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Has he got fibro

My son lives in St Austell in cornwall, i believe he as fibro and for years now been on pain killer, patches you name it, he as ask his doctor to send him to see a Rheumatologist, but his doctor will not, when he came up to visit us, our doctor plus the chemist said that the meds he is on, would be given to someone who as a turmnal illness, when we sat him down and ask him if he had cancer or any other illness was he dieing he said no, he is so dope up on about 12/13 med , which is no good for his body, what can he done for him any ideal, he as a reading and writing problem which does not help as he as no family near him or any surport, ey ideal please

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I think it is illegal for a gp to refuse to refer u. My hubby agrees. I think ur son needs someone to stand up to this dictator doctor! Good luck, Julie x


thank you for you comment, i only wished i live near to him, with him in Cornwall and we live in Essex it is a bit difficult


Hi sharron1

I am so sorry to read that this is happening to your son, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

If his GP will not do this, I was wondering if there was another GP at his surgery who he could go and see? failing that, is there another GP surgery local to him?

There is always the option of A&E, whereby questions would be asked about the medications he has been given?

I have pasted the FibroAction link below as it may be of some use to you:

Good luck with trying to get some answers to this question.

Take care

Ken x


Hi sorry your sons gp is being an idiot and not listening to him. It took me 6 years for my gp surgery to refer me. I had to stand up to them and say I will not leave your room until you refer me too a rheumatologist now. They referred me there and then. Maybe if your son did this they would listen. If not listen to ken if his in too much pain then to go to a&e they will be able to support him. Hope you find him the support he needs xx


I would ask for a second option and see anothe doctor, I hate some of these doctors that don't listen, it took me 14 years to get a diagnosis from a rheumatologist now, hopefully I'm getting the help I need. I also believe that pain meds sometimes make the symptoms worse. I've been refered for some hydro therapy . I hope you can convince your son to ask for another doctor. Please let us know how he gets on . Gentle hugs to you and your son x


I live in Essex and the hospital closed now the hydro pool , i know when i went years ago it was nice to get in the hydro pool, with the cut back they dont have one now.


Hi Sharron,I live in St. Austell,which surgery is you'r son at?? I also have a friend with fibro. so know how things work in this area. Is there anything I can do to help???


HI beaton dont know the surgery i have been trying to get in touch with my son, but sadly can not, i have no other point of contact and because of the meds he is on and the pain etc he sleep a lot, so bit of a night mare to get in touch with him but i will try again. thank you

would love the other of your help, maybe you can tell me if there is any where for him to go ie an surport group etc, or to who to see, would be good thank you


Messaged my friend to find out about the support group,I know it's local. Don't worry about the time scale,I know what it's like. Will be in touch when I get a reply re group.x


His dr does not have the right to say no ask again saying he wants a second op from specialise and if says no ask to see the practise manage to make a complant


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