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persistent pelvic pain and now can barely walk

i have had pelvic pain fro about a year and the last couple of weeks it has got so bad walking can be gp says the pain i had in my hips and pubic bone was fibro but this pain is like deep inside.i have had scans done -most recently by a gynae following a visit to A&E.and they say everything is normal.i have only ever had one smear test and that was the first and last as I couldn't tolerate the pain.when I was at the hospital they wanted to do a smear.i agreed btu it was so painful it didnt go ahead and I also cancelled the one at my gps surgery fro fear of pain.can anyone tell me what htis pain is or ahs anyone ahd a pain like it?i am concerned.

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Hi anbuma

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are having this problem and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

I have read several posts from members who have severe and crippling pain in the hip area, and they all appear to be Fibro related I think? I am waiting for a couple of members who were going to see their GPs about it, as and when they get back to me I will let you know how they got on, in case you miss their posts.

On the more delicate issue of the other pain that you are suffering form. I have pasted a link to the NHS Choices Website and it relates to pain in the female private area. I am not sure if this is what it is? Or if this is the sort of pain that you are suffering form? I sincerely hope that you find it useful.

I genuinely hope that you can get some answers to these problems?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


thanks Ken.just got back from a long dog walk and it was Buster that decided he had walked enough and took himself into the bus shelter.(got bus part of way home).my gp did say fibro related.i ll have a look at the website,



hi ken just read the article and it does sound like it could be that.


Hi, sorry you are suffering with this.

I also have bad hip & pelvic pain with Fibro. When I was pregnant (7 years ago & before i had fibro) I had SPD where front of pelvis separates. This caused excruciating pain & for last 3 months of pregnancy could barely get out of bed. After my daughter was born I developed Fibro & the worst of the pain is in my hips & pelvis. I have to use walking stick for short distances & mobility scooter for anything longer.

When I saw a physio about a year ago, she told me that I have hyper mobility, especially in those joints. She recommended I get a sacroiliac belt ( this goes round your hips - under hip bones at front with back of belt sitting at top of crack of bottom. You then tighten Velcro at sides). I find this gives me a lot of relief. What physio advised is, try using a normal belt and doing up round hips (as above) and if this gives you any relief, then it's worth investing in sacroiliac belt (mine was about £18).

I do recommend giving this a try, but also asking to be referred to a physio or pain clinic (this is where I saw physio).

I hope you find some relief soon xxx


surely that would have been picked up by ultrasound scan?


Don't think ultrasound will pick up hyper mobility, but not certain. X


Hypermobility is easily diagnosed through physical diagnosis, like being able to touch the floor, or bend your thumb to touch your forearm. A scan wouldn't show anything. A sacroiliac belt could provide relief for this x


It could be chlamydia which can stay symptom free for years before it starts hurting


I think the pubic area is more of a gaeny problem. I know you will probably will not want to hear this, but brace yourself and go for a smear test, that done you will be able to know for sure which way to go with your health issues. Painful hips and more go along with Fibro but pubic issues I don't know so much.

Good Luck



I have fibro over my whole body including parts of my internal organs, so what you are experiencing could be due to fibro


I thought if internal organs affected it would be lupus .


lupus has never been intimated with me x


ever since I was diagnosed my rheumatologist has never explained any thing about what to expect from fibro and I ahve not heard that it affects internal organs btu I have read that lupus does and that is the difference between the two. as well as skin rashes with lupus


I plucked up courage and opted to have smear tests again(thinkign how painful it was having my first one and then wouldn't have anymore cos of the pain.i received a letter asking me to go for one so I booked an appointment and after my painful experience at A&E cancelled it cos knew I wouldn't tolerate the pain.

when i was first diagnosed with fibro it was 2005-about 11 years after symptoms began and it remained quite stable affecting only muscles and joints.then suddenly in 2011 things got much worse-losing weight-pain in ribs and protruding ribs,my stomach swelling ,skin rashes,facial swelling etc.this is when I thought it must be something more than fibro as affecting so many other areas plus loss of appetite.i read of stories of people with ovarian cancer and cysts not beign detected or mistaken fro a bowel condition and wondered if this is what was happening to me especially because of weight loss yet weight gain on stomach and my gp saying had IBS when I presented no symptoms of IBS.then I developed facial rash and scalp condition and learnt of something called lupus .I always assumed fibro only affected joints and muscles as rheumatologist never told me much about when things suddenly got worse I thought it must be something more but didnt know what.

to have a smear test I reckon I would need gas and air as an expectant mother would on having her baby.there is no way I can tolerate that sorry btu a smear is out of the

question unless sedated or knocked out.


Have you been tested for Coeliac disease. I had similar symptoms which were all initially dismissed as Fibro/depression and I had a horrible rash which one doctor said was Psoriasis and treated me with smelly coal tar cream. It was itchy and horrible but my new doctor took one look at an abscess like boil on in between my buttock and said that is not Psoriasis and sent me to the Dermatology clinic in Canterbury and the doctor said I had Dermatitis Herpetiformis (DH for short) which is related to Coeliac disease! Straight onto a Gluten free diet and the rash vanished along with the smelly coat tar cream!! But I still get bloated stomach if I dare eat anything that doesn't agree with me and if I do eat Gluten containing food I am sick within a short time. The Gastroenterologist said she reckoned I had Coeliac all my life as I did have a history of tummy ache and problems but nothing showed up years ago. Now it's just simple blood test but they can do a Gastric Exam if they think necessary. Unfortunately my bones are damaged due to severe osteoporosis which was caused by the Coeliac and malnutrition for years due to the undiagnosed Coeliac. Its worth asking our doctor to check it out. I use to be a really lovely slim creature but now I'm not eating gluten I have 'blossomed' out so can't over eat but try to follow a sensible diet. My hubby likes cooking and he looks at all the labels in the shops. But Coeliacs can have normal food but just avoid anything with gluten in it. Not so bad once you get use to it and you have avert your eyes at the lovely cakes and things in the shops! My bowels have become rather sensitised now and I have to watch what I eat otherwise I get stomach ache and bloating and terrible pongy wind and have to rush to the loo but that is part fibro and the weakness caused by the Coeliac disease. Coeliac can cause pain in the body as well and make one feel like crap. So if you've not been tested best Idea is to get that blood test done. With your Dogs they do pick up on our distress so that is why the may be looking at you 'funny' but really they are sensing you are not well and you are their pack leader so they are trying to comfort you really. Dogs are really wonderful creatures. XX


A smear test can save your life as it is the only way to pick up cervical cancer. It hurts most people but if you are that worried, it's worth 2 minutes of pain



I had a thought Anbuma you still manage long walks with your dog dont you ? When you get to the end how do you feel has the pain in your hip become stronger?

Have you had your back examined by an orthopeadic person. The problem may lie in your back just a thought perhaps this is the way forward for you.



hi gins

it all depends on where I walk.if its all level ground i'm not too bad and a slight incline is manageable btu to walk on rough sand, uphill or up steps leaves me short of breath and abdo/chest gp recently referred me to physio fro my back pain and it is due to slight curvature of my spine.a few days we have gone for a long walk (ie into town)then it means a bus trip home as all uphill (not always me -sometime Buster will go and sit in a bus shelter if hes had enough)as he did yesterday,physio gave me exercises to do when pain is bad and have had USS treatment(?) in the past.


That is the way to go your pain is from your lower back as they have said already .

You must shorten the walks take care lifting and make sure you lie with a pillow under your knees when you go to bed.

Take care xxgins

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thanks gins ill try that .-can only sleep on my left side.

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Hi Anbuma,

Yes, you're not alone. I had terrible hip pain before I was diagnosed with Fibro - I even used to joke that I needed hip replacement surgery!

Unlike you, I wasn't able to walk long distances without feeling like a car that had run out of petrol and the pain was excruciating to start off with but appeared to get slightly more manageable if I persisted although I still wasn't able to undertake the sort of walking you and Buster appear to be enjoying. It turned out that I had hip bursitis as well which I had to have steroid injections for. I'm scared of needles - full stop! So, I can really appreciate your phobia.

With regards to your smear, is there any chance you can take some strong painkillers before you go for the appointment and do some relaxation and meditation exercises - I sometimes do this when I have to go to the dentist and it really helps with anxiety because you already know that you've addressed some of the potential pain ahead of the procedures.

No matter what anyone says on this forum, you will ultimately do whatever you're comfortable with. What I will say is that if whatever it is does get worse - God forbid, you may not have a choice in the matter and may have to contend with a range of invasive procedures outside of your control. I really hope it doesn't get to that point and all of us are rooting for you to establish what the problem is - for most of us, there's nothing worse than 'Not Knowing'.

I wish you all the best. Stay strong and Stay Positive.

Fight the Fibro!


thank you Reykua.smear is something to speak to dr about ??.


Yes Anbuma, You could also speak to the Practice Nurse - do explain how much of a phobia it is for you and also ask for anything they can give you to make it less traumatic and painful. Trust me, you are not alone.

There are several women who have a variety of personal conditions that make the smear test one of the most harrowing experiences for them so the Practice Nurses who are usually the ones to carry out the procedure have several techniques and methods they can discuss with you. Only do what you are comfortable with. If things go well, do share with us as there are many others who could benefit from your feedback.

Alll the best and Stay strong.


Hi Anbuma I know this is a delicate topic and I have full respect for that my friend :)

I have to admit that going for a smear is very painful for me too, I cry it's that's bad and I've nearly passed out with the pain but the procedures used to correct any abnormalities I have found to be far worse and I am speaking from experience.

I take a cushion to put under the small of my back and apply pain gel to the lower back region. I urge you to get it done, please, as it will help to rule so many things out and help to reduce your worries.

I always practice relaxation and make sure I coincide my pain meds with having it done. You could also maybe rub lavender into your temples to help relax you or on your pulse points on your wrists.

Think of something nice to try and avert your mind from the process until it's done if you can.

Sorry if I sound like I'm being pushy Anbuma I would just like to see you feel a bit better and know that you are not alone with this problem :)

Wishing you wellness and sending healing and relaxing fluffies to you :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


thnak you both for your replies(Reykua and Zeb73)will try and get an appointment to see PN .cant get the pain I felt out of my head.if it is as Ken says is hter anything that can be done?


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