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evening buddies,

are headaches a symptom of fibro please? I am woken approx. 4 nights a week with a pounding headache, (strangely around 4am) usually above my right eye. the pain eases enough for me to cope after taking ibrophen.

im new to fibro and have been blaming lupus for this over the last 8 years,ive never gotten an answer from my rhuemmy as shes as useful as a chocolate teapot :(

I do have visual migraines, and luckily get the visual flashing zig zags in my vision which causes dizziness and vomiting and not the blinding pain.

any advice would be gratefully received as im jolly fed up with it now, thankyou.

a grumpy growly caninecrazy x

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I get these really bad head pains (I never feel headache quite covers it) and I'm sure these are down to having messed up my neck/shoulders after doing some physical activity. This might be as simple as getting on the floor to give my dog bellies (yep... and I still do it), or doing a few jobs around the house (washing up or dusting). In fact my shoulders are messed up right now (rock hard would be a better description) and head starting to not feel great so I've just taken a diazepam. If it relaxes my muscles I may be able to curb my suffering and stop the head pain form starting. It takes days to go once it gets hold and is one of the worst pains to cope with that I get.

I also at times do get what I would say was a more normal headache. Some of these include flashing lights that affect my sight for 30 mins or more at a time. The optician said this is a migraine. Have to say that I don't thankfully, seem to have the migraine pain that others suffer with.

Hope you yours ease soon Caninecrazy :)

Pip xx


Hi caninecrazy

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have read posts from many of the members who say they get Fibro headaches. However, I would always check out new pains with my GP just to ensure that it is not anything else. Headaches can be caused by so many different things that it really is impossible to say what is causing them.

I have migraines and cluster headaches so I can genuinely sympathise with your plight. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this problem.

All my hopes and dreams for you.



Hi there sorry about the headaches! just wondering if your blood sugar levels get really low at that hour? you could get your doctor to check your blood sugars, or make sure you have some protein before going to bed, almonds, cottage cheese, meat or similar, but no sugary drinks, have it before turning the light out as late as you are awake. wishing you well.


I know blood sugars play a huge part in my migraine triggers so this is really great advice. My doc keeps checking me for diabetes (I'm overweight) but the tests keep coming back clear - which is a great thing. I'm certain it's low BS that brings it on for me.


I was tested for diabetes at least twice a year for many many years. I always assumed it was because I was always thirsty, maybe it was because of the migraines.


Good advice , I get migraine a lot when I wake up in the morning so I've now tried having a warm milky drink last thing with maybe a plain biscuit , work in progress:-)


Hi again, what you can do is cut down on all sugar, even fruit and eat more protein during the day, just a small amount of protein every three hours. see how you go, keep in touch. cheers


I had a constant headache for roughly 2 years. Amitriptyline cured it in about 3 weeks and although that was a few years ago and I have stopped the amitryptiline they have never returned. Migraines have now changed from the visual ones you describe to a severe pain usually over one or both eyes, but they don't last so long and no vomiting for over 12 months now


Hi whaminow, glad to read you no longer have vomiting with your headaches, that multiply's the problem. Lets hope it continues this way. cheers


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