Pregabalin - Has anyone else been prescribed this?

I have been on it now for 2 months and it doesnt seem to be working, I have just upped my dose.I cant take amnitriptalyn as it gives me nightmares.I have had a major flare up since march and not been at work as this time it seems to be effecting by hips,legs and feet and i struggle to walk very far. I dont know what else to take/try has anyone got any suggestions? I have just had reflexology which i am going back next week but it is so expensive.

I am new on here and just plucked up the courage to ask a question!!!!


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  • Hi jo, I am on Gabapentin 300mg which I think is the same as you are taking.

    I was on 3 a day to start with and like you did not feel any benifit from them. So my Dr told me to increase them by 1 a day each week untill I found an amount that gave me comfort. I am allowed to go up to 14 a day, I am taking 9 a day at the moment, although they seem to be working for me I will increase them untill I am fairly free of pain. I also can not take Amnitriptalan.I also take 3 Tramadol a day to cope with the pain

    . It too is affecting my legs, hips and knees, but I also have painfull arms, hands, shoulders and neck.

    I am also new here so don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have. They are all very understanding people here.

    Good luck. X


  • Hi lonewalker

    Thankyou for your reply. At the minute i am taking 250mg (2 in the morning,1 in afternoon and then 2 in the evening) I really dont know whether to up it any further but at the docs start of july so will go through with him and see what he says as i am not sure if i am starting to get some of the side effects. I can take tramadol but with the pregabalin it makes me very sleepy.

    My fm started just before i was 18 and took 4 yrs to get diagnosed and then i was left pretty much to deal with it all myself!!! I had been coping on and off with it but the last few months has been pretty awful if im honest and i havent been at work but hopefully i will be going back next month.

    take care

    Jo x

  • Hi Jo, I am also taking pregabin and doctor had started me on very low dose also, she had gradually increased my dose to 150mg over a year and have felt it has helped, Bear with it as I personally think it is the best but then everyone is different. Take care and hope you get do get some relief

    Siobhan x

  • Hi Siobhan

    Thank you for your reply. Its nice to know how other people are handling it. as you can see above im not sure if im having side effects but will discuss it with my doc.

    Take Care

    Jo x

  • I have also been trying Pregabalin (Lyrica) and on 150mg a day. I find it can make me very drowsy, I cant take Tramadol or Amytryptilene so am a bit lost as to which medications I can use. I dont find that the Lyrica has made very much difference to be honest but I do keep stopping them as I cant stand being so tired from them on top of the tiredness already from FMS

  • Hi nikkiw

    With the pregabalin they say that you shouldnt just come off it in one go that you should come off it gradually as it can make your fm worse. Im not sure if this is what you have been doing but it might explain the tiredness you suffer if you have been doing this. How long do you stay on it for?

    Take Care

    Jo x

  • Hi Jo i have just come off gabapentin it was making me bad and it wasnt touching the pain , so gp as given me pregabalin ive only been on them for a few days they seem to be ok pain ay been so bad but i havent been at work for a few dys either so i cant tell yet i let you know when ive done my shift sunday night ok good luck with you ok xxx

  • HI,

    I am on Lyrica 600mg per day and I also take 120mg of Zormorph every 4 hours as well as taking Oramorph when the pain gets really bad. Along with this I have Diazepam 10mg 3 x a day but still get pains if i sit for to long I get extreme pain when moving and walking is crippling I am not sure what works but its hit and miss 4 us all. Next month I am having to take the new meds for my bi-polar condition not looking forward to that and thats for sure. Why can I not get DLA when I have all of these issues when the head man from Atos just received his 22% pay rise due to the new 800 million pounds contract. I am sure that they are on commission to disallow genuine cases hoping we all give up.

  • I take 2 pregabalin in tha am and one in the eve but also take 1 2xpday Tramadol 22mg each it seems to help but my condition worsens with the weather and since I have osteoarthritis along side Fybrom it can be painful I've found accupuncture helps since when the needles are inserted in releases endorphines if the needles dont prick a little for a coupla secs then it's not working well NO PAIN NO GAIN good luck

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