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Can't stand certain noise!

Hi all, would really appreciate some support as feeling quite alone today with my Fibro flaring up over past couple of days, coupled with thart my dislike of certain noise has intensified to the point that when my kids were ahouting yesterday I had to leave the room and put my hands over my ears! I also can't stand people sitting next to me eating a chocloate bar etc as the noise is too much!

Does anyone else suffer from this? I also feel very depressed and feelt hat no one cares and everyone is uort for themselves when I always take an interest in other people and their issues e tc no one ever asks how my fibro is as they seen me as fine on the surface, I go to the gym, so nothing can be wrong?!!

Hate these flares, wrists, knees, shoulders, neck all burning with pain! Horrible!

Thanks for listening,

LucyKris x

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Hi Lucy, I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time, I totally understand about your problem with noise. I get migraines and I find when they are brewing my sensitivity to noise, light and smell increases considerably and I end up putting ear plugs in, a mask over my eyes and head for bed. You obviously have your hands full with the children which must make it much harder for you to handle.

Like you I am constantly amazed that people say how well I look, despite panda eyes, wincing with pain etc. If you don't have a condition people can see they find it very hard to even begin to understand what we go through, so I completely understand what you are saying. You are a caring person, as so many people here with fibro are, and I think that makes it worse, that we understand others pain and they don't even acknowledge ours in any way.

Sending you lots of positive healing vibes and hope your flare eases very quickly.

Foggy x


I think that when we are approaching a flare and in a flare, everything seems to become heightened. I know that certain noises can affect me also. I have to wear ear plugs at night in order to sleep; any noise just keeps me awake. I, too, am sensitive to people who make noises when they eat. I had my grandchildren over the week before we went away in August and bless them they were very good, when I said 'no shouting & screaming'. They tried their best, with the odd one getting out lol. I really hope you get some relief soon and feel a bit better. People look and us and think we are fine. I feel for those who have a hearing problem or are deaf, it's something you cannot see and that is the problem.

Gentle hugs and take care

Tannels xx


Oh Lucy it is awful isnt it I constantly have to have the television turned down cannot stand the noise it fights with my tinnitus whooshing hate it. So I can empathise with you. So sorry you are haveing such a bad time at the moment. You are not alone lots of friends on here in the same boat most of us are paddling frantically.



I think you hit the nail on the head xgins. I also have a BIG problem with noise. Also the same with friends. I don't tend to see anyone anymore as it gets me down that no one understands how much pain I'm in just because I look well. I think quite a lot of us here are like swans. We look fine and serene on the surface, but underneath we are all kicking our legs as fast as they can go.

Sending hugs to all

Coz xx


likewise gins :( awful and piercing for me sometimes xxxzebxxx


Thank you so much for your replies, it really does help to know I am not alone! Sensitivity definately is worse when you are having/about to have a flare up, am feeling very sorry for myself today and every little thing is irritating me

:( gentle hugs to you all xxxx


Hi Lucy you are entitled to have what I call a Sorry for me day, I get them, we all get them, and didnt you know if your not spurting blood, have a big gash anywhere or a plaster cast on then there's nothing wrong with you, like he'll there isn't , I would just love one of these insensitive people to walk in our shoes for evn half a day let alone a day, ....we are all here for you,...seeding you gentle hugs Dee xx


Hi all, my problem is people who speak loudly, when i see certain friends, half an hour is enuf, and i get a headache while they`re here and after - other friends who have quiet, calm voices can stay as long as they like! Although i have hearing loss in one ear, loud noises of a certain pitch really gets me and i tend to really try to avoid them. xxxxxx




Can't cope with noise either. It has been very much worse as I've got older and also had awful neighbour noise (a succession of noisy families with young kids and other problems). Terrible experience. Never been the same since though moved since then and much quieter where I live now.


Hi Lucy. Sorry that you are having really rough time. Really good to put all your thoughts on the table. I am fairly new to this site. I used to think I was going mad with all the symptons until I joined it. I can relate to the noise levels. It seems to make your ears extra sensitive. Even when speaking to family on FaceTime the noise of a glass being put back down on the glass table drives me mad. Have difficulty in crowded places as all the voices seem to join together and I can't hear anything. Take care x


I am exactly the same. Had to stop meeting a friend in one cafe as the soubd if their coffee machine seemed as though someone was doing blasting in my ears and anyone using an electric drill causes me to rush from the room. This has only happened since I was given Pregablin but as it helps with the burning, shooting pains I think it is something I will have to put up with.


Bless you lovey, I'm exactly the same especially with the noise thing and especially when pain and fatigue is bad. It's with the TV, kids, any noise really that I can't cope with. It's usually when I'm having a flare up which seems now to be linked in with my hormones and time of the month. It's so hard, you can feel so alone because people who are 'normal' have no idea what it's like to live like this. However, just try and see that the flare up will pass, you're feelings will change once ur heaviness and pain gives you some refief and your head clears a little and get your energy back. I've analysed my condition (our condition) for 9 years now and learning to live with it is the best thing I can say! Take the good with open arms and the bad will come again but try and work your way through it. Hope this helps, take care LucyKris xx


Hi i don't know if i have this right i just happen to get onto this site, i typed i can't stand any noise and it led me here.

Truth is have never since a child been able to stand any noise. At the moment its so bad i'm near to tears all the time, every noise makes me jump, my anxiety gets almost out of control.

No one seems to understand which makes it even worse i'm now in my 50s have been on antidepressants, which i know helps.I have never had tv because i can't stand the noise, i can't even stand a radio on, traffic, people,sirens you name it is there any help available,,my family just say i'm weird, i can't even be in a relationship, as the same i can't even stand the sound of someone eating cleaning there teeth, whistling singing


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