefully be able to coax a few :)

    We need to plan rehabilitation to get them back to their pure fluffy fluffiness :)

    Pip xx

  • We'll also need a dentist :-o Oh they won't like that :( I'm sure there's a dog grooming place round here somewhere ;) :D

  • I'm happy to oblige :) Promise I won't use the clippers ;) xx

  • thank you :D this whole fluffie escapade has made me rather exhausted! ;)

  • You need some relaxing fluffies to help you rest ;) xx

  • I see, blame it all on me why don't you, I turn my back for a moment, and just cos I'm planning a cunning revenge, I get the blame for everything, go on, I have broad shoulders I can take it............ I wouldn't in the normal way of things intentionally hurt any fluffies, surely you know that, if they get caught in my hair and the cross fire, it is all fair in war and.....war.... Well not prezacerly war, but something vaguely imitating in a amusing way, cos I don't have the strength to even think about strategies and all that (makes what little is left of what was once my brain, hurt) so please, don't go reporting me to the RSPCF cos it really isn't me, truly, honestly and grovellingly :D

    Foggy x

  • LMAO :D

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