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Just a bit fun :) Pain Quiz: Lower back pain quiz


I've just been to this link and taken the lower back pain quiz and thought some of you may be interested...................... just a bit of fun see how you score


This link is from a Web Md newsletter dated today 06/02/2014

Hope you enjoy and looking forward to hearing your comments :)

I scored 11 watch there are a couple of 'tripper uppers' like in the last quiz :o

This following link makes good reading too its about lumbar spine anatomy and pain:


:) xxxsianxxx :) wishing you all wellness xx

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I got 9 ,Not bad to say it is some thing I have never looked into.

me either not to that extent anyway :o and I've had problems for years and years xx :)

I got 9 too should have got full marks as I have suffered from low back pain for a LONG time, since I was 17!

15 for me when I got told I had mild scoliosis of the spine and sent for physio :o There were a few tricky ones this time. xx

I got 12 - just got the percentage of herniated discs wrong, like you I've suffered since early age, I think I had my first problem when I came off a pony at about 9 and it's been fun, fun, fun since then :o

Some very interesting reading, so thanks sian :-)

Foggy x

brilliant score and glad you enjoyed the reading :) xxx

i got 10 right x

i got 10 right

whoops! didn't mean to reply twice, i thought the 1st reply hadn't gone through :)

Show off!! :P :P

haha, :p :)

Thanks for sharing this with us all. It looks really interesting and I am going to do this tomorrow evening when I have got more time.

Thanks zeb73 - Hope you are doing well?

Ken xxx

Ooh! I got 85% - 11 out of 13 correctly answered. And it appears from the quiz that I have kyphosis - curvature of the spine. If anyone calls me 'humpback' I'll scream!!! I've been 'round shouldered' since I was a child...thought to have been because I was taller than most kids my age and I compensated by making myself shorter! Still can't work that out.....

Shame really isn't it, that we know so much about back pain? XX

Excellent Sue, I'm loving the Welsh Dragon by the Way :)

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13 Teacher's pet. But then experience counts. I got the trippers despite being treated the wrong way when it was my turn :P :P

Is that Idris, Sue? If you know what I mean you're as sad as me :D

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Sad.................. !?!

Smartie pants :p

Well done :) xxxsianxxx :)

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Hehehehehe. only cos I listened at back school after my prolapsed disc. Interestingly the physio nurse had other ideas to the consultant. She later proved right :P :P

(btw Idris is Ivor the Engine's Dragon)

I know!! was referring to being sad because of it ............. shaking head heheheh ;) ;) ;)

I have a cousin called Ivor and we would sing the theme tune a lot to annoy him because we were younger and tormentuous :D

hmmmmnnnn tormentuous what a wonderful word :p

Hehehehe. We'll add tormentuous to the dictionary. it has to appear in print three times. Oh, it has. :D :D


I got 10 too, some quite interesting facts I never knew. I have spondylolithesis, not as interesting as it sounds, just one vertebrae slipping down on top of another. (ouch) Unfortunately it comes with age and can't be cured. :(

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