Pip renewal? Has anyone had this yet?

Hi there, I've first applied for Pip in June 2013 and luckily was granted this until October 2016 but this October they sent me out a whole new claim form smd asked me to fill it all in like a new claim. I've tried calling them and they wouldn't even take my details but just said I need to fill it it and I will be reassess all over again like a new claim 1 year in advance and a new descision will be valid from whatever new date they put regardless of the initial expiry date. What's going on and has anyone else been thought this plz help I'm having a major panick attack.

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  • Absolute disgrace, I really feel for you. I don't have PIP as I wouldn't be eligible yet, although won't be long before mobility meets criteria. I have similar concerns about ESA and presume they'll do what they can to stop that. This is government crackdown on us. I'm sure others here can advise you. My thoughts are with you.

  • Unfortunately it is the way the DWP are working and all PIP claims are being reassessed one year ,or more in some cases,in advance of the award end date.You must get the form filled in and sent back by the date on front as with original claim or your payments will stop and not continue to award end.Don't panic just take one question at a time and get it sent back.I know I keep suggesting the benefits and work site but it is really very helpful.

    Good luck

  • Hi Julesq27

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that this has given you such an horrid sense of anxiety and anguish, and I would do as they say but get some help with filling in the form and sending in any evidence that they have asked for.

    The CAB are usually very helpful with filling in forms like this and they may have a benefit section at your local office? It is worth ringing them. I have pasted you a link below to the CAB benefits cache: citizensadvice.org.uk/benef...

    Here at FMA UK we also have a benefits helpline. I have pasted you a link to the web page: fmauk.org/contactsmenu/help...

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your claim.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Ken I think Juliesq27 could do with some more help from Janet here and was wondering if you could find her no etc


    Chris x

  • Hi Chris, I only have the one telephone number now for benefits but I have pasted it on x :)

  • Thanks Ken hopefully she will see it she sent me a message earlier so I hope it helps .

    Your brill


    Chris x

  • Hi again, I have pasted you the telephone number below from the FMA UK benefit helpline if this is helpful to you:

    FMA UK Welfare Benefits Helpline Benefits Helpline 0844 887 2450

    Good luck

    Ken :)

  • Yes .it totally messes with the brain stress and makes existing health issues worse!get an advisor to take all paperwork off you obtain Z many support letter from des. Consultants friend relatives .you have a month don't be cobbled off by SEP ..I went for renewal assessment lost my car but thanks to my advisor got it back when wheels in motion to get a 're-reconsideration as they reconsidered without my extra evidence! It's all part of trying to reduce benefits & pull back mobility cars it won't work if everyone goes for appeal/tribunal follow the ropes but do not get emotions over run that is why my advisor kept a cool head for me. Sorry but you have to go through the hoops keep a copy & post with a signature to prove they have received your mail. GOOD LUCK here to support Hugs to all

  • Thank you, where did you get an advisor from? I'm scared I'll loose my car too and I'll never leave the house again if I don't have that, I hardly go out as it is.

    I've only had 1 year off no hassles after waiting a very very long time to get it sorted in the first instance. Don't these people realise just how much stress they put on people for no reason. How can they argue with the. Epically evidence in the first place I will never understand.

    When you won how long did they give it to you for?

  • sorry i dont know anything i just think its disgusting

  • Hi I was wondering since they wont take ur details even, would it be worth contacting your Mp for clarification or help?

  • Yes this is written on the form when I got mine 6 weeks ago , you need to put in all your old paperwork I.e Drs letters etc that you used last time ,plus all new stuff you have undergone since and get a new dr letter to re inform them that your condition has not improved and is on going.

    Good luck.


  • I am going through the PIP thing too ..the DWP inform me that all my old paperwork has gone DLA have no longer got it and due to a change of address which I think kicked the whole thing off, I have had to change Doctor practice as I am out of the Practice area, so new Dr does not know me!!! How do you get all your old Hospital notes and Doctors notes I don't think I have enough time arrrgh!

  • Your new practice will have all your old notes so go and ask them to print them for you , get yourself an advocate , get everything your dr gives you re copied . Good luck xx

  • Thank you so much I will ask them I don't have an appt. till the 29th Dec. and then I think it takes a month or so for everything to come over from my old Dr's Practice and my PIP has to be in by the 13th January I think this will all be going against me.

  • You can ring old practise get an advocate you just have to start thinking out of the box to get what you need ,have you got an advocate yet disability rights and cab can help speed things up with your written concent , stop thinking about what you can't do and start fighting with what you can. You can get them to give you an extension because of circumstances I.e change go practice. Christmas period. Etc.

  • Thank you so much for your encouragement, yes I have asked for an extension using the Christmas and New Year coming in the way, original should have got to them by the 30th Dec they gave me another fourteen days I wrote a letter requesting it to be in writing but nothing received so will ring them tomorrow to check. I have the help of a care manager she said she would help me fill it in but can't do it till the 5th Jan so hope I have the extra 14 days. Not sure how good she is with these forms she says she has done some but not PIP Form !!

  • Your welcome , don't worry if you miss dead line i would just get hold of Janet on here she's are benifit person , her telephone no and email address is on the right side of this page , she is well worth talking to , she put me on the right path , I went with her advise and I got my pip , make sure your not on your own when you are assed , if I am repeating myself I am sorry bit foggy today , just when your successful pass on your knowledge to the next person you see on here 😊👍

    Good luck my new friend


    Chris 😊🎅🤓

  • Chris I don't know why but I can't see anything on the right side of the page, I am on the online Forum replying to you, not the Facebook one is that why I wonder? I am hopeless on Forums and where to find things. Hope you are less foggy some days are worse than others aren't they.

  • Yes your on health unlocked I don't go on face book from here😊

  • Hi everyone just thought I'd update you all on my renewal. It's all fine phew what a relif and even though my first one dosent expire until October 2016 now they have given me new start snd exp dates from 6th April 2016- 1st fen 2022 however they will writte to me 1 year in advance e yo check if I'm still alive lol!

  • That is good news.

    I had DLA indefinite award, now have to apply for PIP BEFORE i am 65. Stress we could well do without. Just seems like renegotiating an existing contract, with no power to resist them. I expect I will have to appeal, even more stress.

    Best of luck

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