Comedy corner: SWEET DEBATE

jam n cream or cream n jam? page 2

Comedy corner: SWEET DEBATE
jam n cream or cream n jam? page 2



Which way do you eat yours? is it:-

.........A jam n cream

.........B cream n jam

.........C it doesn't matter

.........D pass me a piece of cake please?

Here's a bit of an explanation about the differing types of tea time: 'TEA (meal)' provided by wikipedia

This debate must have a conclusion :o

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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  • go for AAAAA heheh

  • Who is inthe jam battle is it just me and fenbadger and zeb anyone else want to get down and messy

  • Told you it would get messy :P heheheh

  • Only one of you has done your research :D

    But the debate goes on..............................

    Update Fluffies are now running amok covered in jam and cream hmnnnnnnnnn

    Super power soakers it will have to be

    Who's up for catching fluffies :)

  • A defiantly hmm jam and cream

  • Hi jake are you joining us? :)

  • I'm a Devonian so clotted cream first, jam second ( again ;-) ) for sure :d :d :d

  • There you are Foggy where are the doglets?

    I need them to help herd up the fluffies................................. urm................... they're covered in jam n cream and hyper heheehhe oh dear!!

    Gins has the power soaker

    Mr Badger has the marshmallow shooter

    I've got a super soaker too

    Would you take the hair dryer to dry the fluffies please?

  • Indeedy. I ham han hexpert mit zeeeeee hair drier, (ask Mr B he had a bath and blow dry yesterday ) :o

  • zeb your nuts lol :0)

  • Cheers hunny, how are you? :)

  • Aiming low hehe here we go splendid my meat is resting ah super is served

  • jealous! mine is cooking :o

  • Whooooooooooooooooooooosh what a mess :o

    whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh!! if only I hadn't crashed into that jam pot :o

    Fluffies ready for drying :D :D :D

  • weeeee get that it was a wicked super now for thwe washing up hahaha not mee ooh missed that one try this

  • Um folks we seriously need to round up the fluffies. they don't 'alf look like scones :P

  • yep Mr B has thankfully ran out of custard and is finished playing with the fluffies and currently herding them up for hosing and drying

  • phew how are the hammies?

  • Awwwwwwwwwwww all sleeping it off they've been looked after by Idris she sung them to sleep :)

  • Oh my word????? Has Idris had a sex change operation whilst he's been away ?? :o :o He was all man last time he stayed in my nuclear reactor :o :o this very worriesome !!!!!

  • lolol I'll magic it back to normal :P


    Thanks for playing it's been tremendous fun feel free to carry on I will probably pop in out but for now it's 'ciao'


  • Sounds wise. Just magic them back on the bus and we'll toodle off home without waking. 'nite

  • Musketeers :) be back in an hour have to restart it now LOL x

  • Is that not 42, or is my muddlesome muddlesome completely up the creek without any paddles ;-) :o ;-) :p

  • Thanks for the fun xxx

  • Anytime :D

    well within reason of course! :P :P :P

  • Idris is back in the nuclear reactor but willing to come out for marshmallow melting at any time, Mr B (Chief is Security) is pleased to announce having averted any action of the evil cats (as yet :o ) to nab his mummy ...... Aaaaahhhhhhhh :-) :-) ;-)

    Foggy x

  • YAY :)


  • I am from NI and I am sorry it has to be A, every time Jam then cream. Please send by express delivery ;) ;) I am very partial to them with a nice cup of tea....Susan :)

  • Okay some healing fluffies infused with sunshine smiles are heading your way with jam n cream scones.............. hmmnn lovely :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Here in Devon the best dressed scones wear jam on top of clotted cream. As an Incomer I secretly prefer cake!

  • heheehhe me too :)

  • A always no matter what the different traditions of the Devon or Cornish cream tea, my tradition is jam 1st lol

  • Jam & cream !

    as you can't spread jam on cream but you can spread cream on jam. Also I actually can't think of any food sweet or savoury that cream goes first. Errrr nope xx

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