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Prescription Charges Coalition - Petition.


We’re expecting the Government to announce a further increase in the price of prescriptions in England any day now.

That’s why FibroAction, as a member of the Prescription Charges Coalition, is launching an online petition, calling on the Government to end unfair, outdated and arbitrary prescription charges for everyone with a long-term condition.

The petition, hosted by the British Heart Foundation is easy to fill in. Just click here to add your support and please forward to family, friends and colleagues too –

Please can you support this campaign as fellow FibroAction supporters by signing this petition.

Many Thanks

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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done! x



Hi Emma:)

Signed n sealed:)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

Signed. Good Luck, Julie xxx

Signed and sealed.

Foggy x

signed :-)

Done it! x



I have signed this and sent it to some people I know.

I get free prescriptions, but every day it is a worry that I will have to pay and then I don't know what I would do. My father-in-law, already forgoes his medication because he can't afford them, ad he is in agony with back pain, it is barbaric to force people to choose.




Have signed

Done it


I have just signed I am lucky I have had free prescriptions for years as I have an underactive thyroid I have never agreed with everyone having to pay especially now when its only England that are paying for them. I have family members that have gone without medication because of the price,

I do hope that the campaign works and the price is adjusted or some other medical conditions are included in the free medicine.

do you have a facebook appeal for signatures I could share with family and friends?

Mdaisy in reply to Bracken1

Hello Bracken,

It's on Twitter if you have that? @fibroaction

Emma :)

Bracken1 in reply to Mdaisy

Emma I cant do facebook it would be good if a technical person could put it on facebook I am sure it will get lots of support from England Scotland Northern Ireland and Wales even though they get free prescriptions they would want the same for England or everyone paying a nominal amount. good luck.

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