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Morning young sir :)

Knowing what you're up to today I thought some research would help the day be a bit easier ;)

Wishing you some fun and giggles :) and here's a link to the very first episode of 'IVOR'

(ok its brought the video up, its from you tube)

:) xxxsianxxx :) PS the pics just for novelty value :p :p :p (

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Look you, look you, there's my Idris in the days before I adopted him, Mr Postgate didn't have anywhere to keep him and I had my nuclear reactor, so he came to live with me, but I sent him up to look after VG (one of our previous volunteers) and I haven't seen him since :-( He was living in her coal hole, I do so miss him and wish he would come home :o :D

:( aw I'm feeling sad now :(

This was supposed to be a cheery post not a sad reminder, sorry about that Foggy, can we send the fluffies to go find him?

What a shame my friend I can understand why you would miss him too :)

Maybe Ivor can help............... Ivor :D

It is a cheery post, so much so that I looked up more episodes, just so I could see dear Idris which cheered me greatly, I will get hold of the local dragon society and see if they can track him down and send him home ..... Gosh, I hadn't thought...... Of course he may well have tried to go to Ivor.........right ....... Mission Bring Home Idris starts here :D :D

I don't know if Mr badger checked it out yet !?!

Idris cropped up in conversation yesterday :D

I haven't seen ivor for years either very cool to watch some of them again :p :p :P

Ooooowww now how did Idris come up ?? :D

I'd commented on sue32's welsh flag and liking her welsh dragon. My nana was welsh hence my name and my Dad spent time in Gloucestershire, Forrest of Dean and also grandparents and co lived in Reading for a while. We went to FofD every year camping pretty much very beautiful apart from the jays knocking cherries onto the tent early morning............ strange alarm clock to have LOLOLOL :D

My mother was welsh and I have the true love of wales coursing my veins, though a tad disappointed by their trashing in the six nations, by Ireland. :-( :-(

Oh dear! I didn't watch it, no tv. I'm missing the winter olympics too, sad :(

Thanks zeb73 I really enjoyed watching Ivor the Engine!

Take care

Ken x

Glad you enjoyed Ken and wishing you wellness my friend

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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