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Prescription Charges Coalition e-campaign

For some time now, FibroAction have been a member of the Prescription Charges Coalition (previously known as the Prescriptions Promise Campaign).

The Coalition is currently running an e-campaign to show the Government that there is support for the coalition's aims. A Government petition is being signed up and we are asking all our supporters to sign this to show the Government how important this issue is.

Info from the Prescription Charges Coalition:

People in England with long-term medical conditions are struggling to afford their prescriptions. This reduces their ability to manage their condition and increases their risk of serious illness, unemployment and dependence on the state for support and care.

This is a ticking time bomb and could lead to much greater Government spending on health in the long term. In order to help people manage their conditions safely and ensure better health outcomes, the Government must address the ever increasing cost of prescriptions.

We call on the Government to honour its commitment to make the prescription charges system in England fairer by:

* freezing prescription charges until the end of the current Parliament;

* increasing awareness and uptake of prescription prepayment certificates and continuing the freeze on the cost of these certificates until the end of the Parliament and;

* aiming to make prescriptions free for people with long-term medical conditions.

To sign the petition, click the link below:

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I am surprised at the wording as there is already an availability for a medical prescription certificate which I have being epileptic. The fact that people with such illnesses as FM do not have automatic entitlement to these once diagnosed is appalling. I have not been aware how lucky I am until I read this. Can FM not just be added to the list of illnesses that can claim this? I will sign because I am shocked and appalled at the mistreatment others are having, when doctors are clearly identifying the problem and handing out prescriptions all the time!


Not only Fibro patients with all their pain and associated meds but what about people on anticoagulation who take warfarin and heparin to thin their blood? If they don't have this their blood can clot!

Many will argue these meds are cheap however the conditions that cause them to be taking these meds in the first place often also need lots of other medication as is so often the case with chronic conditions.


i have signed this too i agree with the above comments x


Thank You Bluebell10 .. this has raised awareness of this post. I too agree and signed a long while ago, hopefully others will follow your lead.


I wholeheartedly agree with this post too I have friends who work that cannot afford their scripts and it shocking that they end up going without them. They cannot afford to be off work poorly either so its a double whammy!!!

:) xxxzebxxx :)


I'm sure I signed this actually :o can't remember :o


o i just noticed it was 1st posted 2 yrs ago! im such a dummy at times lol. yes zeb i remember being in so much agony when i was 1st signed off work but i couldn't afford to get my painkillers i was lucky i suppose that my son lent me the money but so many people have to go without vital things like food & paying bills,i no this as that is what i was doing til my son asked me were my dinner was.......


Don't worry. I've just seen this e-petition has closed but the Prescription Charges Coalition still needs your support. Please use the link to Email your local MP ;


You can also download the Paying the Price Report if it is of interest;


As I say it has brought people's attention back to the cause and that can only be a good thing ! :)

Emma :)


ok emma will do thanx :) i have just sent the e mail petition to my mp x are there any other petitions we could send to our mp's regarding all the problems associated with fibro as im sure loads of ppl dont realize the severity of pain & that its not going to get better with a few pills,that it is a life time condition that causes endless problems & maybe then `we wouldn't have to face going to tribunal for dla & esa or pip what do you & others think? ive just said this off the top of my head so its problaby worded all back to front! thing is i dont no how to start these i get all in a muddle :) thing is what gets me is that all these decision makers dont really no what fibromyalgia is im sure they think were just making things up!


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