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Red Rags or Green Shoots

Red Rags or Green Shoots

The Radio rouses me. The Sunday Programme is discussing Religious Apps? I open one eye and immediately the face drops its grimace and forms a smile.

The Catholic Confessional App. Other flavours available of course. I find this food for humour. Sorry if its a red rag as it were. But one App mentioned does spark my interest The Meditation App. I am not awake enough to register the name. But I find out that some of them claim to be free.

I am in the middle of a flare due to not a lot. (I used to want Here Lies A Tidy Pile At Last on the grave stone but I think Here Lies Not A Lot much more apt now). Anyway could this be the way to give the body a break for a bit. From that tiny seed of information could green shoots of hope grow?

Latter on Thought For The Day comes on. It's all a bit deep and meaningful and I am still not up but he mentions St David who was also known as Aquaticus. This provokes more pictures behind the eyes. No surely this is a joke.

Apparently not he got the name because of his ability to stand up to his neck in cold water.

This house gets a tad fraught when the Tens Machine fails work its magic so I thought this too might be worth investigating as Alternative Therapy for distraction of shrieking shoulder and such. All other-ideas will be welcomed. Thank you.

Amen B B have a good day or deleteus quickicus


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The idea of deep river bathing in order to freeze our pain is one I have not considered do we stand side by side under a waterfall or wallow deep in a cumbrian lake. No not for me I think.

Oh that I could make a hedge with Prince Charles he certainly shows the world he is a man of humor and passion for his wild life hedging. And it goodbye from Him and tara from me



I have seen documentaries whereby people have stood or swam in freezing water to help alleviate pain. I have always wondered why they have not died of hypothermia?

I am totally convinced if I tried this I would die of hypothermia!


Meditation is great just lay on the bed that's how I do it I can't sit up to do it for long so I lay down try it there's loads of free meditation apps x


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