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Just a bit fun :)Quiz: Migraine Myths and Facts


As someone who doesn't get migraines, though after taking this quiz I'm beginning to realise that I probably do, I found this quiz to be a good one too.

There are many members who suffer dreadfully with migraines to the point it interferes with their daily life. This quiz is quite educational but also good with the myths.


WebMD newletter dated Thursday, February 13, 2014

I scored 81% 13/16 goodo for me quite surprised :)

What will you score looking forward to your responses :)

This next link is to a slide show discussing several alternative therapies that have been found to help migraine sufferers.


Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD on June 01, 2012

© 2012 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.

Of course none of this should override the advice of your GP and if thinking about alternative therapies it is essential to speak to your GP first. I am also not a medical professional just sharing some info with my fibro friends :)

Hope it's useful :D

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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Good quiz and actually added to my knowledge, I got all right except the one about heart attacks and strokes, which I must say is a worrying statistic :o

Thanks sian :-)

Foggy x

Hi Foggy glad you found interesting and helpful :)

Yes! I got that one wrong and was surprised by the statistics too, very worrying :(

I scored 75%

well done hunny :) xx

Likewise but I know someone who does. I got "mythed" on a couple. 11 right 69% but I've learned a bit. :)

Hi kettle :) it's always good to learn something new - glad you enjoyed it :) I'm assuming you did, how naughty of me LOLOL :p

Those darn myths are 'tripper uppers' every time :o

:) xxxsianxxx :)

Sure did. It's the terrier side of me. Life's a joke to be taken by the horns no matter how bad. I'm still realistic enough to realise there are times when I need to crawl into a corner and lie low for a bit. :P

don't be silly :D

there aren't enough corners for us all as the world is round :D

No. Definitely flat. :P :P

still no corners :p

Oooh. now I'm confoosed. :P :P

Sorry my friend I boinged off to watch Champs League footy :) didn't mean to leave you in a state of confoosion

:o :P :) :P :o

That's ok flower. I'm still talking to you.

Someone put me in a circular room and told me to stand in the corner :P :P

Oh No!!!

Are you ok?

I've just got back from my podiatrist app. Very cool consultant LOL understood the complexities of my illnessess though I am classified yet again as a complex case :o nothing ever changes LOL

Why am I not surprised LOL :O :D

I did worse than the stripey one only 10 right. I get migrane without headache that might explain it. I only get the auras and hangover. Thats my excuse for doing badly and I`m sticking to it sue :(

That is interesting sue, do you have ocular migraines? I get the flashes and disturbed vision and the hangover but no headache also.

I always associated migraines with the headaches so it seemed weird to me when I read about it a few months back :o

fluffy hugs xxx

I found out that the flashy zigzagy lights that I had had for years was migraine in a magazine. At the time I was seeing a neurologist because I had had a mini stroke.and he asked me if I suffered from migraine and I`d said no. When I next saw him I told him about the flashy thing and he had told me that yes it was called migraine without headache. When I get it .it starts as a small bright dot in both eyes, it gradually get bigger and becomes

boomerang shaped with flickery zebra stripey lights. These lights continue to get bigger and slowly move off towards the outer edge of my vision disappering from sight as though going round the back of my head. The whole thing takes about 20 to 30mins....Is that like yours zeb?

very similar though I've not been given a diagnosis the opthmalogists keep saying I have PVD but never look at why I'm having the flashes they just check to see if my retina is still attached. Maybe I should have a chat with my doc because they keep sending me to the eye hospital :O

I end up with streakers in my peripheral vision as it migrates toward it................ lol not naked people streaking lol shapes and spots that move so fast I think I'm seeing things :o Usually about 15 minutes or so then I begin to feel nauseous and dizzy and get worse until I can't get out of bed and the curtains have to be shut and no lights :(

I end up sleeping for a couple of hours and most of the time I wake up fine, though I may have another attack the next day :o

Mine always leave me feeling a bit sick and dizzy, but except for that and having to sit down for a while because I can`t see a flpping thing it`s not really much of a problem

Thankfully I don't get them often but when I do I'll have a few attacks over the course of a few days or a week even.

Which is how come I always end up at the eye hospital to see if I have a detached retina because of the PVD cannot win :o

Good on yer :P :P

Wow, 88%. I have been a sufferer for nearly fifty years and I agree with the comment it does get better when you are older.

It's not only cheese and chocolate triggers for me, also red wine and citrus fruits.

Good quiz Sian

Fluffie hugs

Nancy Xx

It's incredible how different it can be for each individual, none of the foods are triggers for me, odours, lights (I think I should perhaps add low pressure systems in light of the last few weeks) and stress trigger mine, and that hasn't changed as I've got older. Just goes to prove how different we all are :-)

Foggy x

Glad you enjoyed it Nancy :) and thanks for the hugs xxx

Fluffies on route xxx

Having suffered migraines and headaches for 51yrs gave it a go. Some applied to me and some didn't. Mine have been much better since I was diagnosed with Hughes Syndrome and started on blood thinners.

Interesting panda have you found its eased as you've got older? Am I right in thinking Hughes is connected to the sinuses? I get a lot of sinus headaches but never a migraine headache :o

Fluffies on route to you xxx

I am 61 and my migraines have not eased with age just by having my warfarin at the right level. Hughes is an autoimmune disorder sometimes known as 'sticky blood' and like fibro sufferers can spend a long, long time getting a diagnosis. I was diagnosed after I suffered a stroke which affected my balance and cognitive skills. There is lots of info on the Hughes website if you want to know more about it.

Fluffies for you too x

Thankyou :) I understand the time thing all too well xx

I got 75% , I was very surprised by the question on heart attacks and strokes, I got that wrong, very worrying statistics.

My daughter suffers from migraines and I get terrible headaches but have not got a diagnosis yet, they are usually on one side but at the back of my head and ideas from gp and consultant at the moment are, neck muscle spasms, occipital nerve pain or maybe migraine.

Hi zeb73

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? Thank you so much for the quiz I really enjoyed taking part. Despite having migraines all my adult life I scored quite lowly!

All my hopes and dreams for you.

Ken x

Thanks for taking part Ken I hope that you still took something good away with you from the quiz..............

PS: you can always re-take the quiz :) ;) :)

Hi zeb73

I had been suffering cluster headaches for the last few days and I think that I was not reading it properly or taking it in fully. I have got some steroids now off my GP so I am going to have another go later as the tablets are working and I feel more clear.

Take care my friend

Ken x

Take it easy my friend the head is delicate xx

Thanks zen - I love these quizzes you find up for us! I also got 81% 13/16. Probable helps that I used to regularly suffer from the rotten things x

Ooops sorry zeb, just noticed spell-check has changed your identity!!

LOL I thin zen is kinda peaceful ;)

glad you enjoy the quizzes :) xx

I suffer terribly with migraines. The worst thing you can eat/drink is orange, as soon as I cut it out of my diet my migraines improved. I still struggle, but that is because of sleep and environmental issues.

Top three food/drink to avoid:



Red Wine

I have a prescription for Migraleve that I fill every month, that is how often they are. But as long as I take it within an hour of the first signs it works wonders.

I did learn quite a bit though. Thank you.

You are quite welcome :) xx

xxginss very interesting managed a respectable 80% :D

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