Comedy corner: SWEET DEBATE

jam n cream or cream n jam?

Comedy corner: SWEET DEBATE
jam n cream or cream n jam?


Which way do you eat yours? is it:-

.........A jam n cream

.........B cream n jam

.........C it doesn't matter

.........D pass me a piece of cake please?

Here's a bit of an explanation about the differing types of tea time: 'TEA (meal)' provided by wikipedia

This debate must have a conclusion :o today's trip should be fun see you all there :P :P :P

:) xxxsianxxx :)

64 Replies

  • my answer to this is all of the above :P

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • OMG. The illustration in that article looks like The Cobweb, Boscastle. :P

    You could be right Sian. I bet Ken says "D"

    Of course if we get no definitive answer this time, we'll just have to do it all again :P

  • I think Ken will want the chocolate viennese biscuit in the photo collage :)

  • Oh yes! I will go for them. Sorry I missed the trip today, have been in bed most of day as these cluster headaches were getting the better of me.

    Hope you are well my friend?

    Ken x

  • Aha! I thought so, that was especially for you my friend :)

    Sorry you've been plagued with the cluster headaches hope they go away soon

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • morning I am going for C like I said the other day. cut in half slap jam on one dollup cream on the other and whack um together. I know i`m a philistine and totaly uncouth, but they still taste the same :D :D :D sue

  • I like your style

    ..................almost rebellious! :P ;) :P

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • I know her brother, Frankie Stein :P

  • I am a definite jam first if you go the other way it makes the cream rather horrid. So Jam first then cream and they sit beautifully on a scone or it scone oh that is another debate

  • hmmnn yes another debate :D LOL

    I'm a jam first person too it's just the it's always been for me :)

    but I also like cake :p


  • Whichever, when it's finished it's "scone" :P

  • i would say A.if you put cream on 1st how do you spread jam on without it falling off? there again it all goes down the same hole lol so does it matter :) xx

  • hehehehhe my thoughts entirely bluebell :) xx

  • Because you have clotted cream and it makes a stable base :-) :d :p

  • Oooh, are we getting horses? :P

  • Nah or neigh - I got rid of my last one 21 years ago :-(

  • Categorically Cream then Jam ............I'm an expert I am :p :p :p :d :d But actually C is probably the best in this case :d :d :d

  • cake cake cake boing boing boing

    or................... squidgy gateauxs nom nom

    and jam n cream scones and cream n jam scones


    Suger overload >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> gniob gniob gniob

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> whoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bang hee hee hee bounce bounce

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>> open the door please :P

  • hahahahahah you stole my thunder huhum hahahahahha I was saving that for later

    If we're quiet maybe no-one heard our conversation

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. sugar! off I go again

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>... gniob gniob gniob

    This is worse than hiccups :D

  • Aww sorry, I just whispered it, let's hope no one heard sorry :o :p

  • See no-one will know now :-)

  • Hey is haribo coming, has someone got the stash of curly wurlys at the ready ? :d :d

  • Haven't heard but H is essential if fluffies are involved :P

  • I have a secret supply I am just getting out of the fridge ;D

    i WILL POP THEM IN BAG ! SHHH dont tell every one or we will have wirly [problem

  • Oohh cannot remember last time I had one jam loads of cream the sea and sand and a gougous view of some fit men in shorts yum yum

  • I was at Beamish I think or Keswick can't remember either LOL :)

  • Isn't Beamish a beer? :p

  • Beamish Red is one of my faves but really hard to get :(

    Beamish black is not to my palate

    Yes but it's also a Museum where you follow the history of the coal mining town and see how things would have been back then. It's like taking a step back in time like the schools programme 'How we used to Live' that I watched as a child.

  • I found my Beamish photos. You asked for it. I'll just bide my time :P

  • I like the Princetown brewery Jail Ale :P

  • im going to haven/ perran sands? in cornwall, in may my son is taking me bless him. we're going monday-friday so we're looking up places to visit that don't cost a bomb,any ideas? i know were going to lands end one day thats a must, im really looking forward to it, :) xx

  • I had a childhood holiday at Perran Sands and my mum has a photo of us standing under the signpost at Land's end :)

    Truro Cathedral is beautiful archicture and then there's St Michaels Mount too :) xx

  • There's a public footpath at Land's End so if you're crafty you can get in legitimately without paying :P

    Then' there's Tintagel and the Lizard but not at the same time.

  • I had a friend who had a place on the Helford side of the Lizard and one who still lives in Penzance, I like Lamorna and Mousehole :-) :-)

  • There's a rude(ish) song about Lamorna :)

  • Sticks fingers in ears. :o

  • Lalalalala :O

  • Tacky tack tacky :o

  • thanx zeb, oh yes must have foto done at lands end :) xx

  • I say potato you say .....

    I say sconesand you say.......

  • scooooones stretch it out scooooooones HAHAHAHAH :P

  • Tomatoes ? :p

  • heheheheheheh tomayyyyyyyyytoes

  • tomaaahhhhtoes :d :p

  • hahahahahahahah

    :P :P :P

  • I say Solanum Lycopersicum but it's not the same :P

  • Or Trachelospermum jasminoides, which is irrelevant :d

  • Pretty though :P

  • Indeedski it most certainly is :-)

  • thanx fenbadger, il see if i can find it......i say scones :) xx

  • Hey, jump on the magic coach and we'll fly over and see what we can sea :P

    A great white was sighted just off Cornwall yesterday

  • here i come! wheeeeeeeeeeeeee oh look at that lovely blue sea, aarrrrrrrggghhh is that a shark i see in the sea :p

  • Wonder what has made the shark swim to our cold shores? Hope he's not after our cream tea, suggest we take evasive action & devour, I mean eat, it all before he gets chance to! All those in favour say Aye! Unless eating of course! Julie xx

  • Steps back in awe and wonder at Julie being able to eat a whole whale in one sitting :o :d :o :d

  • OI Cheeky! ;-p I meant the cream t of course, &u knew it!

  • But then again, I must admit to having quite a, ahem, healthy appetite at times! :-) :-D

  • Hehehehehe :-) did I hehehehe (feeling very monkey

    Iike today ;-) ) :-) :d :p

  • :O :O :O

    Wow I agree that's a major feat

  • you talking about my feet again? :O

  • hahahah no but you've reminded me again now LOL

  • aye!ive eaten my scone with jam & cream it was yummy :)) xx

  • me too and cake, I over loaded on sugar LOL

    whoops! gniob off again

    bounce.......... crash boing boing



    shucks now I crashed into jam pot

    Oh no fluffies are going to have a field day

  • i love chocolate cake & apple pie & lemon meringue & straw berry &.................................................. aw no! i wanted that jam for my victoria sponge i hadn't quite finished for us all . oh not to worry eh :) xx

  • oh you are kind I luv cake grabs it and dashes after zeb !!

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