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Hi everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that it is definitely worth appealing if you fail your esa medical. I only got 6 points at my medical. I was diagnosed with fibro about 11 years ago and have been on incapacity benefit until my medical in November. I appealed right away and went to C.A.B. My tribunal was on wednesday last week. They didn`t let me know their decision at the tribunal, as they said they could see I`d been in some discomfort throughout the hearing. I received a letter on Friday saying that my appeal was allowed. I have been awarded 18 points and I have been placed in the work related esa group. It has been a horrible 7 months waiting for that dreaded tribunal but I am so glad I stuck with it and went. Don`t give up is my advice.....its not a nice process but its worth it xx

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  • hey glad you won it babydude. x I was put on work related esa last year & am waiting to hear when my next medical is. Was on Income Support & Incapacity Benefit before that. xxxdottiedog

  • thats brilliant news, it so great to see someone winning, well done

  • Hi i'm on IB and have sent off form and am waiting to hear when medical is. not looking forward to it but thats this goverment. soft hugs xx

  • Thank you. I just wanted to give people hope....I was hearing all the negatives before I went, you know, such and such was refused and so and so said how 75% are losing at tribunal. Its such a stressful time I wanted everyone to know that there are positive outcomes. Good luck to anyone going through it xx

  • it is worth going to tribunal, I got 0 points for my medical and 6 points on appeal.

    when I went to tribunal, I was awarded 35 points a vast difference...there were several inaccuracies from my medical which I could proove.

    The only downside was I was still in the work related group, so my payments were stopped at the end of APril as I'd been in that group for a year....so my payments are now just over £25 pw.

    I have just sent in my questionaire to start all over again :( ..... frustrating as my tribunal was in April.

    soft hugs to everyone

  • Congratulations Babydude x

  • OMG Paula, £25 a week. that is some kind of sick joke the government is playing, isnt it?? How the hell does anyone live on that? My gas, electric and water come to more than that, and thats without food and other stuff you need. Im speechless..... that is.... I dont know, there isnt a word BAD enough to describe that. I really hope you get something fair soon.

  • hi so glad to hear yoo passed, but i'm really confused with thiswork related/support group thing, what happens if you get one or the other? does anyone know the difference?

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