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Does anyone else with fibro suffer from frequent headaches and tinnitus? I have had tinnitus for years ( along side meneires disease), but the headaches are more frequent of late, accompanied by foggyness and the ever present fatigue. The trouble is, since being diagnosed I tend to put everything down to the donor when maybe it is something by itself.

I'm sorry if none of this makes sense, I'm not even sure what my point is!

I know there is nothing "normal" about fibro but just wanted to compare notes!

Thanks, Cid.

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I've been getting alot of headaches, across top of head.

Diagnosed CFS/ME & Fibro but got alot going on over & above so more tests


i do and it all drives me mad i cant do a thing.


Hi veggiemomma, I have had tinnitus, headaches and migraines for years, as well as all the usual fibro stuff and ra. In 3rd day of migraines just now, seem to be limping through the days and then awake at night. During migraines my day/nights become very confused. Woke up last night about 3 am, full of energy, hung a mirror and wizzed thru a pile of ironing, fell asleep about 4.30 then woke again at 12 with migraine back.


Hi veggiemomma

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I have chronic headaches and migraines and I am currently under a Neurologist to try and find the causes.

Years ago I had very bad migraine attacks but they subsided after I made a lot of life style changes. However, with the onset of my Fibro they have returned with a vengeance.

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi ,

I can really relate to your problems, I had Menieres before I was diagnosed with Hashimotos even though I knew something was wrong with my thyroid docs kept saying it was still in range, because my mum has it. The menieres & tinnitus was awful, now I am left with tinnitus, deafness in one ear & balance issues. All the time I had violent headaches with my menieres & still suffer to a lesser degree now. One thing now is that I was having high BP & that made my headaches worse. Eventually went for CT scan and it was put down to migraine. They did say it would be best not to eat chocolate though , which has proved impossible! :-)). I hope you get some answers as Fibro seems to be so unpredictable. Take care



Indeed yes, I suffer with both. Daily headaches, frequent migraines and constant buzzing, ringing and whistling in my ears. I too have been feeling a lot more lethargic for want of a better word. I definitely suffer more in the Winter compared to the Summer. I also have PMR, so my pain levels are pretty high at the moment - again that illness seems much worse now than in the Summer. I wonder if anybody else here is finding seasonal differences with their fibro? All the best Cid xx


Hi Veggiemomma

I can definitely relate to the headaches. I am on day 4 of what I think is a migraine and it really does knock me about.

Obviously, I am already taking too many painkillers for fibro, crps and chronic pain but I find forehead (levomenthol stick) sometimes helps a little with the headaches.

I'm sorry to hear you are suffering so much, sending fluffy hugs to you. X


Tinnitus seems to be common in those with hypothyroidism and the symptoms of fibromyalgia are very similar...Have you had blood tests for TSH, T4 and free T3?

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Hi, and thanks for the reply. Had all the blood tests to rule out a ton of stuff before being diagnosed with fibro.


I've had tinnitus terribly since I was 14. Migraines since before I can remember - often but not always, together with nosebleeds. First got seen by a doc for that at age 2, who told my mum I was just picking my nose, when I wasn't. I can be walking along and it will just start bleeding for no apparent reason. Then the migraine will kick in. Although migraines seem to be triggered by tiredness, hunger, bright lights, repetitive banging, non-musical loud noise, fast moving backgrounds (like on tv, or when in a train or car), too much sleep, alcohol, doing not enough exercise, doing too much exercise, certain foods, high blood pressure ... so it's pretty much constant for me, really.

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Hi, I have had fibro for a year now. It started with general pain all over and headaches. Over the past 6 months my headaches have gotten worse, the foggyness and forgetfulness is getting increasingly worse. I Went to the docs with a list of things wrong with me and was told that it was all linked to having fibro.

Hope this helps in some way.

Karen x


Hi, I suffer terribly from Tinnitus 24 hours round the clock. I wear earplugs at night, as I need it quiet before I can sleep, it does not help with the Tinnitus though. I truly wish you find some answers, it is such a terrible condition with constant noise in the ears. Tannels x


"Does anyone else with fibro suffer from frequent headaches and tinnitus? I have had tinnitus for years ( along side meneires disease), but the headaches are more frequent of late, accompanied by foggyness and the ever present fatigue. "

I have all those symptoms, but not menieres. I have had tinnitus since 2010 and fibro for probably 9 or 10 years, but no insurance/no diagnosis.

I had all those symptoms you describe really badly last spring for about 6 months. But IDK why since they have gone away. I also had bad GI problems at the time and a lot of stress over thinking I might have CA like my older sister who developed it at the age I turned in March. So maybe those were factors in my case.

I was also started on a really good mood stabilizer (geez, or was it an antipsychotic since I am Bipolar?) sometime into all this and it has helped to relieve my stress and anxiety, so I wonder if there might be a relationship there. Like depression or stress.


Forgot to say I also have really bad, constant tinnitus too.

Drives me crazy.


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I have learnt to live with the tinnitus,it has left me deaf in one ear, but I think the more you stress about it , the worse it is. It's the fatigue that comes with the fibro that I can't come to terms with just yet!


I have really bad, whistling Tinnitus (sometimes, ie now, it's like a steaming kettle gong off). Lately I've had recurring Labrynthitis so balance is all over the place - fell over twice today putting away the shopping so now my back & neck are playing up! I've also had a near permanent headache for about 3 months now, which I'm putting down to a combination of sinus, TMJ & neck problems. I have noticed my fibrofog seems get worse when I have headaches. For years I was bothered with Migraines which were hormone related & which for some reason disappeared once I had my son 16 years ago - having said that there have been a couple of times in the last 6 months when I've thought one was starting but nothing developed.

There are thyroid problems in my family (both types) but I've been having an ongoing battle with GP about it - finally got some blood tests done about a year ago which came back on the high side of normal but nothing being done since.

To say I feel cr@p these days is an understatement, spend most days on the verge of tears at the frustration of it all.


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