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Fibro pain pelvic pain are they related

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I am so fedddddup of no breaks from pain it's every inch of my body the pelvic pain

Is it a fibro thing also

I had a full hysterectomy in 2009 from having a tumor

Things got worse from then hence the fibro diagnosis in 2011 constant bladder probs ear infections overall body pain I feel like I'm going to go mad

It's all to much

My GP is so patronising he talks like he cares but does not do enough he left last week

Thank God

The Locum doctor there I have met before who has told me anything I need he will try and help so I will go and see him next week

Gabapentin does not help with pain it makes me high and impulsive being a depressed person I was told it would help with makes me suicidal also and wreckers online spending.

I do odd things I sold my run around car on Gumtree before time now I am car less

I have been accepted for higher rate mobility from the lower rate which I was getting for mental health issues OCD and BPD Depression which is good so I will get a car by April according to schedule

Traumadol don't work anymore I was told opioids are very good has anyone tried them

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Hi hun I also suffer with grion pain and like you pain all over, can't really advise you about any drugs cause I don't want to take any but I do find warm baths and ice packs and hot water bottle helps doesn't get rid completely but does ease it, not long now and you will get your car take hun xx

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Serenity61 in reply to dondons99


Yes I don't like taking the drugs I do it when it's really bad my GP always has a go about it but the side effects are not good for me.

I try more holistic remedies does not stop the pain but it cleanses the body.

I have an alpha stim m but it does not really do much it was pretty expensive too I have a heat mat and use hot water bottle hot showers work better on me

It a horrid cycle to be in

Healthy hugs. 😊

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dondons99 in reply to Serenity61

I know what you mean I don't like taking strong pills I don't like feeling high or not with it its bad enough when you have fibro fog, I just take ibrofeon its nice to be able to come onto this site and just chat.

Sending hugs


I suffer a great deal of pelvic and lower stomach pain. It's daily ..humph!😢.

Have you given Amitriptyline a try? It helps me, doesn't take everything way, but helps.


I cannot take Amitriptyline due to a blood problem I am so sensitive to medication I only take it when I can't cope like today I took two nerophen plus sometimes helps sometimes not much still looking for other alternatives


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ive had pelvic pain fro two years and now its so disabling .it is there from the time i get up til i go to bed indicating somethign pressing on something.i htink its one of two things-one relating to the tape inserted to support pelvic floor muscle btu havgin had a pelvic xray recently the gp said she ddint think it was that.

i have never been given an explanation for it.

i am also on amitriptyline btu they do nothing for my pain.

Hi, I was on gabapentin and suffered similarly to you, I was fine, well better, when gp changed me to pregabalin. Also, have you been offered amitriptyline? It's a good anti depressant which also helps with sleep. Also co codamol helps my pain, although codeine does cause constipation. Good luck with the new gp, I hope things start getting better for you soon, Julie xxx

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Serenity61 in reply to Julie63

Amitriptyline I cannot take due to a blood problem cocodamol messes my stomach a lot I was on pregabalin before.

I am so sensitive to medication it's been trial and error. I take nerophen plus odd times it does cause constipation but can take the edge of if I take it at least three times it will not work likewise all the other pain tabs

I bought an Alpha Stim m which is supposed to work on the brain signals I need to find a therapist experienced in how to use it .

It only relaxes me so far at times


I find for my Fibro pain and pelvic pain (which I have suffered with for 15-20 years), nothing works except pelvic floor therapy. It's like regular physical therapy, except the therapist does her therapy both externally on the sore pelvic muscles AND internally. If you are a modest person, you will need to get over that, because once your therapist gets through the "brick walls" of those pelvic muscles and teaches you (or your partner) to continue the therapy yourself, you lose all modesty! LOL. I have some kind of un diagnosed muscle disorder (in addition to the Fibro) that hasn't responded to any other treatment (like you, I'm chemically sensitive, so ALL drugs are off the table for me), and this pelvic floor therapy is the only way I stay functional. She encompasses full body massage for me, as well, as this muscle condition affects my ability to function in every way. It's a true Godsend. I'm assuming you don't live in the U.S., so not sure what agency you would contact to find a reputable pelvic floor therapist, but I urge you to research this. It will bring you relief--it may be temporary (like mine), but when you're in constant pain everywhere in your body, if you can reduce your pain level for any length of time, I'm always grateful! Best wishes to you.


Yes I am in the process of getting help fro a therapist I was told by a physiotherapist that my local hospital does it so great thanks for you Imput modest out of the window for me I need relief it is affecting my relationship in a big way I am in the UK

Thank you

Hi there Serenity :-)

Tramadol is actually an opioid and contains more opioid than oramorph. Could I ask if you have been to a pain clinic yet ? If so you could perhaps approach them, if not ask for a referral. I too have an underlying blood condition, but luckily medications don't seem to effect it, though my haemys are always informed of any change in meds, just so that if I have to have treatment suddenly, they have a "clear playing field".

Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-) :-)

Foggy x

Hey foggy

Thanks for the tramadol break down really usefull my hubs is the one doing the research on opioids

Pain clinic my GP stated he will manage my pain which has been totally helpless I'm seeing a new Doc this week

Healthy hugs 😄

And so you should seek another GP . That is terrible .You must be referred to a pain clinic . Don't suffer in silence . Fibrohugs :)

All good comments. I know this can get rather personal, but is the pain more in the genital area or throughout the abdomen?

Like Cookiegirl discusses, one of my docs thought I might have an abdominal floor issue. Oddly, it turned out that I needed replacement hormones. I still like the keggel exercises. (especially at my age, lol)

My abdominal pain is another issue altogther.

Hi clare_hart

Yes it is both vaginal and groin pelvic lower stomach Lower back coccyx I feel like I'm giving birth pains....

Pain clinic my GP stated he will manage my pain which has been totally helpless I'm seeing a new Doc this week

Healthy hugs 😄

Best of wishes for you. I hope the med go round doesn't leave you feeling as dizzy as some docs think we are to begin with.

I had a hysterectomy probably a good year before my symptoms started. Never wondered if there could be a link but I also wake in the morning stiff everywhere an feel like I am in labour with lower back , groin and stomach pain . I have a disc herniation and arthritis . I also get pain in my face and of course every other part of the body you could mention . This along with fibro-fog and chronic fartigue is very disabling. I am also wondering if the fact I had the shingles virus many years ago could have any relation to this because the pain i felt then was just the same as sciatica and i then i continued to suffer from sciatica on and off for 24 yrs prior to having fibro ... but ..... yes ... you've guessed it i failed the ESA assessment and have been told " you're fit for work you will have to go sign on". What joke ... I gave up a brilliant job with prospects of promotion and better pay ... I've not give that up just for the hell of it . Sorry rant over . Fibrohugs :)

I am so sorry to read this, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this. I would discuss this with your doctor to see what they think? Please do not suffer in silence.

Good luck


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