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Don't know where to start!

I have been recently diagnosed with fibro and I feel like I don't know which way is up any more. I am currently unfit for work, waiting for an assessment in my local pain management clinic and waiting to see a rhumetologist too.

Everything hurts all the time and when I manage to do the simplist of things it makes me feel worse.

All I want to do is cry!!!!!

My other half is a great support but my parents think its all in my head.


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AWWW no its not all in your head at all. Pain is real we all know how you fell chick its awfull just rest and pace yourself as much as you can


Hi Jazmonalon it's hard to try and explain yourself all the time when your lookin fine, but feel dreadful,that's my biggest gripe! I often say,i wish you can walk in my shoes for a day and you would soon see what I'm talkin about! I've been doin a lot of research tryin to arm myself with loads of info and writin it all down to be able to refer back too! Take things a bit at a time,as Rosehip said pace yourself and rest up! Let those close to you read all the info about fibro and hopefully that may help too! Best wishes! Jx


Hi jazmonion nooooo it's not in yor head, those that do t ve can. Very unsympathetic and don't realise just how ad and ill we feel, u know how you feel and that's all that matters, pls we all knw just what u are going thu as we are going thru the same, we are all here for you so hang in there ....gentle hugs ..Dee x


Hi there,I've had fm for 8 years now and the thing that really gets to me is that my family don't realise how ill I get sometimes and being told that I look well and I think Iam just as tired as you etc.. Is not very helpful.It is very hard when you get diagnosed as it takes quite a while to get your head around it and coming to terms with it is very hard.I still struggle with it now but think Iam more accepting of it now than I first was.I accept now mostly that Iam never goin to be able to do what I used to be able to do.Its very normal to spend alot of time crying as you kind of have to go through a grieving process as its a loss when you become ill with a chronic illness and you will experience the normal emotions associated with grieving such as anger,depression,sadness,denial etc..I still get them myself but they are not as bad as when I first found out I had fm.Its good to read as much as you can on this site as I've found it so helpful and very supportive.Try to rest as much as you can and I hope you get to see the specialists soon.I found the pain management programme very helpful.Hope you get some help soon x


Hi there , welcome to the site , I know you would rather be anywhere than here and pain free but this is a great site to be on ...

We have lots of information at please blog or ask any questions . It's so good to have a supportive partner but for family who don't understand you could always try and get them to read this

Hope to hear from you soon

Vg x


Listen to your body. Only you know how you feel and how much you need to rest; despite what your family thinks. It's amazing how family always think they know better than the medic profession and can come up with some wonderful way to beat this awful condition. Trust your own instincts and try and find out more about your condition; this always helps. But don't go all out. Take it steady and do it in your own time when you feel you can cope a little better.

Sending a gentle hug.

tannels x


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