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esa tribunal

I have an esa tribunal atos nurse says client can walk more than 50 metres my esa 50 I said not due to fibro everything in nurses report contradicts EVERYTHING on esa 50 -never had a medical just filled into esa 50 and chucked into wrag group- I am so fed up that I am considering getting a lawyer as the dwp and atos have written utter lies about my fibro not having effect on my health-

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So sorry to hear about this decision. Are you saying that you have had a tribunal hearing that went against you or that you are due to go to tribunal?


Sorry to hear this - it's soul destroying. My experience lasted a few years. When I asked to see My Papers on how they reached their decision I pretty much discovered that their staff was reporting it properly but on reaching The Decision Makers things were being twisted to suit their remarks. My suggestion is to ask for these and go through them slowly and carefully - Go to C Advice and lodge an appeal. A lot to do I know - but one step at a time. There's also a Benefits and Work helpline - nothing to do with the Governments.


This may be worth looking into . I am not reccomending them ,I just kept the details because they may be useful some day. They do charge.

Good luck sue xx


Hi scottspeirs1

I am so sorry to read of your horrid time and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I have pasted you a link to the ATOS website so you can have a good read about procedures etc, as it may help to have some information in advance?

ATOS Healthcare

I want to wish you all the best of luck

All my hopes and dreams for you



Being able to walk 50 metres is out of date it is now 20 metres for PIP. However they have not taken into the fact they state walk with severe discomfort on their assessment. So if you are in pain while walking then you cannot walk that distance with out severe discomfort.

If you have mobility issues that surely means that you cannot get around well. Which meets the Blue Badge criteria. Which is to allow you extra benefits to be able to get close to a place in a car. If you look at it from what they have said surely means no one should be allowed to walk more than 50 metres claiming any disability benefit. If so why do they have a mobility PIP and the Blue Badge?

If you go shopping and park near in a disability bay at best 20 metres away from what they are saying as long as what you want is within 30 metres from the store entrance you would qualify but in reality we have to make these longer journeys for our own independence and self belief.

I have Heart Lung and skeletal problems with a few other things to upset me. But I have to walk more than 50 metres to get to my GP,Hospital,shops,JSC and ATOS rooms. I for one will not be giving my ESA back based on their biased views.

Be Well


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