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I have had fibro for five or six yeas, but longer because once i found out the associated symptoms I had for some time (thyroid, hiatus hernia, skin problems etc.) it all fitted into place. But top of the list tiredness and aching, which led to the diagnosis.

Many suffer more than I,I know as I belong to a support group, but the usual (anti-depressant)drug used did not work for me. but my best friend is the heat pad (plug in) and the microwaveable one, which helps a lot, but in the summer it gets hot, hot, hot.!!! Accupunture is something I will look for on here as i have often wondered about that.

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  • Hello and welcome Valerieann,

    I am sure you will find us all very helpfull and supportive and friendly

    I can not help you witht he acupuncture as I have not had it but I am sure lots of people will be able to tell you of the experciences

    glad you joined

    take care

    Penny xxx

  • Thanks Penny thats great

  • Hi valerieann,

    and Welcome to the site, it is a Brilliant site and theres lots of very good advice, you also realize your not alone, hope to chat soon :-) love and gentle hugs xxxx :-)

  • ps ... I did have accupunture a few years ago, but sadly they dident work for me but there is lots of people they have and do work for :-) xxxx

  • thank you jayjay thats very interesting, I will look for more comments when I have time, hugs

  • Hi , welcome we are very friendly xxxx

  • hi to you too, i like friendly !!!

  • I dont think i would do it eee, my sister had it and says never again think she went twice .. Ohhh and welcome aboard its fabbydaby here so friendly you will never feel alone or if your down too some seems always about :-) xxxx

  • thank you thats really good, the last bit that is !

  • Hi Valerieann, lovely to meet you and I''m sure you will find this site very very helpful.

    Have you tried more than one antidepressant as what works for one may not work for another? I have tried a few and am now on duloxetine which is supposed to help the fibro as well as the depression. I also find my microwave heatpad helps if placed on specific areas.

    I had acupunture sometime ago but due to the fact that I suffer right sided lymphoedema I could only have it on the left side. I found it helped while I was having it but it is something I feel you would have to keep up with as the effects wear off when you stop it.

    I agree the tiredness is a major problem cos once it hits you there is nothing you can do but rest. If you can get your symptoms under control and then try and pace yourself and not overdo things hopefully this will help help with the fatigue.

    Look forward to hearing from you again, love Angela xx

  • Thanks for the welcome. glad someone else gets help from heatpad. but the antidepresssants make me so dozey - zombeylike - so i was more useless than usual. I find it hard to pace myself which is what most people say you should do !

    Already I have found some interesting facts relating to my own problem.

    hugs, val

  • Hello and welcome, you'll find lots of interesting info on here and your amongst people who know and feel what your going through. I've had fibro and ME for 12 years, and I've still not come to terms with it. But you will find alot of support from everyone on here.

    Take care Jax :)

  • hi jax

    nice to talk to so many others. and I too have trouble coming to termswith it . Feel very miserable sometimes, but getting used to it.

    This is a good site, like it already

    hugs val

  • HI and welcome

    The support here is second to none so you have found the right place :)

    Take care xx

  • Hi Valerieann welcome very good group ,I have hiatus hernia also tinitus and Fibromialagia so so much help on here hope you find it to

    Soft hugs )))) Allan .

  • hello Alan

    I already finding this is a friendly site

    thanks for the welcome

    hugs val

  • Hiya ,Hope you enjoy this site as much as the rest of us.

    I've tried accupuncture, but it never dine me any good, if anything it made me worse, but everyone is different. :) anne xx

  • Hi Anne

    thanks, I am being kept busy with so many welcomes.

    I think I might be gradually changing my mind about accupuncture.

    take care


  • Hi and welcome to the site i am not very well at min so not been on for few days but hope to be back to normal soon and will chat more with you then so hopoe you enjoy the site and you are not alone love diddle x

  • thanks for the welcome. sorry your not well, hope your ok soon.

    So many welcomes and friendly people


  • Hi Valerieann and welcome! This is such a friendly,supportive and caring community, i have had Fibro for about 14 years nearly but only finally diagnosed with it last Autumn (i've had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Post Viral Fatigue syndrome and even ME as possible diagnoses) I suppose they all amount to the same thing! I hope all is good with you and look forward to speaking to you at some point! Love and hugs to you Della xxx

  • hi Della


    it seems so many people spend years wondering why they are not right before getting a diagnosis, perhaps it will improve as younger doctors learn about the syptoms of fibro.

    hugs, val

  • I have had so many welcome messages, thank you all and hope I have not missed anyone You all seem very friendly and I have not yet got round to reading many of the other blogs and questions. With that in mind can someone tell me how to get the page to go up. I cannot see how ??

    hugs val

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