Look before u p

Look before u p

Last night I need the Loo. It took Least two full minutes to get out of bed sounds fine but not when you need the Loo then I kinda shuffled very very slowly to the bathroom not knowing if the pain or the urge to wee was worsemy body made up its mind I needed to go NOW didn't stop to put the light on we all know where our Loo is. Don't we..... and sure nuff it hadn't moved

My legs touched it and I looked my self down in great haste and did my thing.chaos reigns little did I know that my care had closed the lid. Why is it at these moments your bladder decides it has. To empty a weeks worth of water. Grrr by the time I had sorted lroutbathroom was Definitately to sore and too awake to sleep stay warm egeryone butterfly Huggies to u all petal

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  • lol sorry for laughing but ive actually done that myself, and much as i hate to admit it, it was about 5am and light!!!

    hugs xx

  • Oh that had made me laugh :-), but you must have felt like crying :-(

    soft hugs xxx


  • I expose.my stupidity on a.daily basis to hopefully make at least one person laugh and for one precious moment forget their pain and despair. That fact u did laugh says my wprk for the day (not that it is work) is done. Petal

  • Hey your so not stupid at all.these things happen.made me smie sorru still.xx

  • PMSL!! I hope you haven't got carpet in your bathroom

  • hope you hadnt been eating asparagus!! lol xx

  • That has just brightened up my day. sorry should'nt laugh at someone elses misshaps cause i've nearly done it myself. soft hugs xx

  • The whole idea here is to get us smiling thru our pain it doesn't take it away but smiling is the only thing I.have left that doesn't hurt like help when I.do it. Petal

  • Bless you Petal, keep smiling and making us smile too, thank you! :) :)

  • Job well done Petal, you did make me laugh too. So often I have almost done the same as you did and its not easy to control yourself when you have bladder problems is it!!. Note to self for tonight - make sure loo seat is up! xx

  • Lol

  • been there. done that. crawled off back to bed several wet wipes poorer!

  • same here been there done that,when you least expect men to put the lid down they do, or leave it all up, and you get a cold bum

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