Hello. I'm new here

Hi. Just wanted to drop in and say hi. Recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia after telling my doctor there's something wrong with me for 5 years since I had a back injury at work. Rheumatoidologist says fibro may have been caused by this accident. Glad to finally have something to call it rather than achey, itchy, burny skin and tiredness. Waiting for Physio referral and pain clinic. Also working full time as a funeral director. This is the first groups nice joined so hoping it will give me a place to vent and have people that understand where I'm coming from.

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  • Hi Jonesy! Welcome to the world of venting, understanding, compassion and hugs. I never thought I would find anyone who understood me but I realised everyone here does as we are all suffering together. Feel free to talk about anything you feel like from personal issues to lovely experiences! Hope you get better one day as do I! Love sim

  • Hi there and welcome to what a lot of us find to be the most supportive and informative of forums :-) could I suggest that you take a peek at our Mother site fibroaction.org where you will find lots of information which you will find very useful as you are recently diagnosed.

    We are a friendly bunch and you will see lots of fun posts which some of us find helps us as laughter releases feel good endorphins, so feel free to join in as and when you like :-)

    I totally get you on the achey, itchy burnny skin, mine always seems to be on my back and shoulder blades and being that I live alone (apart from my terriers who you will come across in the forums too :-) ) I end up using all sort of devices to get to and scratch the effected itchy area, but I find that people who haven't experienced this think it very odd - I wish they could feel it even for 5 minutes, then they may understand why it drives me mad !

    Anyway, as our distinguished and admired administrator ginsing often says, pull up a chair and join in :-) :-)

    Sending positive healing vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Morning foggy. Would you lie to borrow my brass toasting forks? Ideal for itches between the shoulder blades. :)

  • Yup please sue, a knife in the back too if possible - just what I need :d :d :d

  • my back doesnt itch any where near as much as it used to since i bought a pack of new bras.

    No hooks and eyes in the centre of my back, No scratchy strap adjusters,No tight straps and you can put everything where you want them and they stay there.

    No struggling to fasten hooks. you just step in and pull up.

    They have been a god send for me, I have a large operation scar from my shoulder blade curving down to just under lefty. I have spent 25 years keep pulling and tugging at bras trying to stop them cutting into it.

    No problems at all with these.

    I got mine from a catalogue but noticed that at least one of the big supermarkets are selling them and they dont cost a great deal.

  • Hi sue, I've been wearing them for the last two years and before that sloggi did similar but slightly smaller. I'm small so I can happily use them I have only one normal bra in my possession which I wear very infrequently and it drives me nuts, so I'm totally with you on this one :d :d

  • Actually I'm fibbing it's longer than two years because I first got one before I had my shoulder replacement in 2011 because there was no way I could do a bra up either front ways or back ways as the movement in my arm was so limited and pain sent me on to the ceiling at the slightest hint of movement :o

  • For the first time ever i will not be wrapping prezzies on xmas eve. All done. backs agony,but all done. :P :D

  • My staff have bought me an extendable back scratcher for Christmas. Not only is it useful it also means they are beginning to understand. ...wonderful.x

  • Hi there, I was given one of those too, which works wonders except that a) it keeps hiding from me and b) I scratch myself so much I end up drawing blood, which isn't great for me as I have a clotting disorder similar to haemophilia ...... Lalalala :o

    Foggy x

  • hi, welcome :-)

    Everyone here understands so think u have landed up the right place!

    Sorry to hear u have been struggling without diagnosis for so long. It's kind of a great relief to finally have a name for it but at the same time difficult to hear u have a chronic condition, isn't it..

    Hopefully the physio and pan clinic shd be able to help u manage ur symptoms so u get them under better control!

    There are a number of drug options for pain so they shd find something for u!

    Do u have to wait long for ur appts?

    Take care,

    Starbys :-)

  • Hi Jonesy831

    Welcome to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it useful, informative and loads of fun! I can see that our Foggy has given you a link to our mother site, FibroAction and it is well worth checking out.

    I look forward to seeing you around the forum.

    Take care


  • Welcome to the forum. It is lovely to meet you.

    The others have given you a good hello and information and so I will just add happy xmas and see you around.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Hi ,just thought I say hello ,the others have done a fine job with info as usual ,and it is brilliant for venting and info and just feeling you belong from lovely people with understanding ,of how life is for us , ask your doctor about pain and fatigue clinic ,the key to stopping flares is no stress ,pacing and rest the clinic can help with that good luck and happy christmas.

    Christina x

  • hi, wow, im sure you are describing me! the same happend to me, unfortunately ive had to give up work because of chronic back pain, i have a hard time with all of the health professionals giving me conficting advice. now im diagnosed with fibromyalgia i am torn because some health professionals have said the condition doesnt exist and its just an opinion! i feel so ill at times i cant believe this. ive read its like ME or (chronic fatigue syndrome). my life has been turned upside down by this, and i struggle to believe i will get through it and get well. i applaud you for being able to work, you should be proud.

  • Thanks for the welcome guys! I know steds makes it worse but I've got a very stressful job, a disabled husband and a 2 year old. No way of getting rid of stress. I'm waiting for doctor to try me on pregabalin. Any of you on this medication? Does it help? Had a very stressful day in work and really suffering now.

    Oh and merry christmas to you all x

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