Has anyone been prescribed morphine patches?

Hi, I am new here so dont know if this has been discussed at all but last week another fibro sufferer told me she is on morphine patches and now works as a nusery nurse! was just wondering if anyone else has tried them? :)

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  • I have been offered them but being honest I am scared of taking my pain relief to that level :-( My GP told me that I would not be able to drive (and at that time my job involved a lot of driving) I have heard thay can make you feel quite drowsy and "zombyfied" but I have no experience of them myself, hopefully someone will be along that has :-)

  • Well that would be a straight no if doc told me I couldnt drive :( I would rather have all the meds and pain than lose my licence :) Thanks x

  • ive just started them and i dont find any difference. you just put them where you have had previous surgery... not working but i was willing to try. but it might work for your friend.

  • Thank you I have yet to ask my doctor because he always says it took us so long to get to a point where the meds were at their best so he really doesnt want to change them!! but I had to see a new doc last week and he was concerned about the amount of years and high dosage of tramadol i am on! so it depends which doctor I see :)

  • I have not tried patches but did have morphine tablets and it was awful,I spent all the time zombied out and unfortunatly had to drive for a 10minute journey once and when I got back home they went in the bin,I've never been so freaked out in my life so now stick to pregabalin and supposed to take amytriptyline at night but to be honest I 've just got so used to hurting I don't take them as I feel toxic with the amount of meds I take,Think I just do mind over matter lol or at least try xx

  • Ooh not nice :( but people are always amazed that I am not affected by my tramadol dose :/ My big worry now is the withdrawal from all my meds if I do change!

  • Strong opioids aren't recommended as a treatment for Fibro because 1, opioids cannot work as effectively in someone with Fibro because we have fewer available opioid receptors and 2, people with Fibro are prone to side effects from meds and the side effects of strong opioids can be risky. Put the 2 together and you can see why the evidence is that they are not a treatment option for fibro.

    Some people are on them and they are sometimes appropriate, especially when someone has other conditions as well as Fibro. But getting really good symptom relief from them is rare.

  • Thanks Lindsey, I must be honest I had to google OPIOIDS lol ...but thanks for the info thats very interesting :)

  • I have used morphine patches. Was on them for a couple of months along with other meds, after a while I began to get a very bad itching rash so had to come off them. Tramadol works best for me now. Lots of other meds were giving me more pain and side effects than I already had. Prefer to stick with Tramadol nd paracetamol during the day, not too zombied out then.

  • I suppose its back to the trial and error phase again :/ grr it always takes so long and I hate the change and more pain my body has to go through :/ Thanks for the advice :) x

  • hi i had morphine patches and was on them for a good few years they worked at the start but then my body got too used to it and i had to keep getting a higher dose which my doc was not happy about so we found an alternative as i didnt want to keep taking the morphine as yes i was having side affects too and i didnt like the hallucinations it was always spiders fortunately for me im not scared of them and knew they were not real but it was still scarey i was on tramadol too and they are potent especially when they give you bad headaches and land you in hospital made me so ill i was on them along time and high dose it takes a while to find the right meds that suit each individual so i say give anything a go but if its not working for you and you dont feel right on them then keep going back to the doc and change your meds im now on pregabaline which seems to suit me alot better im still in constant pain and have all the same symptoms everyday some worse than others but im more on a steady keel now it has taken me along time to get here and ive had it just over 6 years now but each person is diff some meds that suit one person will not suit another so its trial and error

    i hope you manage to get the meds that suit you and ease your pain mines eased a little but got so used to the pain now and have accepted that its part of me and its going nowhere its hard to cope and we all have our down days but thats what we are all here for to help one another through the tough times and to have a laugh with each other to make the days brighter

    good luck hun you will get there in the end soft gentle hugs xxx

  • Thank you everybody :) Its so nice to come here and talk to like minded people! I have been on tramadol for approx.11 years now, along with gabapentin, arthrotec, citalopram, amitryptalene, asacol and something newish to protect my stomach! I am still in constant pain and my crohns and arthritis are getting worse :( so when this lady suggested I ask about morphine patches I just felt anything is better than all these tablets daily! Harvey12 I have realised that what works for one doesnt always work for another...I think this is fustrating for us as well ! Thank you or the (((soft gentle hugs))) and sending them back to you all :) xx

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