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Just a bit fun :) Quiz: Myths and facts about fatigue

There have been many of us discussing pacing and the spoon theory of late as a way to help cope with daily activities and the fatigue we endure afterwards so I've found these links for you :)

Quiz: Myths and facts about fatigue..................... just a bit of fun see how you score :)


Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks on May 09, 2013

The following link takes you to an article/guide regarding Fibromyalgia and Fatigue it is quite interesting , educational and easy to read.


Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks on February 28, 2014

This link takes to an article regarding Fibromyalgia and sleep it is also an interesting and educational read :)


Medically Reviewed by Dr Rob Hicks on March 09, 2012

(All the links are from webmd.boots)

Hope you enjoy and looking forward to hearing your comments :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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It's a very good one sian, I got two wrong, the one about going back to work and I've forgotten the other, but it is a really interesting quiz, thank you :-)

Foggy x

Hi Foggy glad you found it interesting :) :) :)

I got 3 wrong, going for a walk, I cant see that working with fibro. It would even more problems. Going back to work, If only And red wine.

I know when my fatigue is so bad I can't get out of bed, I have to drag myself to the bathroom ;)


Red wine................ I think a few people may be upset about that one!

Hey there zeb how are you today?x

Hey H :)

Back is still spasming and into my legs etc very painful trying to distract myself from it by not thinking about it and getting up to stretch regularly.................... it hurts but necessary :(

How are you sorry, I forgot to ask hunny :o slapping my wrist for bad manners :)

But what do u do if u know the answers, but in the real world they dont work? For years i walked 30mins into work & struggled to keep up with my workload & kept getting called into the bosses office to discus my performance, followed by 30mins walk to my car and drivehome. Only kept going cos needed money, and slept in on weekends.

I agree Julie I knew the answers from when I covered this on the pain management course but like you in reality found some of it not to work.

I must say though I've been simplifying my home bit by bit for a while now and it does help I have also put my appointments on the wall so my husband can see them too. I do nap but I don't work so I sleep when my body says sleep I'm still up between 6:30 and 8:30 every morning, usually, even if I've only had 4 hrs sleep.

They can't factor all our little imperfections into can they but it's good to gauge ourselves against things like this I think.

:) How are you doing today ?

:) xxxsianxxx :)

Bit of a bad day sian. Will try & get to bed around 9pm tonight - see if I can get a better day tomorrow. Was going to go downstairs & have some soup for lunch, but then I heard hubby come home & realised the time, & so will have to wait till tea to eat now. Must do better with remembering to eat! Julie xxx

I'm sorry to hear that hunny I fall into that trap a lot but my OH cares for me so lunch appears now where I used to not eat until teatime. I had a bad night pain was awful so am just resting. Sending you healing fluffies Julie xxx

Thank you for the fluffies - I am going to use them to help me rest up again now - everyone's gone quiet - each in their own rooms. Think hubby has fallen asleep downstairs - he was up at 3 this morning - poor sod! He'll be in bed soon after tea I bet - don't get to see him much when he's working long hours - & when he does come home in the day it's usually me who makes him a cuppa! Lucky you having OH on tap so to speak! Am definitely signing off now - this box room where main computer is, gets pretty cold at times - wish I could afford my own laptop, but not working now - anyhoo, will say night night to all now, in case I do manage to get my jobs done & not get tempted to go onto my phone to check emails later, & do get an early night for once. Hope you get a better night sian, gentle hugs, Julie xxx

Right back at you Julie, take care my friend :) xx

Sounds like yours was caused by work place stress. Am I anywhere near it? It would not occur to the boss to allow your workload to be changed, would it? Oh, and time on the carpet is time that could be used getting through the day. You boss clearly did not have spoons to deal with.

Gentle hugs and see my answer to Bettybabe (somewhere else but I cant for the life of me remember where) :)

I forgot to put up my score 94% 15/16 :)

Aahhh ha just goes to show the girl knows her stuff, which one did you get wrong ? :D

Foggy x

The go back to work Q tripped me up :o

:) xxxsianxxx :)

Hi zeb73

Thank you so much for this, as usual I scored very badly, I always do no these quizzes!

Take care

Ken x

3 wrong. I gave up red wine last November. Not made a bit of difference to the fatigue BUT it has stopped the naked streaking around town in the early hours :)

Would you be Lady Godiver. Gins went looking for her last week,,,,,,,,The first thing I typed was funnier. Lady CODIVER :p

Cod diver, thinking in pictures for that one :)

hahaha bluebell thats a good one :)


I actually thought you were going a bit ....................... urm urm, what's the word :o

Pleased with myself, got 15 out of the 16 questions right! Now to take what I know and actually put it into practice :) :) that's the bit I find harder to do as I still seem to be fighting against who I have become, will get there though. Thanks for the quiz and info, it is a distraction.... Susan :)

Well done and yes putting it into practice is difficult but with practice it does get easier :)

Wahay! 94% and it could have been 100% but for a silly mistake. Very gratifying as it means I have been giving good suggestions about making best use of spoons. Got the wine right. What's wrong with grape juice? And the question said "daily". Nowt wrong with occasional treats :P

I missed the one about what helps with housework, timer, pedometer of brush? The questions were all leaning towards organisation or note making so timer should have been obvious. Allocation of resources. It's why I don't like constant moaning. It DOES have its place in venting frustration and can be therapeutic in its own right, but done continuously wastes precious energy - and spoons.

Sorry I didn't do this sooner, Miss, but I was doing other things - like burning out my flare :D

I got three wrong. I don't think going for a walk helps when I'm fatigued,. I just don't have the energy!

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