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hip hip hurrah!

two good things happened to me this week ,firstly I won the lottery!!! (well when it comes down to it ,I won £25.00!!! ( do I have to declare it to dwp ?? I mean it is a vast win!!!)

secondly since I was knee high to a grasshopper I have supported Liverpool f.c , well we are top of the premier league for Christmas (where are the mighty Manchester Utd ,let me see ha ha ha 7th!!!!

anyway boys and girls have a nice Christmas xxx soft hugs xxx

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Ssshhhh if you don't tell neither will I :D but how nice for you. I'm not a football fan in any way, but I'm glad you are happy your team has done well, I don't know one from another..........ask me about dressage and I could talk for hours, but football, nope, rugby, a little and gymanstics and swimming I eulogise about. Hehehe :D :D

Foggy x


Bet you enjoyed the equestrian championships on over the last few days. Charlotte Dujardin and her horse were amazing and the music brought a lump to my throat :) xx


It completely blew me away pip, she's incredible and I'm so pleased they are keeping Valegro going as he was going to be retired. I saw her score a higher mark in Hamburg in 2011 and had I been a betting person (which I'm not but perhaps should have been on this occasion) I would have put money on her winning gold in the Olympics !! Sad though that it was the last time they would use that collection of music for her to perform to.

His extended trot and passage were just mind blowingly spot I wish it could have been me with such a horse years ago !!

Foggy x

Btw :D :D :D Happy Christmas my friend :D :D :D


My team is Norwich and it's great not to be bottom of the league ;) Well done to Liverpool, even if they did thrash us 5-1 ;)

Pip xx


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