is anyone has housing problem like me?

hi i live in three bed house with my son fa few days ago i received a letter from my council is telling me i have to pay rent for my extra bed room because of change in housing benefit in 2013 other vise i have to move to smaller property.

iam getting disability allowance iam wondering is any one know how can i stay in my property and not to pay for extra bed room .many thanks

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  • Sorry we had to move from 2 bed house to a flat as couldnt afford pay extra room.

    Ring them up and also seek legal advice asap.

  • The only way you can have an extra room without having to pay is if you need it for someone to give you overnight care or some family member to come and stay often to help you at night x

  • thanks Fiona yes of course i need some help ,i call the council and told them i need extra bed room for the overnight care but i was told i have to have official carer.


  • Hi. If you get a doctor's letter that you need overnight care, even if it is not every night that should be enough evidence. That is what I needed to move into a 2 bedroom flat and that was also acceptable for the rent issue too. Best of luck x

  • It does have to a carer sanctioned by social services I think akram , or approved at least . But if your carer is paid and isn't a relative you can challenge the council.

  • Hi Helen. You do not have to have an official carer or name them. I am on direct payments for some day help. But night is friend, family, just needed doctor to confirm it was needed. x

  • My council won't allow an extra bedroom unless you can prove the carer isn't a relative and is paid Fiona , so maybe different councils have different rules... or maybe mine is just difficult ! x

  • You're right. They should all accept anyone using it. It should all hang on a doctor saying you need overnight help and nothing else. They demand to be so intrusive now. I got really upset years back when I had to tell a panel that I wet myself when I get paralysed. Now I am bold and hope they get humbled.xx

  • As long as you are getting at least middle rate personal care, then you should be entitled to the extra room for a carer. However, you may have to give a person;s name and that you need someone at least 5-6 days a week. It could be more than one person I think. That is what I did. Although now I now have a full time carer, but then they took off my severe disablement allowance from Income Support when he moved in.

  • Hi Laurie. It is dependent on Local Council but you can see from above answers all that should be required is that you need care. It does not matter who gives the care and it is not dependent on level of assessed care needs. You may never have claimed DLA or been through social services assessment. Just as answers above. x

  • thanks fiona i made an appointment with my gp i will go to see him in two weeks i am sure i can get the letter from him but i am not sure about my council. thanks again

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