Hi everyone :)

I Hope you are all ok this morning and not too chilly.. brrrrrr it's freezing here in Sunderland :O

Sorry! for the inconvenience that the Love/Divorce trolling posts may be causing some of you I can see that they have been really busy this time :o

I would like to reassure you that the matter is in hand and shall be dealt with shortly.

In the meantime please can you ignore them.

If you receive e-mails into your inbox please just delete them and let Mdaisy know :)

Thankyou for your patience and co-operation while this issue is being fixed :)

Wishing you all wellness and send everyone extra toggage fluffies filled with sunshiny smiles

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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  • Thanks Zeb.

  • Morning sian, the troll posts just kept piling in one minute it was four, when I counted them last there had been 23 :o :o my mother said, "little things please little minds" - it puzzles me what on earth people get out of doing that sort of thing !

    I have parcelled up some warmth and it is being sent in a package of sunshine up to you in Sunderland. I hate to say it but it's glorious here and I've just sat outside in the sun having a coffee with the doglets, Poppie in her pink polka dot bikini and Mr B panting as he has still got his winter coat on. Poor little man, this time next week he will be in the vets having some teeth removed :o

    Anyway warm thoughts and all things nice being sent your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Awww poor {{{{{{ Mr B }}}}}} Poppie looks fab in her polka dots :)

    There is blue sky and sunshine here too..................... it's just rather bracing :o

    I'm off for Hydro shortly but shall be back later ;) if Hydro doesn't finish me off :o LOL

    Thanks for sunshine and warm thoughts

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • can you tell me where you do your hydro - in the city centre is it?

  • Hi Sunnygirl2 :)

    I go to Sunderland Royal Hospital, I was referred by a rheumatologist :) It's always worth asking your GP about :) I have one to one sessions.

    Healing fluffies on route to you :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • thanx Sian, seeing GP next week - so I will ask. I was diagnosed in Jan by Dr Christopher Holland, of Sunderland Royal, although he retired a few years ago,

    Sheena x

  • Hi Sheena, sorry for not recognising you :o

    I can't honestly remember the name of mine LOL I see that many different consultants etc that I've often said I should take a sleeping bag and crash there :o

    I go to the Royal because I don't drive etc so it's the easiest one for me to get to I don't know if there are other options available through choose and book :)

    The staff are really lovely in the Hydro department :)

    I have actually asked someone if they would come and speak to us at a FibroFlutters support group meeting one week. It all depends on whether she will be allowed - Hospital protocol would probably also be better to write and invite her to speak as I've only verbally enquired/invited her :P

    Gentle soft fluffies :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Poor little mite. My cows are just changing coats and look like they have mange - no pun intended there. :)

  • Thanks zeb, just glad to hear they are in hand. I nearly ran the battery down on my phone reporting them as they came in! Gave in by 1.30am as My battery nearly died too! Hugs, Julie xxx

  • there's 3 choices at the bottom of each message box "reply" "recommend" "report" you just click report. hope this helps :)


  • Thank-you for your help. I really can't believe that I didn't see the report button ! Ah well, I suppose I can blame Fibro Fog! or maybe I should go to Specsavers! LOL

  • Thank you zeb73

    We all appreciate your message and information, and I think that we are all much happier now the trolls have trolled off!

    Take care my friend

    Ken x

  • Thank You

  • Thank you. It must be an awful pain having to deal with all those trolls!

    Your work is greatly appreciated.

    Mim xx

  • I am a troll, fol de rol

    I am a troll, fol de rol

    I am a troll, fol de rol

    and I'll eat you all for supper

    I really must get an alias to do things like this :P

    I'm lucky, I seem to miss these bad posts, perhaps I don't log in often enough.

  • Hope they have gone back under the bridge but they leave the Billy goats alone

  • Me too :)

  • big Badgergoat Gruff will get them. GRRRRR

  • LOLOL how's you kettle? :)

  • Hiya Pot. Full of energy at the moment and hoping it will last. Just been on a 20 mile bike ride, about all I can manage these days and bumped into a very old friend so spent a couple of hours catching up.

    How's you Flower? :)

  • Tired and sore after sorting Scout ad Tinks out with larger accommodation :) squeak squeak :)

  • Hehehe. Cookie's only just gone to bed after over 2 hours in her ball. I put her back at 7. She had a drink and demanded more playtime Bless :D

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