Hip, thigh and lower back pain :(

Does anyone have any tips to help with pain in hips, thighs and lower back?

I have taken my meds, tried gentle stretching, waking, standing, sitting and laying down. I can't use heat packs because I am constantly boiling hot due to Fibro and pcos and find ice packs make pain worse.

Can't get in the bath either :(

Sorry to moan so much! Just so sore I don't know what to do and it's getting me down.

Hope everyone is as well as possible and keeping warm

Becky xxx

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  • I'm really struggling with this at the moment too looking forward to people's suggestions. All i can come up with is a hot water bottle.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Karen x

  • Have you tried a topical pain gel like Ibugel or similar? It works well on my lower back, hips and knees and is great if you can't tolerate NSAIDS orally as it doesn't go through your system just directly to the place you want and absorbed into the skin? Worth a try xx

  • Hi Becky

    I'm afraid I'm no help but it's now 2.15am and I'm with you - ill be following closely - I've just done 10 mins laying on the floor with my legs up the wall wrapped in a fleece - and I feel slightly sleepy - hey we'll try anything - good luck.


  • Hi beckyglen

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I would like to suggest a TENS Machine? I use a TENS Machine daily due to a compressed sciatic nerve on my right side and it really helps me a great deal.

    I know what works for one may not work for another, but it is worth a try? They are fairly cheap these days and some GP practices / hospital departments loan them out to patients these days at no cost. That was how I first got to use one, as my Physiotherapist asked me if I want to borrow one from them.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi,

    A quick comment on the TENS machine. All good, but don't use if you have a pacemaker fitted. Best wishes, Anthea

  • Hi Beckyglen,

    I complained so much about the same thing and was fobbed off by my GP for three years. I finally got him to send me for an MRI - How? Well, strangely enough, I went to see him for something else and he noticed that my 'gait' had changed. I hadn't even noticed it myself!

    Anyway, it turns out I was right to moan as the MRI revealed that I had spinal stenosis, herniated disc impinging on a nerve, bone spurs and sacroiliac joint problems. Voila, mystery solved. I've Not been exaggerating my pain. Prescribed muscle relaxants - which are not agreeing with me.

    My advice, if you're in pain, don't play it down. Keep asking, keep talking about it every time you see your GP, try to describe it in as much detail as possible and if possible, persuade them to give you an xray as least. I had a Lumbar Spine MRI. I'm still on loads of pain meds - most of which don't work effectively and I'm getting fed up with the side effects.

    Pain Management has been helpful in theory but waking up in the early hours because of the pain, it's easy to forget to stay calm, mindful and meditate or to distract yourself. Gentle stretching has helped and I've also purchased a TENS machine which I'm enjoying but can't sleep with.

    Don't give up. Follow up and only do what works for you.

    All the very best.

  • Thank you all very much for your replies! I have a tens machine- don't know why I didn't think to try that . I will try the tens and the ibugel and hopefully that will help.

    It really helps to be able to get advice and support from you all! Thank you again

    Big (gentle) hugs

    Becky xxx

  • I find gentle Yoga exercise is the best thing when my hips and back are really sore. The Yoga Biomedical Trust have a whole series of back exercises that can be done as gently and carefully as you need. Maintaining movement is important to keep circulation in those areas. Some can be done in bed, before you even try to get up in the morning. MariLiz

  • Have you been checked for a vitamin D deficiency ? even having 'low' in range vitamin D bloods, can cause similar pains and stiffness in hips, thighs and back. I thought I was just getting old quick, even needing new hips, but once prescribed vitamin D3 by my Doctor I felt the pains fall away overnight. Not saying you have exactly the same as me as everyone's symptoms and pain is different of course. :)

  • I do have vit d deficiency and have been taking tablets prescribed by doc for about 6 months now. Thank you for your reply

  • I was given what my Doctor called a very high dose, I later found it was not a high dose, just a maintenance dose, within a week of starting my doctor's high dose of D3 my pains came back and I was told to check out the -

    www.vitamindcouncil website which gave more up to date safe doses to take. I was then cured of my pains, if I forget to take them daily my pains all come back quickly and painfully.

  • Hi I've just read your reply and wow you've just helped me also! I've had really bad back and hip pain for ages which I've just been putting down to my already in situ back problems. However, when I read about you saying about lack of vit D problems, I couldn't believe it. Years ago now I had a series of arthritis operations and the staff on the ward got to know me well, this one excellent and vigilant nurse recognised the symptoms of vit D deficiency in me, I had a test and the result was the lowest it could be! I was given large doses of vit D but, as I said that was ages ago, it could have returned though and thanks to you it gives me hope and something to give my doctor to check out. Thank you so much, I'm seeing my doctor in three weeks time, I'll let you know what she says. Huge hugs. S xx

  • Hi Sukest, apparently 80% + of us have a vitamin deficiency or low vitamin D bloods, many have no idea they have, I had no idea, I had some pre cancer spots removed and was told to keep out of the sun, but by doing right for my health by one thing I was doing wrong for my health by another, I now do not apply sun lotion and now go out in the weaker sunshine. I have also replied to beckyglen see above post.

  • Hi wow this site is amazing, I was just reading and sympathising with your back and hip pain, which by the way you never apologise for 'moaning' about, because if you hadn't I wouldn't have been helped! I was just assuming that the awful pain I have had for a long time now was to do wth my already in situ back problems, even though it's a different kind of pain. Then I read (coastwalkers) reply and omg that could be the answer low vit D! When I had my operations for arthritis a very observant nurse noticed my symptoms and right enough my levels were as low as they could be, I was put on high doses of vit D but that was ages ago. It definitely gives me something to, in turn give my doctor for her to, check out for me. So thank you it gives some hope if not some answers, really hope that you get some help and don't forget you're not moaning! Big hugs. S xx

  • Hi Becky, I just read your post and looked back over your previous posts. I have had fibro for about 12 years now..but I found about 3 years ago I started with pains in my feet like you had mentioned..after a lot of trips to the doctor ( who didn't believe me) I finally got a rheumy appt..isotope bone scan which showed inflammation in my feet ankles sacroiliac joints, hands wrist shoulders etc..

    I just think its worth you looking into it as you have things that sound very similar to me. I think its always worth checking things out. Although it took me 3 years to get rheumy appt.

    Fibro is a terrible illness to have, it sometimes just seems like it isn't possible to feel so bad for so long.

    I really hope you get to return to your nurse training and good luck with pip xx take care if yourself big hugs xxx

  • Hi Naylee,

    Thank you so much for your reply!

    I will definitely look into it. What was the cause of your inflammation and treatment?

    I hope that your doc has been able to do something to relieve your pain.

    I have very recently decided to leave my nursing degree program. The stress of feeling like I was putting my life on hold, being on health inturruption for about 10 months now, stuck at home with no improvements since the big flare started. I have been able to transfer to a degree in health studies, which is mainly academic rather than being so physically demanding like nursing is.

    I am hoping to then train as a counsellor after completing this degree.

    Thank you again for your reply and I hope you are feeling as well as possible.

    Big (gentle) hugs to you

    Becky xx

  • Hi Becky, I'm sorry things have been so life changing for your career plans...although the counseling sounds brilliant. I think the pressure that nurses are put under these days is terrible. I really think the home study and counciling is going to be wonderful..x

    The inflammation I have is rheumatoid arthritis but my doctor just said take sulphasalazine next step methotrexate..and on and on. That was it for support, if I hadn't already read into it because of my symptoms I wouldn't have had a clue what he was talking about I took them for a month felt dreadful..so I'm not on anything, Apart from citalpram which seems to take the edge off of anxiety, but also ibrupofen rub is pretty good for my knees. I do need to look into a decent anti inflammatory. I'm looking into natural stuff too...Ive got a tens machine on the way.

    Stay strong..I really believe you will get yourself to a point that you can manage..it is a long journey.

    The support on this forum is wonderful..and the people with fibromyalgia are so strong with what they deal with everyday. Its hard for family and friends to because fibro is there everyday xx they to must feel helpless.

    Big hugs xx

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