Fibro is just a name the Americans came up with for general aches and pains !

That is what one of the GP's in my practice told me the other day, he then went on to say he will figure out what's wrong with me and get me off my walker and back to work in no time. This after me telling him I had to crawl to the bathroom the other day because the pain was so bad I could not walk. Anyone else have problems with this kind of attitude ?

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  • I was answering this my computer played up! I shall say what rubish hope does find out what is wrong then you can let us all know. :) My sympathy he is wrong and Fibro need care and reflection to keep the illness at bay. As you know if you take a look at our pinned posts.

    People seem to constantly find these brick walls and then we find a open door and help is there :)


  • Hello I think you are new here. if so welcome to the site. A lot of people find that they have simelor problems with fibro. I have personally never come accross absolute denial but did have probs with my doctor who thought that the only symptom of fibro is pain. It took a rhumatologist and a neurologist to convince him that is not the case. sue xx

  • I know how you feel as one doctor I saw looked at me and said. Thank you for sharing that with me. And suggested I go and talk to someone . As its all in my head . So sad : (

  • Hi

    So many have been brushed off by doctors and their ignorance of fibro. It seems if you can get an appointment with a young doctor, they have knowledge and training of fibro and how to treat it.

    If you click on the yellow butterfly, top right, you will get to the fibro site proper. There is an opportunity there to request an information pack to be sent to surgeries and clinics. I asked for a pack to be sent to my rheumatology clinic when the doctor left me hanging and said google it! Googling fibro gives a lot of conflicting information and advice so I was relieved to come here and find out properly the information I can trust.

    Please do send for the pack, your GP surgery obviously needs the information!

    Be assured that fibro is a proper recognised condition, and should be treated as such.

    Good Luck


  • Hi Beaver, welcome to our forum :-) I actually am very lucky to now have a doctor who really understands fibro, but over 30 years ago I was told I had "fibrositis" and it was just muscle pain that you would get over. So I ploughed my way through the years with all the symptoms increasingly more obvious. When I eventually got the proper diagnosis it put everything I had been through into perspective .

    If your doctor has such an approach I would either ask for a second opinion or ask him to refer you to a rheumatologist. I agree completely

    with bluebell, go to and get the information pack, take it with you to your doctor.

    You couldn't have found a better place to come for support and advice, together with a bit of fun here and there, so feel free to join in and you will make friends quickly. :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi, what an awful attitude. I bet he wouldn't say that if he had it! I have a very understanding Dr (he is only in his 30's and has a modern approach). He is sending me on a 5 week fibro course, which starts tomorrow. This is run by a team of Psycologists. I am not sure what to expect, but I am bound to learn something! I think we are all experts on our condition, but there is always room to learn more. Whatever information I find out I will post on here. Fairy hugs, Amanda :)

  • Just to wish you well for tomorrow, I think it may well be of great help and I wouldn't be surprised if you find a physiotherapist comes into it too.

    Wishing you all the very best :-) and look forward to hearing how you get on :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thank you all for the information and the kind thoughts new to here but have been a fibro mite for about 3 years now if not longer if you know what I mean. And it's a struggle to get family and friends to understand never mind the medical profession . Got other medical problems too so am seeing different departments at the Hospital and keep trying to tell them that it could all be related to my Fibro but to no avail xx

  • Hi Beaver66, I saw a locum 2 weeks ago after I had been told by my own GP before Christmas that I had Fibro and she said "Fibromyalgia is a name they give you when they rule out all other illnesses and there is nothing left, you have Fibro. Don't worry I am sure we can find something". She didn't! I managed to see my own doctor again and she is happy to monitor me to make sure my FIBRO is not getting any worse. Find yourself a doctor that understands the illness. They are out there....Hugs and hope you get sorted...Susan :)

  • Thanks Susan, I will go and see another doctor but will still have to see him because I get trigger point injection and he was trained by the pain clinic to do them. Only one in practice. Xx

  • Hi Beaver66

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you had such an experience with a medical professional. If I were you I think I would book my next appointment with somebody else!

    All my hopes and dreams for you.

    Ken x

  • American research is now calling fibro a neurological condition. I have been reading some american research from my home country in addition to the british research. I find both very helpful. perhaps if you GP did some reading, then he might be more familiar with the current thinking.

  • According to my Father Fibromyalgia was around in the 1940's it's name was the Fobrositis. What's in a name?

    Still a lot of pain

  • Wow! So Florence Nightingale had an American doctor then?!!! Fibro was around a long time before American doctors were influential in UK. I guess you need to just do the same as me - change your doctor. You can't change the mind of a doctor like this, I thought I could, I worked on him with reason, intelligence and lots of research but found it was impossible. He just labelled me nutter and it was from that view that he looked at all of my symptoms. He became part of the problem. Much happier now that I have a new doctor.

  • Many years ago after an eminent Consultant diagnosed and treated my Fibromyalgia.I went to see my GP he said I told you it was FIBROSITIS..He never treated me for the condition though,just shows how ignorant some of the medical profession are.Keep your chin up.

  • Can you change primary care doctors on your health system or do you need permission? [Edited by Admin] [As per HealthUnlocked Terms of Use] doctors do not understand FMS as only 20% of they every develop it. Most FMS as we Yanks call it also comes with Hypothyroidism issues. And your Thyroid is the master gland in your body. It controls every cell and gland. Primary Care docs have a thimble full of knowledge about it. It takes a ENDOCRINOLOGIST to truly diagnose and treat it right. I've had FMS since I was in my 40's and I soon turn 66, so have arthritis to add to the list of pain.[Edited by Admin] [As per HealthUnlocked Terms of Use]

  • Yes I have. Basically the same mentality that, I think, we are making up our pain due to being neurotic and hypochondriacs. My surgeon scoffed at the idea of fibromyalgia and said it was a misnomer

    That is because he could not fix it I think. As I'm sure you are aware and less that Dr. is wearing my shoes he don't know shit and that really angers me. Oh he was the same doctor that did two lumbar MRI's and sent me to physical therapy all to find out my thoracic disc head broken and gone into my spinal cord nearly severing it. If I had not asked for a thoracic MRI I would be paralyzed now. He said that nerve pains were very common for the four level failed fusion that I had in there was no such thing as fibromyalgia it was just these nerves charging off in different directions. I'm sure he has similar thoughts on global warming to ha ha once again I would like to put my size 12 shoes on his feet and see if he could walk in them for a day then he might say oh maybe there is something to this fibromyalgia

    My theory is you believe what everyone says and less you have walked a mile in their shoes… Perhaps that would be less than a block in my shoes they are for sale give it a shot

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