It was my birthday on Tuesday. I know I should be used to not being acknowledged by my large family or friends anymore, but it still hurts :(

After waiting and dreading every time the postman came IT arrived today. I've been waiting since May 2013 for my Tribunal date and they've given me 3 weeks notice.

I have a walk, train and then bus journey to get there at a town and place I've never been to in my life. I'm guessing it's probably a 50 mile round trip. Stressful enough when you're not in agony all day every day.

Sorry for the rant.

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  • Hi Bluemermaid

    Firstly, Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear bluemermaid, happy birthday to you! Got that out of my system.

    I am so sorry to hear that you have to do this dreadful journey for a benefit that by all rights you should automatically be given! I hope that you will be okay with such an horrendous fete? Please take care on the journey and come back and tell us all what happened?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi, BM,

    Happy Birthday for last Tuesday! It's mine today, let's share it. :-)

  • Happy Birthday Sandra. Thanks for the offer of sharing. How kind is that.

    Do you have any plans for the day?

    Isn't it Burns Night tonight?

    Whatever you do I hope it's happy and I wish you love and peace for the year ahead.

    I know you've been feeling down. Hopefully this will be the start of something good for you. I do hope so.


  • Hi Sandra, Happy birthday to you. Hope you have a lovely day. Hugs Saskia XX

  • Hi Ken

    Thanks so much for your message.

    I think I was rambling somewhat in my last message. Apologies.

    I thought I was feeling a bit too calm about the whole thing, and then I suddenly felt liked I'd been hit by a truck.

    At the end of the day I'm obviously going to do my best, but what will be - will be. To be honest I've been so stressed so worried and so scared about this Tribunal for a year and it will just be a relief to get it sorted out.

    If you don't hear from me again in still wandering around trying to find the Tribunal Services office! Should be great on 3 hours sleep per night and traveling alone :) I might ask my son (17) to come with me as I'm a bit scared of getting lost. I guess that's a bit stupid for a grown woman, and not like me at all.

    How are you now Ken? Did you have the Op on your back after your fall in the supermarket? It's not any consolation but I would have come to try to help you.

    Thanks again for your kind wishes.

    Louise xxxxx

  • Hi Bluemermaid

    Thank you for your reply and you weren't rambling I was following it quite well. I think I would take somebody with me as well as I am terrible in places that I do not know.

    I am not too bad after my operation thank you. Unfortunately I have to have a second operation in early March. I have another MRI scheduled for the end of February because I still have a piece of disc somewhere in my back. Think they missed it! I must comment on my children though as they have been incredible, despite them being in relationships and having little ones of their own they have helped me out in a way I can't describe.

    Anyway, I sincerely hope that everything goes great for you.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Belated birthday wishes for last Tuesday. Hope your meeting goes well for you will be thinking of u.

  • Thank you so much Cloggs. It really helps knowing when people are thinking about you x

  • Happy new year to you too I mean astrologically speaking but to the important stuff Please forgive me as im not aware of all the details but did you not get an option as to which town you could have your tribunal in if so with a cab officer might be a good idea to see, ii know they are well with in the framework as a fortnight is the shortest notice you have to attend with but im sure something could be arranged if not see if maybe you could adjourn it this means they could send a doctor to visit you your really need to talk to someone as its such a distance and sure this wont help you manage your symptoms Liz xx

  • Hi Liz

    My brain fog won't let me remember if I was given a choice. I vaguely think that the town they've given me was the nearest one. I need to get all my paperwork out and check it all through. I want to have the weekend with my children and then first thing Monday I'm going to start my preparations. I am also going to ask my Project Worker at MIND if she has any advice for me. I have waited so long worrying myself sick over this (my "medical") was in January, so I don't want to ask for an adjournment. I just want to get the evil deed over and done with.

    I've had Fibromyalgia for 30 odd years, but only got my formal diagnosis in June last year. I've spoken to a couple of advisors and they said that they don't think the Tribunal will take this into account and that they will only go by the January medical, the result of which was a complete pack of lies on ATOS' part.

    I did send a copy of my diagnosis to the DWP and the Tribunal but all they did was acknowledge receipt of it.

    Thanks for your message though. I appreciate you taking the time out to reply.

    Take care

    Louise xxx

  • Happy Birthday for Tuesday Bluemermaid. We have a Birthday Week in our family, (useful when you have a midweek birthday and party on Saturday), so your birthday is still current!

    All Best Wishes

    Nancy Xx

  • Thank you Nancy :)

    Much appreciated xx

  • Happy Birthday for Tuesday sorry we are a little late. Hope your day was ok and you managed a smile here and there.

    I am sending you a virtual bunch of spring flowers to cheer you up and make you smile :) Tulips hyacinths and Daffodils.

    Hope you like them xgins

  • Thanks for the flowers Gins and the birthday wishes. I love fresh flowers :)

    Gentle hugs


  • Happy belated birthday and best wishes hope it goes well for you xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Happy belated birthday Bluemermaid have a gentle hug. Wishing you all the best for your tribunal. xx

  • Thank you so much xx

  • Belated birthday greetings, blue mermaid, and a very big birthday hug. So sorry that you were ignored by your family and friends. They do not deserve to have you in their life if that is the way they are. I know the feeling well. It is hard to accept and extremely hurtful but you have all of us on here to comfort you with our words and thoughts. I shall pray that all goes well with your impending tribunal. The journey sounds horrendous. I would not be able to do it. Can you ask for an alternative venue? Bless you. Loving, healing thoughts. We are all here for you any time. Saskia XX

  • Hi Saskia

    I feel spoilt rotten with all these lovely messages and kind thoughts re my Tribunal. I decided not to think about it over the weekend and then on Monday I'll start sorting all my paperwork and maybe enquiring if there's somewhere closer I can go. It's been a year now since my farce of a medical and I truly think that all the stress that's been caused by waiting for my date has made my Fibromyalgia so much worse. I just want to get it over and done with.

    I'm going to get my 17 year old son to come with me for support during the journey.

    Thanks so much for your kindness. It really means a lot.

    Gentle hugs

    Louise xxxx

  • Happy Birthday Louise!

    Sending you a virtual extra scrummy, super delicious birthday cake :-)

    I have no ideas on how to help with your tribunal, but I am sure you must be able to request assistance in getting to the meeting, especially as it is so far away - it does not hurt to ask about these things, then at least when you get there and state how hard it has been to get there, they cannot say that you should have said something earlier - something I myself encountered at the OH meeting I had last week - the cheek!

    Big Hugs


  • Belated Happy Birthday Louise, hope the tribunal goes ok for you, let us know how you get on, xxx

  • Thank you Liwill.

    I will let you all know how I get on.


  • Thank you Mrs S :)

    The more I read and hear about these Tribunals the more confused I become!

    I feel as though I'm being prosecuted for some heinous crime.

    I don't want to be in chronic pain and depressed I want to be "normal" as I'm sure we all do.

    I really feel as though I can't win whatever I do and trying to cover all bases feels pretty much impossible.

    Many thanks for the special cake. Absolutely delicious :)

    Take care


    Louise xxxx

  • Hi BLUEMAID have a great day and sing its your special birthday it will lift your spirits .xx pink ribbons

  • Thank you pink ribbons x

  • Belated birthday wishes to you. I know what you mean about it being ignored... Sadly for me its by choice.

    Its mine next week, but I have never liked celebrating my birthday since my mother passed away nearly 34 years ago. I am now older than what she was!

    I wish you luck at the tribunal. I think that stinks that they have made you wait all this time then spring it on you. The travelling is a joke, i even have to travel seven miles to get to the GP!

    Take care xx

  • Hi fibro

    Many thanks for your kind message.

    I had my "medical" in January 2013 and my Tribunal is next month.

    I think it's slightly unfair to make me wait a year for my Tribunal then give me just over 3 weeks to plan my long journey to a place I've never been to before.

    I'm one of life's worriers so I'm doing my very best not to get too worked up about the whole thing.

    I'm so sorry to hear you lost your mother at such a young age.

    Take care

    Gentle hugs


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