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ATOS medical - is it ever avoidable?

I'm filling in my ESA50 and taking more time and care with my answers using extra paper etc. and giving as much info as possible. I had my last face to face 2 years ago, and symptoms are worse. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever been granted ESA without the medical? (hope that makes sense, it's hard to string sentence together these days)

Love to all :)

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Yes I was. At first they put me in the WRAG but I asked for them to reconsider the decision & they found in my favour, placing me in the support group. That time I added letters from my GP & oncologist & encrinologist plus the physiotherapist I'd been seeing. Maybe that helped. I attended one of the "work focused" farces but the lady was extremely nice & said outright that there is no way she could ever see me in employment.

I hope your claim is given due consideration. Good luck. xx

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I didnt have a medical and I included 11 extra sheets some handwritten some typed so they could see my writing was terrible and errors made in typing.i also went into great detail about what I could and couldn't do and how every day was.(I was told in 2005/7 that unfit for work. and wouldnt need any more medicals) get your dr and any other healthcare professional you can to write letters of support.


Hello Suz61,

I think Celticmoon has answered your question very well, Thank You Celticmoon :) therefore I thought if I may add a few more suggestions which you might find of interest.

Did you know that if you need to type your application you can ? Some people like myself experience wrist pain or find written paperwork a struggle, so you can download the ESA50 to complete offline ready to print. However before sending it is important to sign & date the declaration by hand otherwise they will not process your application. I certainly used this as I find typing much easier than writing these days!

Here's the link if you think this will help;

If you are finding it difficult to complete your form you may like to speak with your local Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB) and/or you may wish to find out if you have an advocacy service in your local area? Here is a link to a post I wrote a while ago, which you may find interesting;

I would also like to say please do email as I can provide you with some information which might be of further help to you, please see link below

I look forward to hearing from you

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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I submitted my ESA50 in September 2013 and received a telephone call last week informing me that I had been placed in the 'support group', without having had a medical, as the medical reports they had obtained proved that I was incapable of work.

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Hi there suz61

Yes like you the information I provided was enough to put me into the support group without a medical. I also used the services of Welfare Rights to fill the form in on my behalf too and I think that helped because they know what to write.

I did have a medical for DLA though :o they came to my house for that thankfully.

We have to remember that we cannot avoid the medicals and I'm sure we all understand that when they reassess our claims next time then they'll send us for one then :o

Unavoidable circumstance overall I'm afraid hun so sending you some warming, healing and comforting fluffies

:) xxxsianxxx :)


I was put in the WRAG and was on ESA contribution based. When that came to an end I received the ESA50 and my local welfare rights worker filled it in for me. I received no reply whatsoever, but was notified that I would now receive income based ESA...still in the WRAG. I was told that I would have to attend a medical in Nov 2013. However at my last work focused interview, or as celticmoon calls it 'a farce', I was very surprised! The lady was so nice and helpful. She was astounded that I was being made to attend the interview in person when she could clearly see that I was in pain and very disabled. From now on I will have telephone interviews. She said there was no way she was going to make me get a job, and not to worry too much about which group I was in. She also told me that I was due for a medical in Nov 2015! Happy days!! XX


Neither my ex nor I had a medical.


No, I was placed straight into the SG. I asked my GP to support for a home visit on account of my panic attacks/agoraphobia and she did. I also sent a letter from her in with my form as well as a few other pieces of relevant medical evidence. My adviser advised me not to bombard them with too much medical evidence, just the relevant stuff. Best wishes.


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