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visit to ENT for diagnosis

well I went back to hospital today and have been diagnosed with motility of the oesophagus/hiatus hernia. the first sign of a complication of the hiatus hernia is when food sticks in the throat and comes back up. I have to try some new medication domperidone 10mg tabs 1 3 times a day - if after 4 weeks it has not been stopped the g p has to increase the dose. if this still does not work I have to be referred back for possibly surgery to repair the prolapse. etc

another problem to add to my list

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Hello bbtsport,

I have had the same problems which come and go ! Never had any tests but years ago explained my food doesn't go down and I was prescribed Domperidone 10mg 10-15 mins after food. Apart from giving you a link to information about the medication, I've nothing else useful to add, just wanted you to know I have similiar problems with motility not hiatus hernia tho' that I know about anyway! :)

Here's the link;

They worked well for me ! Hope they help you too :)

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


thanks for that emma I have been prescribed motilium 1 x 10mg 3 times a day about half an hour before eating. must east slowly and try to steer clear of too much bread meat etc as they almost all the time get stuck in throat.

thanks again



Hi bbstport

I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis and I sincerely hope that your medications work for you. This cannot be very pleasant? I am sending you pleasant thoughts and warm wishes.

Take care



thanks very much Ken for your thoughts. Hope you are keeping well.

best wishes



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