News Today Prescription charge up by 20p! Have you signed our petition yet?

We are extremely disappointed that the Government has again put up prescription charges by 20p this year and in 2015.

Sign our petition to tell the Government to end these outdated, unfair and inequitable charges for people with long-term conditions –

Many Thanks in advance

Emma :)

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  • I cannot get into that link. We do not pay for prescriptions here in Wales they were scrapped a few years ago, but personally I would gladly pay something towards my medication if the money was to go toward the hospitals as the NHS seems to be going down the pan

  • Link changed apologies for any inconvenience caused

  • Hi Mdaisy can't get into the link to sign says its unavailable or been removed. X

  • Link changed apologies for any inconvenience caused

  • I can not get into the linkEmma.



  • Link changed apologies for any inconvenience caused

  • Sorry guys will edit it, apologies :)

  • Thanks for changing the link Emma. I am all signed up.



  • This saddens me :( I think it's disgusting, personally speaking :(

    I signed the petition a while back :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • I think prescriptions should be free at source as they are in other parts of the UK. I purchase a yearly prepaid exemption card which costs me £10.40 per month by direct debit. I will now await to see whether they are going to up the price of this?

    Thank you very much for posting this for us all. I am just going to sign the petition now!

    Ken x

  • Hello Ken,

    I think early predictions are that the prescription prepayment prescription (PPC) cost will remain tha same, which is great as I know a lot of members use this.

    Let's hope this is correct

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hi Ken i just double checked on the news for you. Pre paid season tickets as they called them stay the same. at £29.10 for three months and £104.00 per year. sue

  • Hi mayrose54

    Thank you so much for that. I buy one each, for me and my dear lady wife. I pay £20.80 per month via direct debit. I think we do get our monies worth from it though!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Signed,sealed & delivered I'm spending a fortune every year on prescriptions so this is so important.

  • Hiya :)

    I was just thinking about you earlier how's things?

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hello Trixybell82,

    Have you considered the prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) ?

    Here's the link;

    Hope this helps

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hi Emma,

    Yes I already have one of these and I have been buying them 3 monthly for about 18 months now. Luckily for me I used to work in a DR's surgery so I was aware already that these existed. It's still a struggle financially for me though as I am still waiting on news for my ESA and PIP claims. Unfortunately it's contribution based ESA as my partner works over 24 hrs a week so we are soley relying on his wage and when we have a mortgage, bills and food this is an extra expense added to our already struggling budget.

  • It's difficult, we fully support the Prescription Charges Coalition - prescriptionchargescoalitio... You can write to your MP about this as part of the campaign, more information on the website :)

  • Hi

    signed :)

  • I just don't think I could afford my medications if I still lived in England. Like Wales, Scotland also has free prescriptions - it makes such a difference. I'm off to sign the petition now!

  • Have now signed this petition. I am lucky enough to live in Scotland now, where all prescriptions are free of charge, otherwise I dont know how I would cope at all as I take roughly 22 tablets per day. Good luck.

  • Just signed, I think it's disgusting they the prices is being put up yet again, I cannot work because of my conditions & I have quite a few, my Husband works so I have been denied any help at all from the benefit from atos, Iat the moment I pay for a PPC Certificate otherwise being on 16 different meds per day I would never be able to afford my meds. Now that I have just been diagnosed with two more conditions I will be applying for benefit again but I doubt I will get anything though.

  • Signed up. I think it's terrible what this government is doing to disabled and sick people. Thankfully at the moment my husband and I don't pay Prescription charges as I'm over 65 and he is my carer but I can see next year that no doubt I shall lose my DLA as I was 65 just after the cut off date. Unfortunately my health issues have not 'cut off' after that day. Pity but there you go. We wrote to our local MP and she hinted that I'm old now so the government has to make changes to the welfare bill. Our present PM just wants to make a name for himself as the PM that got the UK out of 'difficulties'. Trouble is the country has always had financial difficulties as the Government spends money on the wrong things and then bleats it's us 'scroungers' now that take up all the money! I'm all for every labourer is worthy of his hire but some get too greedy and then blame others more vulnerable. I'm definitely not a scrounger nor is my husband as even with my health issues I try to help others and would gladly do a job if I was able even though I'm 'retired'. This government disgusts me with it's policies to the disable, sick and elderly. It is causing terrible stress to those that are already stressed out with sickness so adding to their burdens.

  • I've just signed this - I feel very strongly that some LTC are included and some not, my husband had Glaucoma and will need 2x prescriptions monthly for the rest of his life, so unfair that it's not included in the "acceptable" conditions

  • I know if you " just" have fibro you pay for prescriptions but do you know that if you also have an interactive thyroid you are entitled to an excemption certificate that includes all meds

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