what a crap 24 hours

i woke up last night feeling funny. so went to bathroom, but whilst walking there i felt like everything was going bubbly. eventually got back to bed and it felt like i had passed out. i kinda tried to sleep but jumped panicking for breath, this panic attack continued for 2 hours or so until i eventually fell asleep.

i had a weird sore head this morning as in not tension but felt inner head if that makes sense.? i have been feeling quite nauseated and dizzy, worse when i get up to move about. although headache has shifted. my whole body is aching and i keep getting cramps in my legs and arms every 10 15 minutes or so. i dont usually get arm cramps but these are painful...

also my ex husband decided not to tell me he was cancelling his child maintenance due to my 15 year old leaving school. so today is not a good day for me. i managed 3 or 4 hours sleep and have been on sofa most of the day.

wishing everyone a better weekend than mine has kicked off too ,and sorry for the rant...

big hugs and kisses xxx

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  • I would look into whether your ex can cancel child support, 15 is too young to be in full time work these days, just a thought. All the best. Lou xx

  • he just not a nice man. and i know he cant cancel it but will sort it, ,,thanks x

  • Sounds horrible. Do you think it's stress related or have you had it before? I hope you can get some rest tonight. Tulip x

  • I do hope you feel better soon my friend xxxx

  • I hope I feel better too .. Thanks all xx

  • audh ... I don't know where you are, but he probably can't just cancel, whether your son is in school or not! He still needs care, and food, etc., though getting to court, or whatever you have to do to force him to continue to pay is troublesome, and takes time, I am sure.

    Thinking of you with concern, and wishing for quick resolution to your issues ... sending soft and gentle hugs. Hope you find the peaceful rest you so very much need ~ esp. now ... bk

  • i live in scotland hun. and his father knows as he had to pay csa for his daughters he had when i met him, so he just being a numpty..... thank you tho for reply ,xx

  • Great day to make the announcement, day before Father's Day. What a shining example he is.

  • I know ...when we first split he took more interest in his new gf's kids. ..And dumped his son again... he is now with someone else now and the day before he moved into her house and sold his he phoned and told my son to come get his things and gave him 3 things... Now he is so wrapped up in her grandchildren. But hey ho .. My son has me ...and I would never let my kids down xx

  • Stress definitely aggravates symptoms of Fibro ! Try to resolve conflict and rest .

  • Yeah I know and thanks .. But I try not to stress xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are feeling so unwell and then having it compounded by your ex-husbands actions. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues as soon as possible. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • thank you Ken.... it is a nightmare but i will get through it regardless of how difficult it gets xx

  • I don't think your ex can just stop paying for his son, espech being only 15? he should continue to provide, its not a good example to show his son........sorry, my dad was horrid to my mum when we were young and he too didn't pay regularly or enough for 5 kiddies.

    hope you are feeling a better today, did you get some sleep. I too have panic attacks so I can empathise. sending you gentle hugs x

  • Thank you . I got a good sleep and I do know my ex is in the wrong... But it now the hassle to get him to start again. ... Big hugs xx

  • My husband was payin maintenance for his daughter and he had to pay till 1st June this year his ex partner was still claiming family allowance even when her daughter was working full time in a beauticians and then in a care home she did not report it to family allowance that her daughter was working so when csa went to find out if she was still receiving family allowance to them she was still at school so my husband was payin 2years of csa that he didn't have to coz his ex partner fiddled the system if u r in receiptof family allowance for ur son u can report him to csa so he has to pay for ur son hope that helps xox

  • I know that if your child goes into further education then the father has to pay. The annoying thing is he had 2 daughters to his ex before me and he knows the rules of child benefit .... But i will get there and he will get what he deserves . And he wonders why his son never wants to see him ...... Thanks for your try big hugs xx

  • I'm sure he can't just stop like that. If he has been ordered legally to pay child maintenance, then he needs to pay until your child is 18 unless there's extenuating circumstances. Sounds like a real nice guy, I don't think.

    Hope you feel better soon. Possibly the stress of his not paying the maintenance caused the problems?

  • No I was actually up all night and it was only in the late afternoon I had noticed he had t paid it. I have contacted the CSA by email and will do a online chat with them tomorrow ... He already had a enforcement in force for recovery of a lot of money so he knows .... Thank you xxx

  • Ah I see. Get well soon anyway. I'll be thinking of you x

  • Thank you big hugs xx

  • What a stressful thing to do no wonder your feeling so rough. Maybe you should see your doctor just to be checked over. As for your childs dad I would be reminding him that he has to support his child until they are an adult which is 18 not 15! Hope you feel a little better today x

  • I feel better today . Got a good sleep ... And as for the father issue I have emailed CSA and will contact them again tomorrow ......it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't know that he is doing out of spite as he has children to another woman so he knows the law inside out .. But hey ho . It another day and it's his loss coz his son is not happy at all ... Thanks for reply x

  • It is his loss and sad that he would rather get one over on you than just be a loving father I have an ex like that unfortunately and it makes me feel sad for my kids as he has never paid a penny in maintenance. Im glad your feeling better x

  • Thank you xx

  • I'm curious about the bubbly sensation you felt. One day I was seeing my doctor & he was giving me an injection. As he was doing that, I felt bubbly starting at my feet & ending at the top of my head - it felt like soda poured over a glass of ice sounds. The doctor had me lay down immediately, saying I was about to pass out. I didn't pass out though, so I guess laying down did the trick. But I've never heard anyone describe a bubbly sensation. Is it from stress?

  • I'm not sure .. But I think it was due to a panic attack. It horrid feeling .. You have no control over any part of your body and you don't even feel better lying down .... Xxx

  • Sounds viral to me - I am just getting over a really nasty one. Hope you feel better soon, Suex

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