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Just a bit fun :) Quiz: Myths and Facts About Your Moods


Okay another quiz for you, this time about moods and what is a myth............... You'll be very surprised by this quiz I thought I knew my stuff but was caught out by a few this time only getting 9 right :o


(This link is from a Web Md newsletter last reviewed March 06, 2011)

How do you score? Looking forward to reading your comments :)

Remember positive thinking is essential to help us through the pain and here's a link with some hints for every aspect of daily life in mind: 100 Positive-Thinking Exercises That Will Make Any Patient Healthier & Happier

Published on Tuesday August 19th , 2008 RN Central.com


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26 Replies

46 percent, learnt a little of info i never knew there. Question 1 threw me.

Yeah! I thought I knew my stuff............ there's a few Q's to throw us off :o

Educational for me too :D

I managed 76% interesting thanks for putting it on zeb. xgin

50 then 100 yee haa lolxx I re-took it

Hahahahaha I always do too and get 100% LOLOL


RESULTS: Not bad, but you have room for improvement. 62percent

The seasonal disorder was a complete surprise as i associate it with winter blues.

Thanks for post.

me too that one caught me out :o

and me

I got 9 right, I did look at the percetage but forgot it :(

I can't remember either and I got 9 too :o

.............maybe someone else will get the same score and post the % :)


9 is 69% - I got that too x

Cheers LBA :) xxxsianxxx :)

How are you doing today? :)

I'm ok thanks honey. Tired, had a bad night, so looking forwards to bed time :D! How are you? :) xx

I was up and wide awake by 4am after a full 3.5 hour sleep cycle don't know how I'm still awake ? :o ?

Ooh :o sounds muchly like me. Maybe we are just high on life (*snorts*)? Or sleepwalking/talking? ;) xx

Maybe both ;)

I'm feeling a tramasnooze lurking now, which is good. Going to put the winter olympics on and let the drone of the commentators put me to sleep LOLOLOL

The octonauts have just arrived so I'll be searching, rescuing and protecting invisible sea-life all afternoon :o! Enjoy your snooze xx

:) xx

I only passed 6, oooops,,,, guess I'm out of touch of my inner being. My biggest surprise was the SAD one too.

I am trying out my new SAD light, but going by those figures it's not working! :)

That one surprised me as well

Q100 sleep on a problem! wish I could!! Very good advice given though .

huh! i only got 8 right lol

Don't be sad its just for fun and to be honest its hard this quiz with way more tripper uppers than others I've posted.

Do what I did and take it again to get the 100% :) I was pretty miffed at only getting 9 but hey! I learned a few things :)

Fluffies on route to you with sunshine and healing xxx

hey, im not sad :) just thick lol, no really,it was a bit trickier than the others though,i might take it again,not that il remember the answers tho,i just don't take things in, il give it a go & let u no xx

I only got 7, a few of them caught me out!

just retook it & got 10 right,i guess my brains not functioning properly :) xx

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