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I'm okay with my fibro its just the other things

Having lived with fibro for as long as I can remember, I'm okay with it, I have a full acceptance of it being a big part of me. On reflection I find that its other health problems that have given me grief. By way of example being rushed to hospital in a foriegn country to be told I was on the verge of a cyst on my ovary bursting,lots of antibiotics and a stay in hospital sorted that out but then I became severly aneamic due to heavey periods. Got over that and then my blood pressure shot up, took two years to get that down. Oh and let's not for get the hiatus hernia and gastritis, omeprazole sorts that out quite nicely. Now this week I start vaginal bleeding 18 months after my last period. Now awaiting appointment for ultra scan. I just want to have my fibro and nothing else wrong but after perusing many blogs on this site I know that it will never be....

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I hear you I have had fibro for 23 years and for the first 7 it wasn't really that much of a problem then it flared big time then settled to a manageable level again but getting arthritis 5 years ago In my early 40s has really messed up my mobilty and my fibro up to the point where the dr and even I dont know when I get a new symptom which it belongs to and it's usually tests and trial and error meds... I have been treated for for the pain In my neck for 3 years as fibro only to find out a month ago its arthritis... So new meds .....


VG x


Should we draw the conclusion that we have fibro because we can have such inner strengh to try and carry on regardless what life throws at us


That's a good way of looking at it and much better than biting the GP with frustration:)


That's the way I tend to look at things Topsy, every time another hurdle comes along, I always think it's because of our broad shoulders and the ability to handle it! :) xxxx



I think if we didn't have fibro we would still get some these ailments, especially as we get older, but maybe they wouldn't affect us as badly. Even the common cold is a big deal to a fibro sufferer as it just exacerbates all the aches and pains.

I do wonder though whether we are more prone to something's especially as our resistance is low.

Love and hugs Karen xxxxx


I agree totally karen i think the normal ageing process is more intrusive in fibro sufferers i have noticed the last couple years ( 50 last year ) feel 60 + with osteo arthritis, copd, high blood pressure etc etc etc its embarrasing having so much wrong at such a 'young' age its a constant struggle but on the plus side had no trouble with atos so far put in support group 2 yrs running lol

Debra xx


I'm pleased they're sending you for a scan.

when I began heavy bleeding long after menopause, I had tests and it was a tiny tumour on my bladder, I'd pushed & pushed for better investigation but it was 3 weeks before I finally got a scan, Once they saw it, it was removed the next day no chemo needed, and, four years later, hasn't returned [touch wood].

best wishes,



You should always have new pains checked out and not lumped into fibromyalgia !!!!!

I've had fibro 13yrs and have other problems as well, but I'm not sure that I would say I'm alright with having fibro or that I have coped well !!!! I'm in agony and everything's i do is exhausting to do !!! I am strong willed and I don't let it ruin my life but it does affect every part of it !!!!!! Wish I could say it isn't much of a problem !!!! I wonder if you maybe were diagnosed wrongly in the beginning ?????


I hope you have your scan soon and whatever comes from it they sort it quickly for you.

Best wishes.


i had a random bleed 7 years after menopause had emergency scan and nothing was found they put it down to a glitch hmmm (shrugs shoulders) i dont know lol xxxx


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