Please support this Thunderclap designed to increase social reach for the petition

Please support this Thunderclap designed to increase social reach for the petition

Hello Guys & Gals,

Sorry to keep going on about this petition !

I have started a Thunderclap which even if you've signed the petition would be a good thing to support as it is designed to increase social reach, therefore making many more people aware of this petition hopefully leading to a greater number of signatures.

In 2014, myself as the then FibroAction Administrator (before merger with Fibromyalgia Association UK to make Fibromyalgia Action UK as the charity is today) had a Thunderclap for International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 12th May. Some of you many remember and probably kindly added your support - we gained the initial 100 supporters and more besides ending with 222 supporters leading to a finished social reach of 64,900. This is the power of supporting Thunderclap! :)

Please support this Thunderclap for the petition and let's increase it's social reach and fingers crossed it's number of signatures.

Once again, Thank You for the tremendous support - pat yourself on the back gently

Emma :)

Please Note The Thunderclap campaign will post one campaign tweet about this petition on the 3rd September on your account as the Thunderclap ends and creates a see of the same tweet among supporters thus really making all your followers aware of the petition!

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  • Emma, don't feel bad about it. Getting this change is sooo important. Well done to you for pushing forward Kitty x

  • Emma, I have put on facebook but also emailed all my family and friends as there are many people who only dip into social media occasionally. Suggest you ask everyone to email FAF too.

    Keep going! Kittyx

  • Done xx

  • Done hope it works 😀😊

  • Done and tweeted! :)

    Thank you!

    We will post this one-time message to your account on

    September 03 at 11:30AM UTC.



    Total social reach added

  • 13 supporters including Krowdster so now 54,378k reach and I have noticed 9 more signatures have appeared !

    Please do keep signing and also support this Thunderclap with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

    Emma :)

  • That is wonderful :) :)

  • Morning everyone and Thanks to everyon who has signed the petition :)

    Please don't forget to support this Thunderclap too, as this will spread awareness of this petition to the wider audience and hopefully increase the amount of signatures.

    I appreciate the support ! :)

    Emma :)

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