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Well, received copy of my assessment report, my assessor must have mistook me with another person!

Firstly she said I was alone: husband attended with me!

Walked in unaided: wrong, on mobility scooter, walked into room with walking stick!

Needs aid/appliance to prepare or cook a meal: wrong, hubby does all the cooking which was explained fully in questionnaire and the reasons why!

Said that I didn't ask for any questions repeating: wrong, I asked repeatedly!

I need to use aid/appliances to wash and bathe: wrong, hubby washes and bathes me every day!

Need an aid/appliance to dress/undress: wrong, hubby dresses and undresses me daily!

And so it goes on.......I give up!

I was medically retired by Occupational Health on my disabilities and informed by Atos after assessment that I would never be able to work again. Have worked all my life since the age of 15 until this diagnosis 5 years ago. Was placed on highest rate for care and mobility DLA. Now it looks as though I shall lose it because of the lies and deceit this examiner has written.........absolutely devastated. Government keep moving my pension goalposts too which means I shall have no personal income for the next 4 years other than hubbys wages if they take my benefit away. Still awaiting final decision but I am losing the will to live here......

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  • paddysmum , I'm so very sorry to hear your situation.I live in the US but feel there must be someone you can contact to help straighten this out.I detest a liar!! I'm sure the $$ is not coming out of his/her pocket! ! I wish you the very best as I feel if you have been awarded already... you must deserve it.Good laughs Peck.🐤

  • Should have said Good luck!! Got to hate spell check.

  • Thank you for yr reply and kind words.

  • Calming down a little I decided to check her report against the B&W website points system and it appears for mobility I scored a total of 12 points which should enable me to keep my enhanced mobility component, which is the good news. Saying that on the daily care she scored me as 9 points which has reduced my score by 3 points from enhanced care component to standard rate. Whether the decision maker will/or can add any points to this component I don't know, feel sure that if the decision maker reads my application form fully before deciding that I may/may not scrape through!

  • Don't know what to do now if you read my second post, would it be worth it?

  • I sometimes think they come from another planet or are trying to remember all the facts from the assessments they have done that day and jumble them all up as other people have said they have no resemblance to what happened or was said. I know when my OH had his ESA assessment she kept on harping on about his physical problems which at the time were quite slight but hardly asked anything about mental health which was his problem. He kept on saying that but she took not a blind bit of notice. We ended up at tribunal where they changed his points from O to 18 but it took two tribunals and nearly 2 years a root he would have never gone up again as the stress it caused him wasn't worth it.

    I would say it is whether you really need that extra money or not as on reconsideration a completely different person looks at your paperwork and they of course might have a completely different slant on it for good or bad. There have unfortunately been people on the forum who have actually lost points at reconsideration but others have had gthe decision overturned and been upgraded. It is always a gamble. Have agood think about it but it seems she has made so many errors that you would stand a good chance. I presume from when you got out of the car you used your mobility scooter? I only asked as at alot of the centres they have CT cameras pointing up and down the street which records people approaching the centre and if the one you attended did you should be on camera that day. If the decision goes against you of course there is always the tribunal route, we went that way as a matter of principle if we are honest because of the ) points awarded as it was as though my poor husband who had worked for his company for 38 years was a liar.

    Good luck with whatever you decide, please let us know how you are and what you decide to do.x

  • Thank you for your reply, yes I did use my scooter from the car, I cannot walk far enough to have reached the assessment centre. This is exactly how I feel, as though all I put on my form has not been read at all and she just assumed that I had lied all along.....I was assessed by Atos for ESA and they called me two days later to say that I was unfit to work and would never be able to work again, Inhad to retire on ill health grounds. I included this paperwork in with my form and all my consultants evidence too....nothing's changed at all, just don't understand it....I loved my job and didn't want to retire at all, had I not had so many problems I know I would still be working now. So angry.....

  • It is because they have changed so much of the criteria for PIP and taken away the LR of care and it is just making it so much more difficult for genuine people like yourself to get their just awards. I am sure that the stress it is causing is making so many people much worse than they were previously as we all know with fibro stress can equal pain. All this can only put a further drain on the NHS. People feel they have to go to the doctors more (even though sometimes there is no more the doctors can do but keep us to our usual regime) in order to show they attend regularly.

    My electro acupuncture sessions that I had for 6 years were stopped through retirement of the Pain specialist and lack of funding and that removes one vital piece of evidence for me. I just hope they see sense in your case as to me yours should be cut and dried to the higher rate for both care and mobility.x

  • So sorry you've had this happen, I don't know what else to say to you, I've seen lots of similar posts on here, it's beyond unfair. Excellent advice and information from Rosewine, I hope things go your way what ever you decide. Take care. Kath X X ( I've just started filling in a pip application and I'm dreading the medical interview)

  • I dont suppose you were seen in Peterborough? I have just had the same from them. They marked me zero for every question. I thought she had written a report on someone else too. I have asked for it to be looked at again, after answering/explaining each section again I still scored zero on every question. I am now going to take it to an appeal.. :(

  • As everything is so wrong and you had your husband there as a witness, surely you can contest this?

    I really wouldn't let this go, I know it's a pain, but it's a matter of what's right and wrong. She has put the wrong info down.

    I do hope that you get this sorted out in your favour!

    Good luck and best wishes.🌺

  • Hi paddysmum

    I initially wrote you a long reply and then realised that you haven't received your decision yet.

    I hope they do find in your favour.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • Well I'm really disappointed at them to. I'm going through tribunal any advice from people who already have gone through tribunal. I'm dreading going to courts. I'm getting really anxious.

  • Hi paddysmum

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your outcome, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Well thank you everyone for all your kind words, will just have to wait for final decision now, hopefully it will be something to celebrate.......?

  • Contact your MP fast. Also your GP CAB and any other agencies you can think of. Even the Media is worth trying

  • If you feel up to it have you looked on the internet for the disabilityrights organisation because their legal advice and real life situations from people can be encouraging. It does not cost anything.

    I have been in the same situation. PIP health professions and other related people are excellent in twisting the truth. They deny what you have said and think you are a different person. It is sickening and very wrong. The Government are trying to save money by underhand methods. They are the modern day concentration camp officers.

    I do understand that it all gets to you. The government want you to give up or other organisations practice draconian measure to achieve the same results. It is all money. Grasping greedy malicious authorities where people are paid extra to dehumanise claimants. It is amazing how much mental anguish these people are prepared to dole out so they get some of the dosh. How they live with themselves I do not know.


  • Thank you for your helpful replie......xx

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