Dreadful hip pain

Hi all - afraid I have come here to moan! For some unknown reason after a couple of weeks of feeling the best I have for a long time - almost back to old self (!) I am now suffering from the most dreadful hip pain. Finding it uncomfortable to sit and to sleep, let alone walk. Paracetamol aren't touching it - only other thing I take is amitryptiline - which I have found to be very helpful.

I was prescribed pregabalin some time ago, but found I could almost function on the ami, and also have 2 small children so didn't want to go through the zombie stage that I have seen described by people who use it - I am very sensitive to medication - and need to be safe to look after small people. Any thoughts on what may have brought it on, or what I may be able to do about it - pregabalin or something else....

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  • Hello, have you tried rubbing ointments. I have found that both valterole and phorpain work well.

    I hope this helps.


  • Thank you so much for your reply. I forgot to mention that I have asthma that is triggered by aspirin otherwise I would be bathing in it!

  • Hi MJD14 :)

    I agree with Sue about topical pain gels as they can make a difference between a good and bad day sometimes. Speaking from personal experience I find such pain is triggered from sleeping funny or from compensating when walking because my knees and back are bad :)

    The best thing to do when experiencing a new pain when you have fibro is to have it checked out because your doc should know what medications and treatments you can try to alleviate it. I have tried Phorpain and it was fantastic but it's not for inflammatory problems like Voltarol is, which is what I now use regularly on my hips and lower back when needing to be more mobile than usual.

    Of course! the Diclofenac content in Voltarol can be troublesome to some people, even myself but my doc assured me that the amount absorbed through the skin shouldn't affect my IBS/bowels too much but to be monitor it and use my better judgement to gauge if I should give it a miss or not. As you say you are also sensitive to certain medications and yep, we all react differently to things :)

    I have a friend who is allergic to Aspirin and Pennicillin, I feel for them when they are poorly.

    I hope your doc can help you with this and am sending healing fluffies your way

    {{{{{ MJD }}}}}

    xxx sian :)

  • Thanks for your reply. Maybe I will try it as it may not have same effect as oral tablets but you are right I should probably consult gp - however I'll have to wait 3 weeks for appt. And am hoping it will have gone by then :-)

  • It's crazy how you must wait that long for an appointment :o

    If it get's worse or remains persistent your local pharmacist will be/should be willing to help you until you get that appointment :) :) :)

  • Great idea! :)

    Pharmacists specialize in medications, over-the-counter and prescribed, topicals and otherwise.

    They often know much more than doctors about treatments available through the pharmacy.

    Any chance of calling your physician's nurse to obtain an trial of a different medication/approach now, while scheduling a follow-up appointment?

    I hope you find relief.


  • Thank you all so much - I will try local pharmacist tomorrow - I hadn't even thought of that - doh. Oddly have just been for a short walk and hips feel slightly better - who knows what they'll be like tomorrow though - think it is the lack of predictability that blows my mind more than anything else with this blinking thing. Best wishes to all x

  • I have found, most of the time, gentle exercise and stretching, helps too quiet some of the pain. Gentle yoga does wonders for me.

    Not everyone feels some relief from gentle exercise.

    I am glad walking has helped you today. :)

    It's frustrating, I understand.

    Hope to hear how you are getting on.


  • Ah yes - I too love a bit of yoga and pilates - it is really the most active I can get apart from a short walk nowadays. Unfortunately a whole hours class kills me off for a while - so I tend to do on my living room floor :-) I really should time table it in regularly so that my fitness levels don't get too low - hard to know what is fibro and what is lack of activity. Thank goodness for my children otherwise I think I'd be completely physically inactive! Mind you this a long way from a year ago when driving them 1/2 a mile to school was all I could achieve - so I am very grateful for the progress I have made.

    Thanks all again - I tend to pretend I'm not ill so I don't dwell - but places like this are a god send for the times when I can't avoid it :-)

  • I use a TENS Machine for pain in this area, and I find it very useful. They are extremely cheap these days and can be bought for about £10 (cheapest) online. Maybe worth a try?

    I want to wish you all the best of luck


  • Thank you for the suggestion - I used one when in labour - sounds like a great idea. Extreme pain is new for me - normally it is aching pain along with extreme fatigue - seems to be swapping over for a while - argggh!

  • I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck as it sounds awful!

    Take care


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