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found this artical on another site, bit of a long read, but whats your thoughts ???

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Tai chi is as good as - or even better than - aerobic exercise for aiding people with the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia, a study has suggested. The US trial of 226 adults with the condition showed that those who practised the martial art improved significantly more than those doing aerobic exercise over a 24-week period. Its low-impact movements mean people of any age or fitness level can take part. Aerobic exercise is currently a standard treatment for the condition.

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I have been doing Tai Chi for many years an believe it keeps me mobile, anyone wanting to take up exercise must take guidance though as it isn't for everyone xx

Good article,i agree with Des Quinn and Lou.i use to do Tai chi when I was younger now I think I should try again but this time doing some of it in a chair. Then work my way to standing😋. Chris

Tai Chi is a wonderful mind/ body therapy that can suit just about every level of fitness.

It is not something that can be done watching youtube or on a DVD however. A good experienced teacher is essential.


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Many thanks for the replies , its never been something i'd have considered before, but it's making me think about it in a more positive way, anything to help with fibromyalgia conditions

I tried Qi Qing, which is a form of Tai Chi, which I found easier than Tai Chi. Although it does also depend on teacher. I do a little and sit down, get up few minutes later, and do that throughout, as I can stand for long.

Hi there. I am trying Tai Chi this week for the 1st time on the recommendation of my Rhumatologist. Not as a magic cure but something that will help keep body & soul going. I have been in contact with the instructor and getting very positive vibes from him. I will update on here to let you know how it goes.

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